Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet Memories of Key Lime Pie

We had a really great weekend. It was a very good day at the market and we got some much needed rain as well. After we left the market, we decided to stop in at “Charlestown General Store” to get some ham for our Sunday breakfast. They have the best ham there I have ever tasted. I believe it comes from North Carolina and it is out of this world. We have started having it every Sunday along with the fresh eggs that we get at the market. This week we got free eggs from the wonderful person who works the booth next to ours. Thanks Celeste.

When I opened the case at the general store to get the ham, I noticed a key lime pie sitting there on another shelf. Key lime pie is one of my favorites so I just had to buy it. If you have never tasted real key lime pie you don’t know what you are missing. Many people make it with regular limes but the ONLY way to make it properly is to use real key limes. They have a unique flavor which is not as strong as regular limes. They are smaller too and usually around the size of a golf ball. Most of them grow in south Florida. Being from Florida, I know all about them. This key lime pie was the real thing and the best one I have had in over 30 years.

When I was growing up, from time to time, my Uncle Jimmy would travel up to Ormond Beach from Boca Raton. When he did, he would bring along whatever fruit was in season. Sometimes it was mangos, sometimes it was guavas and still other times he would bring key limes. All these things grew in his yard. I was always envious of his being able to have them at his disposal since the area where we lived was just a little cool for those tropical plants to do well.

It was always a special time when Uncle Jimmy came to visit. Aside from bringing lots of great fruits to eat, we would get the family all together at one of my Grandmother Lottie’s friend’s house and have a huge meal and sing and play songs. Someone usually played the organ; someone else would play the guitar. Everyone was welcome to just join right in. I would sometimes play the drums but it was nothing fancy. I would basically just try to keep time with what the others were playing. One year I played the trumpet but I wasn’t very good at jamming so I didn’t do it for long. It was always great to get together with all the cousins. I have so many, I don’t know all their names.

Jimmy still lives in Boca Raton but he seldom gets to Ormond Beach since my Grandmother passed away. Maybe one day, I will make it down to see him and pick some fresh fruit from his yard. Wouldn’t that be nice….

Have a wonderful day,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Have you heard the news? Another woman has seen Jesus in her ultrasound I think if it were me, I would just want to keep it to myself and know that I had seen him. No I won't make a reference to the song Personal Jesus. Now that the couple has gone public, I really think it is just a publicity stunt. There is even some talk about selling the pictures on Ebay. Is it legal to sell pictures of Jesus? I don’t know about that one. Here is the picture. What do you think?

I have a few problems with this story. First off, is she saying that she has Jesus inside her? Now in a rhetorical sense, I don’t have a problem with this but in reality when Jesus comes again it is supposed to be with a bang. No ladies, I am not under rating "giving birth", I am just saying if I hear a loud bang when I am in the delivery room I am going to run. I don’t think Jesus will be delivered by some doctor in some hospital. That’s just my opinion mind you. I would like to think that Jesus is inside of me too but I am not going around showing pictures of my stomach to prove it. I do have this mole on the back of my leg though that looks a lot like mars if anyone wants to see that, lol.

This reminds me of an old Johnny Carson show where this lady had a potato chip collection. She had a huge collection and was very proud of them all. Each chip looked like something or someone. One of them looked like a little shore bird and another like a candle stick. She turned her back for a second and Johnny took another chip from below his table and crunched it. The lady about died thinking he had eaten some of her collection. I bet this ultrasound lady goes back to the doctor to try and get a better look at Jesus. If I were her doctor, I would have fun with this one. He should put up a sign saying; Ultrasounds....100.00, picture of baby with Jesus.....500.00. Sorry I know I have a sick sense of humor. Oops I am rambling again but click here if you want to see the video of the potato chip lady.

I did some technical research to verify this story. (I did a google search) This was not the first ultrasound Jesus sighting. The last one was reported by the SUN newspaper. I usually believe everything written in the SUN but I am a little skeptical about this story. The picture in the last sighting is much too clear. You can see his beard. Wouldn’t that be strange for a baby to be born with a beard. I tried to import their picture into my blog but they have exclusive rights to that picture. Can someone have exclusive rights to Jesus? Another tough question.

So where was I? I did some comparisons and I think I see a different image in this picture. Compare these two pictures and tell me what you think now.

Now you know the real story. I can hear the babies first words...."I am your baby" And may the force be with you.

