Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday... I need a shovel.

I need a shovel because I may have to dig deep for this one. Seriously,even though I have a lot to be thankful for this week has been less than outstanding. Friday night our washing machine died. No biggie, we got two marginal years use out of it. It hasn't been the best investment we ever made. But thanks to the miracle of credit we were able to get a new one. And that was just the beginning of our week.

I went to the "other flea market" on Saturday to try and sell a few day lilies while they were blooming. Around 10, someone came up and said; Sir did you know your tire was flat? DOES IT EVER END? CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!! So I packed up quickly and managed to make it to a gas station where I was able to pump up the tire before it went totally flat.

So on Saturday night I installed the new washer. The rest of the week was going well until today when my garden well pump sucked air and ruined the check valve and now I have to make major repairs. Ok enough whining. I am still thankful. Things could have been a lot worse. So here is my list.

I am thankful that we have great credit and it seems that everyone in town wants to lend us money. If you want to be added to that list just tell me what the interest rate is.

I am thankful that my tire didn't go flat while I was out in the sticks where there was no gas station.

I am thankful that I am able to install my own washing machine. I know a lot of people who have to call a plumber to do that.

I am thankful that I was able to figure out what was wrong with my water pump and right now I think I can fix it easily enough. Maybe I should be a plumber.

Oh I almost forgot. Last Thursday, when I went to the local dump site....There on the ground was a shovel. I guess it was a sign of things to come. I am thankful for the free shovel. :)

Have a great day and focus on the positive.


What are you "saying?"

Don't you just love how some people rattle off wise sayings? I know a couple of people who have a saying that fits almost every situation. But if you know me, you know I like to analyze everything so I just can't let it go sometimes. Take this one for instance:

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" I hear that a lot and I have a feeling the old dog they are referring to is me. My first thought is why not? A 95 year old woman graduated from college recently so I know it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks too. And you can't use a shock collar on a 95 year old woman either and you can on an old dog. Well I guess you could but it might be frowned on by some people.

But more importantly why would you want to teach an old dog new tricks. I am talking dogs here people forget about the 95 year old woman. I mean imagine you have had this dog for say 10 years and one day you wake up and think: Hmmmm I wonder if I can teach Spike to shake hands? Why didn't you do that when Spike was a puppy? It would have been a lot easier.

I really don't think it is so much that you can't teach him new tricks I think it is more that you start thinking Spike may not be around much longer so why bother. Not that there is anything wrong with going to college at 95. That's all I'm saying.

Have a great day,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I voted for Thankful Thursday

Yes it's Thankful Thursday time again. And it is back by popular vote. I toyed with the idea of giving it up due to time restrictions but a lot of you voted (emailed me) and said keep it going so here I am and since it is Thursday, here we go.

I am thankful for the chance to vote in our primary elections. Just think of all the people who don't get to do that. And we had a runoff here and I voted in that as well. Remember if you don't use it you lose it so go out and vote whenever you can. The only sad part is that a lot of people don't vote or they vote based on a name or a color. For instance I heard a lot of people voted for Al Green because the name sounded familiar. I guess they were "Tired of being alone." Wrong Al Green people.

I am thankful for opportunities to make a few extra dollars. They really are all around us if we just look. God has been very good to us in this area. No 100 million dollar lottery but a few dollars in a coffee can.

I am again thankful for the ability to fix things that God gave me. I am amazed at the people who can't repair anything and I can fix almost everything. Notice I said almost.

I am thankful for family. This week our youngest has been away at 4-H camp and we really do miss him. It's funny, those little things he does which upset us just don't matter.

I am thankful that this week is almost over. It has been really hot and I have been doing some outside work. If you want to sweat, just come to SC. Hey that could be a new motto. :)

Have a great day and be thankful,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That deer in the headlight look.

I swore I wasn't going to post anymore deer stories because I think they were jinxing me but I have to tell just one more. I will keep it short. Yesterday on my way to work Bambi decided to take a walk on the wild side and cross the road in front of me. Bad move for a dear you know. Anywhoo she didn't run, jump, trot or even sashay not that a deer can sashay, she just walked. So I came to a stop while she cleared my lane. But she didn't continue walking she just got in the other lane and stood there.

