Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey Grandpa, What's for Supper

Were havin fried chicken so crisp and hot,
With tatters and gravy make sure and take a lot.
There’s green beans and fatback and biscuits with butter,
And cold cold milk, straight from the udder.
And fer desert, get ya some pie,
There’s sweet tater, apple and of course yer favorite shoo-fly.

Hee Haw was one of my father’s favorite shows. He loved it for the ummmmmmm music.

Or so he said.

This morning, I was thinking about what to have for supper. A couple of things came to mind. First there was some chicken in the refrigerator but I remembered Salmonella and decided not to fix that. I bought a beef roast yesterday but now I am having second thoughts because of possible Mad Cow Disease. I could always make a salad but we might get e-coli from the lettuce. Ok the only thing left is water but with all the mercury and arsenic in water these days, maybe I will just sit quietly and breathe. I just hope there isn’t a smog alert.

Then I thought why not just go out for dinner. There are two restaurants only a few miles (10) from our house and we could go there. However the first is a Chinese restaurant and we might catch Bird Flu and the second is a Mexican restaurant and we might catch Swine Flu. So even if we were to make it through traffic without getting killed and even if we didn’t get some kind of food poisoning, we run the risk of getting one of these flu’s. Is Mutton ok to eat these days? We are running out of options.

News flash: You are going to die one day and there is nothing you can do about it. So live your life, be thankful for the little things, have faith, and prepare for your life in heaven. There is hope and OUR HOPE ENDURES. <<<< Click on the link.

Have a Blessed Weekend,


Jenny said...

Oh I love this post Greg, you are so right we just have to live life even with all the mess out there that could hurt us. I love this song by Natalie Grant:)

The Dental Maven said...

Reminds me of a bumper sticker: Eat Right, Exercise Daily, Die Anyway.

Terri Tiffany said...

I was forced to watch that show as a child too:))
So right in what you said!!!

B His Girl said...

There are lots of things we could focus on. I pray we choose the better. So you are know as a squirrel? Interesting. B

Chatty Kelly said...

I remember watching HeHaw with my dad too, and Minnie Pearl's hat with the tag. The things that are interesting to us.

I love your post today. So true - worry, worry.

**off topic** Your gray hair looks great. Men with gray are distinquished or dignified. Women with gray are called old hags. Life is not fair. :-) Have a great weekend.

You could catch some fish for dinner, but they probably are filled with mercury. *sigh*

Chatty Kelly said...

Just wanted to say I just watched the video and it was awesome! Thanks for sharing it. I love that song, but the images on screen really make it hit home.

Beverlydru said...

Yep, they've even messed with the All America PB & Jelly sandwich. Wasn't it just a few months ago that peanuts were going to kill us? You can still have my pork chop. : )

Carmen Gamble said...

Excellent post, Greg. It's best to believe and continue on in hope. It was as if you'd written this post just for me today...nothing to do with food or air, but that valley we sometimes get lost in. I absolutely loved Natalie Grant's song as well. Thank you!!

Pam Warden Art said...

Hi Greg
Congrats! You are the winner at Pam Warden Art. Please email an address to me.
P.S. I have a slightly cool Hee Haw story from back in my country/bluegrass musician days. But, instead of playing with their fiddle player Jana J, I got saved, quit the road, and now I paint :) But I was ()that close!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Moderation in all things, including moderation.
And don't forget to wash your hands...A LOT! They are the ten most common causes of disease.
Visiting via Pam Warden's blog...ain't she great?!

Katherine Aucoin said...

How true! Great post...sign me up for bid flu, I'm making pad Thai for dinner tonight. We'll sign up for swine flu or as A.J. calls it, fajita flu, tomorrow night duing our early Cinco de Mayo celebration! Gracias!

ChrisJ said...

So true, Greg.Something else we have to thank the media for! They'd love a pandemic, so give us a panic-demic.

Scarlet said...

"Only so much can go wrong..." If we're right with God, we're OK.

Funny post, Greg...and I especially liked the Hee Haw comment about your Pa. ;)

PS - What the heck's fatback?? 'Splain it to this Cubanita girl...please! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Our Hope Endures indeed!!! That is a beautiful song and a wonderful singer!

Your post is so funny, and the poignant message is well taken. Don't forget about the MSG in that Chinese food too, also!! I'm thinking you can safely drink water from your tap after you've boiled it for an hour or so.

Hee Haw!!!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

That sure brings back memories. Hee Haw used to be on at our house every week too.

Is this BR549?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

That sure brings back memories. Hee Haw used to be on at our house every week too.

Is this BR549?

Kim said...

Greg, I love it! HeeHaw was a FAVORITE at our house growing up. :) And your sense of humor never disappoints me. ;) With Hope and Good News thrown in! GREAT post!!

Sorry I've not commented in a long while, I'm not much of a blogger/writer. I think I need a ghost writer for my blog. LOL!


Sandy said...

good advice Greg and had a good laugh at the post.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Great post - well said!

Debbie said...

I had forgotten about Hee Haw. It was torture to me to watch it as a child!
You've got a great point here.

Susan Skitt said...

That was great Greg. Loved it! Funny with a truth at the end to make people think!

BTW - I'm having a FREE book giveaway on my blog. Please pass the word. I'll pick a winner on Mother's Day!

Marla said...

This is a good post. Everyone dies sooner or later. My husband always said, when it's your time, it's your time.

Edie said...

Wow I missed a really great post here while I was taking my blog leave. And Amy Grant to top it off.

I used to endure HeeHaw too as a child. My grandma watched it. LOL.

Anonymous said...


Mark said...

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