Have a wonderful day. (and weekend)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jaws 3, The fishing trip

In all the world's oceans, why would we think there would be only two? It's time for Jaws 3. Our day started out quite uneventful but by the time it was over, we came face to face with an actual man eating shark. I am not making this up. Keep reading, I have a photo to prove it.

I took the day off to get some rest and relaxation and also do a little fishing. After a violent storm last night, we awoke to a cool morning and I quickly got our boat ready to head out into the deep blue water. Everything was ready so I headed down to a nearby creek to catch some bait. Despite the heavy rain the night before, the creek was full of nice sized shrimp. I caught around 5 dozen and then we loaded up and headed down to the river.

We stopped at a favorite spot and settled in to catch some fish to eat. It was still cool and the water was calm but little did I know about the terror that lay just below the surface. I tossed my line out and sat back to catch some rays when suddenly my drag began singing and I knew I had hooked something large. My wife handled the fishing pole because I was half asleep and soon we had a shark up beside the boat. I released the shark but he wasn’t the only shark around because we caught one after another. Finally I had enough so we moved to another spot.

Several minutes later we were fishing again and soon we were bringing in actual fish (not sharks). We caught numerous drum, a flounder, some croaker, several red bass and a trout. We kept enough for a nice meal and released the rest. But soon the sharks found us again.

That’s when we saw him…. A man eating shark……

Sorry folks I couldn’t resist. And no I didn't actually bite him but it is a baby black tip shark. I let him go so that one day he could star in Jaws 3.

I wonder if sharks practice catch and release?

Have a great day,


Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Report

“A good day at the Farmers Market”
"Who let the freaks out, who who who who"

I enjoy going to the Charleston Farmers Market, I really do. What I enjoy the most is meeting and getting to know different people. I also enjoy studying people because I find them very interesting. I have met people from almost every state in the USA and also from many far away countries. However using the adjective “interesting” to describe some of the people I saw this past Saturday is an understatement.

Let’s start with the obvious. Well it should be obvious but obviously this isn’t obvious to the person I am talking about. After age 70, wearing a cheerleader outfit is not considered “HOT”. It may just be me but something about grey hair, varicose veins and sagging skin combined with a cheerleader outfit just doesn’t say “sexy” to me. If that is your thing and you want to wear something like that at home, have at it. But come on, in a public market? This person needed a reality check.

And speaking of reality check, there were two girls that came in to the market doing some kind of mime thing. They were dressed in dance outfits. You know, tights with dance slippers, and they had these black masks over their faces. Not over their heads mind you, just covering their faces. They were moving very slowly like they were acting something out. One began crawling for a while like she was trying to get away from the other one. This continued for a few minutes then they both stood up and skipped away. I told the girl next to me if they started making that high pitched lalalalalalalala sound, we were all going to hit the ground.

I thought all that was strange enough but then along comes this guy. He was wearing a shirt, a floor length skirt and sneakers. You heard it right, a guy wearing a skirt. And it wasn’t a manly skirt either. (not like a kilt) It was a pleated silk skirt with bright flowers on it. We knew it was a guy too because no self respecting woman would wear a skirt like that with tennis shoes. And the color scheme was all wrong. The shirt was orange and it clashed terribly with the dress. Where are the fashion police when you need them? People if you are going to cross dress at least wear something that matches.

And finally we have the flasher. What is it with these girls that like to flash in public? And what is with the guys that like their women to flash? This young couple (in their 20’s) sits down across from us, right where there are lots of people who can see them. They sat on a wall right by a crowded passageway. She has on a very short skirt that in itself was obscene. She then proceeds to sit in a very unlady like fashion letting everyone who wants to get an eyeful. All the while they are carrying on a conversation and pretending to be unaware what is going on. After a while they laugh, kiss passionately (he does something obscene) and then run off. I just don’t get it.

We think they left the door to the funny farm unlocked and everyone escaped. Let’s hope they recaptured everyone by now. Well that’s it for the market report for the week. I will try to make it a weekly report on my blog. And for those who I promised some presents, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have the presents ready, got the boxes and now just have to address them and get them in the mail.
Unfortunatly, I left my camera in my car. I ran and got it but all the freaks were gone. I didn't think taking a picture of the flasher would be appropriate. Sorry guys.