It was a face against beast as she stood there looking at me not 10 feet from me and right beside my car. Not knowing what to do, I rolled the window down and spoke to her; "You know, this is why you guys keep getting hit. You can't just stand in the road." Bambi just stood there looking at me while I spoke and then gave me that "Like whatever" look as she turned and walked slowly away. The nerve of some animals. That took a lot of gall to just stand there. What if I had a gun?

Have a great day,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday, I see the light

Welcome everyone to another Thankful Thursday. I want to thank everyone who stuck with me through the darkness. Yes I have been a bit down lately and some of you have noticed and commented but now I am beginning to see a small glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and I am hoping it isn't a train. :)For the first time in what seems like forever I had had a lot of good things happen to me and I don't have to search for thankful items. Some of these may sound trivial but little things add up.

First off I do want to thank everyone who has been giving me pep talks and keeping me motivated to keep pushing on. You know who you are and so does God and he thanks you as well.

I finally got my little boat running well. It took persistence and a lot of hard work but it is running well now. The reason this is such a biggie is because with money so tight, going out in the boat is the only vacation my family is getting. Those family boat rides seem like heaven.

Our insurance is going to pay for my son's teeth to be fixed. I have two insurance companies, one for medical and the other for dental. As it turned out neither covered wisdom tooth removals so we were left high and dry and my son needed his removed. One dentist was booked so we went to another who said they would submit the paperwork even if we aren't covered. Well the insurance company said they would cover most of it anyway. That's a big money load off our shoulders.

We got rain this week. It only gave us one day of relief but some is better than none. I am still getting lots of cucumbers and peppers if anyone wants some. :)

It looks like we can get our house refinanced which will give us some more breathing room. Even though we were making it, it was by the skin of our teeth and that skin was starting to get a bit thin. (too much brushing I guess) Anywhoo things look good and we should be doing better in a month or two. Keep praying for us but I think we are on the right track.

I could actually go on but I am going to leave it at 5. No sense being boastful. Did you notice this was actually done on Thursday this week? See things are getting better.

Have a wonderful day and please join me in being thankful

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday, I think?

I woke up this morning and sat and thought for a while; Is it Wednesday or Thursday? On one hand I wanted it to be Thursday because that would mean the weekend was one day closer. However if it was Thursday then I missed my Thankful Thursday post and that would have upset me deeply. But I realized that today is Wednesday so I had time to write my post. But I had a very busy day and I was just about to hit the hay when I realized that again I had almost missed writing my post. So let me get right to it so I can go to bed. :)

I am thankful that when my wife's car broke down on Monday that the kids weren't hurt. My oldest son was driving it when the transmission went out. If you remember we just had it fixed to the tune of 2000 dollars and we just went past the warranty period. Oh well, its only money.

I am thankful that I only have two more days of OSHA training. I haven't had this much fun since I had a root canal.

I am thankful that I got new tires on my car. It was beginning to shake and it was starting to make me sick.

I am thankful that the graduation party went very well last Saturday. Everyone who came got along well and they were very generous. The graduate liked that part too.

I am just thankful to be alive right now. With all that is going on in my life it doesn't take much to make me happy. The simple things in life are the best and sometimes that is all I have.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday, it's summertime.

It's officially summer. Or so the weatherman says. From what I have seen it has been summer for quite some time now. We have already had some upper 90 degree weather and we are into that summer weather pattern. You can also tell it is summer because a lot of people are complaining about the heat. You won't hear me complain because I prefer heat over cold. But let me get to my Thankful Thursday post since that is what this is all about. With so much going well for me right now it is hard to pick just a few but here goes:

First off my oldest son graduated from high school. Even though that doesn't sound like anything earth shattering, there are a lot of kids dropping out these days. I am thankful that he stuck with it.

I am thankful for the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes that I just picked from my garden. There is nothing quite like fresh veggies that you grew yourself. Ok maybe I had a little help from God.

I am thankful that the two snakes that I flushed out this week weren't poisonous. One was a glass snake and the other was a rat snake. The glass snake actually crawled across my hand while I was working on my hands and knees and the rat snake was the biggest one I have ever seen. It was about 4 ft long.

I am thankful for all the free plants I got last Saturday from a friend of mine. She got them from a friend and then passed them along to me. Now all I have to do is re-pot them and I can either sell them or keep them for myself.

I am again thankful for the rain that God has given us. We have been getting it at night and we wake up with the air smelling fresh.

I hope you have something to be thankful for this week. I am sure you can think of something.

Have a great day,