Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Where does the time go? This was a short week for most of us and now it is Thursday already. I woke up early to start getting everything ready for our Thanksgiving meal. Most of the stuff was made ready last night but it was a good excuse to get up and get some coffee in me. All I have left to do is stuff the turkey and get it in the oven. And yes I do still stuff mine just because it is tradition. I make my own stuffing too using fresh herbs and I don't think you can beat the flavor.

So the first thing I am thankful for today is that it is Thanksgiving and I was able to buy everything I needed for this meal.

I am also thankful that I have a family to enjoy the meal with. Last night I stopped by Home Depot to get a few things. As I was checking out, I asked the lady at the counter if she was all ready for Thanksgiving. She said; Yes, kind of, I have a chicken to bake. She then followed up by saying that she had several invitations but that she felt that this year it would be best to spend the day alone. I have a feeling that she recently lost her husband or something like that. I thought about asking her to join us but I lost my nerve.

I am thankful that I haven't given up on fixing my wife's car. In case you didn't know, her transmission went out so I pulled it to replace a seal. I put it all back together and it ran great for about 40 miles. But then the seal went out again so now I have to pull it again. However even though this sounds like a setback, I determined that the transmission was good and I feel good about having the ability to do such a thing. I am thinking I can get it done this time in a much shorter time.

I am thankful that my mother is still with us this Thanksgiving. By "with us" I mean that she is still alive but she is down in Florida. I will be hosting my MIL this Thanksgiving. It is just going to be the 5 of us and I like it small like that.

Lastly I am thankful for this great weather we have been having. Right now it is 60 degrees and it is supposed to get into the 70's today with no rain. That means I can cook my turkey on the grill like I have done for as long as I can remember. The menu for today is;

Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potato casserole, corn, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce and of course pumpkin and cherry pie. We are keeping it light this year. haha

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well I have a lot to be thankful for again this week. Things are going well for us and I have nothing but blue skies ahead. At least I hope that is what's ahead. Today I am only listing one thing I am thankful for but it is a biggie.

Today I put on a dinner at work to raise money for Good Neighbor Fund toys. What we do is collect toys to send along with the Christmas food baskets. That way the families are fed and the children get something under the tree on Christmas morning. And here is why I volunteered to do it:

When I was 16 our church gave out Christmas food baskets. My best friend and I delivered a few of the baskets ourselves. One of the houses was a little shack in the woods behind a bar. The shack was about 20 ft by 20 ft. There was a kitchen with no windows, a tiny living room, a bathroom with no door and one bedroom. When we arrived to drop off the groceries, a young girl answered the door. She was about 10 and wearing a dirty one piece bathing suit. She was the oldest child and the baby sitter for her two younger siblings. The younger kids were about 5 and 3. The two younger children were also dirty and sitting on the wooden floor. There were no toys in sight.

There was an open can of baked beans on the stove burner that we assumed was their breakfast. We asked where their parents were and the oldest girl said that her mother was out and that she didn't have a father. (the mother was most likely in the bar, "working")Anyway we dropped off the groceries and then went to leave. When we got to the car we realized that we missed one of the bags. So we went back to the house and knocked on the door again. When the door was open, we could see the two younger children on the floor eating some of the bread that we dropped off. Apparently they were starving. So my friend and I went and got some toys and brought them back for the kids. We also got some people from the church to donate some used children's clothing.

So today I am thankful that I have never had to go without like so many children in the world have to do. And that is why I raise money for needy children.

Have a blessed day,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday, What happened to fall?

Well somehow we went straight from summer to winter. This past week, we had temperatures in the low 30's and it is only the beginning of November. I guess it must be global warming. Anyway I had an awesome week and I have a lot to be thankful for so let me get right to it.

This past weekend I made the trip down to Florida to see my mother. I heard she wasn't doing well so I wanted to visit her. I am happy to say that she is doing better than I expected and that she recognized me. I was afraid that she wouldn't. We had a good visit and the trip went well but you know what they say, there is no place like home.

I am also thankful that I finally got the transmission out of my wife's car. This has been an ongoing project and I have made it to the halfway point.

I am thankful for farm fresh eggs. Our little hens are laying now and we are getting three eggs a day. They are great too and so much better than the ones you get in the store.

I am thankful for a lower electric bill. This cooler weather has allowed us to turn off the AC and our electric bills are much lower than usual.

I am thankful that Thanksgiving us just around the corner. We are planning on keeping it simple this year but I will be having my turkey and stuffing.

Have a great day and please join me in being Thankful,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday. More little things

Another week sped by and I woke up this morning thinking; Oh God I haven't posted my Thankful Thursday post yet and not only that, I haven't even begin thinking about it yet. With what I had done yesterday though it is understandable. And I do have so much to be thankful for that it will be very easy to come up with a list.

First off I am so glad that my colonoscopy is over with and the doctor said; see you in 10 years. That will put me up in my golden years and who knows what life will be like then. So I am thankful for a clean bill of health from my checkup. (and no horseshoe) See yesterdays post.

I am thankful that my kids are doing so well in school. The youngest brought home that great report card so we got him his first new bike. Up to this point all he had was hand me downs. And my oldest son got a new car that he is paying for believe it or not.

I am thankful that I am making progress on fixing my wife's car. It has transmission problems and we don't have an extra 3000 at the moment to get it fixed. So slowly but surely I am pulling her transmission in hopes that it is just a seal and I can fix it. I am impressed that I have made it this far and not lost my temper. That in itself is a blessing.

I am thankful that the elections came out as I had hoped. I don't want to get political here but lets just say that the majority of the people that I voted for won. (Go Nikki) Did I say that?

I am so thankful that I don't live in Hatti right now. Earth quakes, floods, famine
cholera and now a hurricane. We have it so good here in the United States but many people just don't appreciate it.

Have a great day and please join me in giving thanks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just my luck.

My wife says I have the luck of the Irish. Good things always seem to happen to me. I have also been told that I have a horseshoe stuck somewhere but I am not going to say where. But today I found out that the first was true but not the latter.

After 5 years of fighting it, I got forced into having my 50 thousand mile checkup. Also known as the dreaded colonoscopy. Now that it is over I have to say that the procedure was nothing but the goop that they have you drink the day before was the worst thing I have even put in my mouth. And I ate slugs in Italy. It tasted like lemonade but it had the consistency of thick gravy. I got the first bottle down ok but had to choke the second one down. If given the option, take the pills.

The procedure was nothing and here is the lucky part: I got there early and the person who was supposed to go before me was late so they let me go first. So I was in and out in less than an hour. And I only remember about 30 minutes of it because those were some good drugs they gave me. Anywhoo, guess what? I got a clean bill of health and no there wasn't a horseshoe in there. At least he didn't find it if there was.

So here are some signs that you may have picked the wrong Gastroenterologist:

He actually likes the taste of that liquid goo they make you drink.

He got his diploma while serving a prison sentence.
His website has a live web-cam feature.

“He” turns out to be a “she” and you overhear her talking about her recent painful divorce and how men know nothing about pain.

He wears a miner’s outfit complete with helmet, light and lifeline.

Have a great day,