Have a wonderful day and week.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The blog curse

Many of you may not know about it so I will let the cat out of the bag for your protection. There is a blog curse. It is very deadly and destructive. It is worse than any internet virus and so simple, yet it can affect anyone. Here is how it works. If you blog about it, it will happen. It’s kind of like” If you build it, they will come” but different. If you write about something on your blog, you can expect something similar to happen. Well at least that is how it appears this morning.

I recently blogged about not having AC when I was growing up and yesterday, without warning and for no good reason, our AC went on the blink. It just has to be the blog curse. I am thinking about giving up blogging altogether because it is just way to dangerous. I mean what else could cause a perfectly good AC unit to fail. It has been working just fine for the 20 years it has been installed. The cooling fins were only a little bit dirty. The temperature has only been in the 90’s so far this year. It’s the curse I tell you.

Maybe it had a little bit to do with being 20 years old but I am leaning toward the curse. Ok I am just kidding about the curse. In fact I don’t believe in curses. I hear people always saying not to talk about things because they will come true but I don’t believe in that garbage. I mean I have talked about being wealthy all my life and it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I should blog about it. :)I do occasionally knock on wood but I am not sure why I do it since I don’t know why I am doing it. I just do it because people say: “Oh you better knock on wood”. I recently heard that it has some biblical origin. Maybe one of my readers knows the answer to that. Something about knocking on a tree maybe?

I believe that things happen for a reason. I don’t always know the reason but there is a purpose for the things that happen in life. I may never know the reason this happened now but I am sure that some good will eventually come out of it. Maybe the money that I would have spent elsewhere was a bad idea and this is a better place to spend it. Maybe this will remind me to appreciate some of the things that we have become accustomed to in life and not become so dependent on luxuries. Maybe my nephew who will be looking at our AC unit this morning really needed the work. Who knows, so I am just going to go with it and not complain.

Ecclesiastes 3;1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every purpose under heaven:

I guess it was our AC unit’s time.
Have a great day,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where the problem lies.

Everyone wants to blame gas prices for the problems in the world today but the truth is, gas prices aren’t the problem. We have just become soft and lazy. We want the good things in life and we were willing to pay for the as long as the price wasn’t too high. Now that prices are soaring, we aren’t willing to give up the luxuries. Let’s face it people are just wasteful. But why not cash in on this….read on.

When I was growing up in our little town in Florida, our house had no AC. Our car had no AC either. We would drive that car all the way to NY In July with 6 people in it. We never complained. We were happy just to be going somewhere other than home. Now days every car has air conditioning. Everyone wants room and comfort. They want cars that can go zero to sixty in just 6 seconds. They want individual air conditioners and individual DVD/CD players. I guess those days of three in the front and three in the back are gone forever.

This morning, on my way to work, I stopped at a red light just before hitting the highway. When the light turned green, I began accelerating at what I considered a reasonable speed. My goal is to hit 60 mph by the end of the entrance ramp so that I can merge safely. Usually once I merge, I do slow down to 55 if the traffic is light, just to save more gas. This morning, there was a guy in a huge pickup truck right behind me. He obviously was in a hurry because he was so close to me on that entrance ramp that I couldn’t see his headlights. As we approached the highway and before the solid line was gone, he hit the gas, sped across two lanes, passed me and was gone. By the time I got onto the highway.

Now really, was that necessary? I bet this same guy will be complaining about the gas prices, the next time he puts 100.00 worth of gas in his truck. I used to have a truck like his and I know they have two 25 gallon tanks in them. That’s a lot of gas. First off he should slow down. Secondly, why is he driving this huge truck all by himself? Here I am driving my little economy car, saving gas and this fool is wasting it faster than I can save it. I would car pool but no one around me is going my way. Yes I am complaining but as I tell people around here, don’t complain if you don’t have a solution and here it is.

“Gas coupons for everyone”. Each family would get a gas coupon for 50 gallons of gas a week. That should be enough for most families to get to work and run errands. These coupons would be free for every working adult. After that gas would cost 10.00 a gallon. So if you want to be a two hummer family and waste gas, that is your option but you are going to have to pay for it. If you want to keep your lead food, go for it I say. If you want to take trips across the country you will either have to save up gas coupons or pay out the nose for that liberty. We could pay the gas companies the first 5.00 and the rest could go to pay for our national debt. I bet in a year, we would pay off the national debt and the gas company CEO’s would be happy too.

This crazy idea of a gas holiday is just ridiculous. Not buying gas for a day is rediculous. Tomorrow you will just have to buy twice as much. We need to take some serious action and I am offering my idea for either candidate to adopt. I don’t expect any kickback from my idea although a little recognition would be appreciated. We could call it the Cushing plan since that is my last name and Cushing Oklahoma is where our biggest stockpile of oil is located. Check it out, it's true. We have enough oil there to run the country for years if they just adopt my gas plan. Think about it and write your congressman.

Have a great day and happy motoring.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Empty Nest

The little ones are gone now and the yard seems empty. There are still many visitors but it’s just not the same. Over the past few weeks, there has been constant activity in our yard as the proud parents prepared to send their children off on their own. It’s hard to believe that in such a short time, we grew accustomed to them being there. I remember seeing them building their nest in the little ceramic house that we put there just for them. It was mother and father working together, getting their home ready. When the eggs hatched, we knew it right away because of the change in activity. Then just a short time ago, we began hearing the babies calling out for food. The parents picked up the pace as the little ones began to grow larger. All day long we heard the constant calling back and forth from one parent to the other as the hunted for food. About a week ago we began seeing their little heads looking out of the tiny entrance to their home.

(photo from internet)

Then last Sunday, it happened. I was out in the yard and some movement around the house caught my eye. Just then I noticed a little bird making his first attempt at flying. He flew only a few feet and landed on the ground. My heart pounded as I worried about his fate with all the cats that we have. My son and I quickly tried to round up the cats but with little luck. The little bird hopped under my boat and I watched as he explored the new world around him. Mom and dad were franticly calling for him to join them but he didn’t listen. (Sound familiar parents?) At one point, the mother joined her little one and tried to coax him to join them in the bushes beside the fence. Finally the little bird hopped up on the boat motor and then tried to fly up on my shed. It was a little too high for him though and he again hit the ground. On the next attempt he was successful and he flew into the bushes and joined his family. The birds began singing like crazy and stayed in that spot for over an hour before leaving.

The next day as I sat there working in my yard, it saddened me not to hear those little birds any more. I thought about how I will feel when the last one of my children leaves the nest and goes off on his own. With Fathers day just around the corner, I am reminded of my own father. It has been a number of years since his death but I still miss him. With all his faults he was still a good father. He built us a home, fed us and took care of us when we needed it.

I remember one time when I got beat up. I was 16 at the time. It was 5 against 1 and some of them were older so I didn’t stand a chance. It was all over something stupid too and I know these guys were only tough because of the odds. When I got home with a huge knot on my head, my father asked what happened. When I told him, he went to the garage and found a nice big baseball bat and told me to get in the truck because we were going looking for them. Dad wasn’t a violent man but seeing one of his children hurt brought him to anger. He said the baseball bat was an “equalizer” and it would make up for the difference in numbers.

We never did find those guys but I did see them in school a few days later. The guy that hit me in the head had bragged to everyone about giving me a black eye but the truth is he missed and hit me too high and there was no evidence of me being hit at all. Well not on my part anyway. Since he hit my head instead o f my eye, he broke his hand and had to go through the year in a cast. Lots of kids that normally didn’t talk to me approached me and told me that these guys were jerks and that they were glad I was ok. I became more popular and they got picked on. I guess I got the last laugh.

So happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.
Have a wonderful weekend and Fathers Day,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Shopping is a Pleasure

I hate shopping. I don’t mean, I don’t like it, I really hate it. It is one of the only things in life I can say that I really hate. In fact, other than spiders, I can’t think of another thing I hate more. It isn’t just one thing either; it is the whole concept of shopping. If I had my way, I would never shop again. In my opinion, putting the words shopping and pleasure in the same sentence is an oxymoron. It is like jumbo shrimp. They just don’t go together.

Like I said there is so much not to like but the worst part is defiantly the check out ordeal. Last night, we went to Walmart. If Walmart isn’t bad enough, ours is a Super Walmart. For anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of shopping in a Super Walmart, let me give it to you in a nutshell. There is nothing SUPER about it. You take a Walmart, jam 10 times the stuff in it, add groceries and then funnel everyone into the same number of checkout isles. It is a living hell I tell you. Ok so here is my problem with the checkout stations.

About 10 years ago, every store in the world started a competition to see who could have the most checkout isles. Walmart is the winner. This store has over thirty in the front including 4 speed lanes and 4 self server lanes. They have checkout at the pharmacy, at the optometry, the garden department, film department, sporting goods and automotive. You can even place your Mcdonalds order while checking out. (they have an in store Mcdonalds) Sounds great doesn’t it. So what is the problem you might ask? Last night there were only two regular isles open and one speed lane. We picked the shortest lane which only had 6 people in it so we were able to check out in ONLY 45 minutes. There were thirty people in the speed lane by the way. Ok retailers, here is a clue. It doesn’t do any good to have 50 checkout isles if you only open three at a time.

I think when you get down to the basics of shopping it reveals why I hate it so much. It is people that “want” and are willing to pay for it. Not only that they are willing to wait for it too. They aren’t however willing to pay full price so they search and hunt until they find a great bargain and they wait for it. It’s Greed. No it is Evil Greed I tell you. I don’t know what Walmart’s slogan is but it should be:

“Walmart….It’s cheep and you want it. What’s an hour wait anyway.”

This past weekend, we had the Pleasure of visiting another of my favorite stores. Lowes. (insert evil music) The problem with Lowes (other then the before mentioned checkout issue) is that there is no one to help the customers. If you are lucky enough to find an employee, chances are they won’t have a clue about what you ask them. And don’t ask for help loading or unloading. Loses hires old and crippled people. Now before you stone me, I think it is great that someone hires people over 80 and people confined to a wheelchair but at a lumber store? Come on now Lowes, wake up.

Ok so I go to Lowes. I find the lumber I need and load it myself (with the help of my wife who has a bad back) While we are loading the 1200 lbs of lumber on the cart, numerous employees walk by but no one offers to help. After I get loaded I notice back in the “dust and spider” section some similar lumber. It is the same boards we just loaded but the normal grade. These were the contractor grade. $$$$$$. The others are 3 dollars a board less or about 100.00 total. So we go load the other board and leave the first ones where they were. Again, no one helps us. Then it’s off to “checkout hell” with the lumber.

After checkout, we go to load our lumber ourselves. By now, my arms are numb from lifting the 2400 lbs of lumber but I got to do what I got to do so I begin loading. As luck would have it, I am blocking the entrance so an employee who is collecting carts is forced to help me. After loading only a few boards another employee comes out and tells the first one that he is needed inside. E1 tells E2 to finish helping me load so he reluctantly does. When we were about finished I asked him to get me a flag for the lumber but he refused saying that they weren’t allowed to flag the lumber but I could help myself to the flags and string. I guess is some legal issue but getting sued would be better than that butt whopping this guy was going to get if my lumber gets hit while driving home. So here is my slogan for Lowes:

“Lowes, for the do it yourselfer, the find it yourselfer, the load it yourselfer. Lets face it, you do it, we only charge you for it.”

So last night, I have this fantasy about Lowes. I am loading my lumber and the same person again refuses to flag my lumber. So I go get the flags. Not one, not two but several hundred. I have them all over the lumber and truck. Then I get the string and tie up the lumber. But I “forget” to cut the string. Instead I drive off with the string still attached. The string is whirling out of the box and making a whistling sound as I hit 50 mph. It is coming out so fast that all the employees can do is watch what is going on. Finally I return to the parking lot where I string it from one end to the other like a giant spider web. All the time I am laughing my evil laugh and in the end they lock me up for going crazy.

This is getting way too long so I better get off my soapbox.
Have a SUPER day but no shopping please.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today's the day

No, nothing big is happening today but It did on this date 26 years ago. Today is our wedding anniversary and we have beaten the odds by making it this long. When my wife says something like that I usually joke and say; “Day aint over yet” (a line from City Slickers) But to tell the truth, things are going really good for us. We have a lot in common and we both have similar goals in life and that is really important. If I could give one piece of advice to a couple starting out, it would be to sit down and talk about what you want out of life. So let me tell you a little about how we got started as a couple.

We met on the Air force base at the club. It was in October and neither of us went there very often but somehow we both ended up there that night. She was with some really wild friends which I have to admit almost scared me away when I first asked her to dance. I was always a sucker for blue eyes and long hair and she has both and was also a great dancer. I remember we danced to Rick James’ Super freak. I still like that song. At the end of the night I asked her for her phone number and she gave it to me but I thought in the back of my mind that it probably wasn’t her real number.

A few days went by and I got up the nerve to call her to ask her out. It was a really cold day in October. Her grandmother, (Nana) answered the phone and told me that she was “out in the marsh with her mother pushing the boat out to the water.” She then said “hold on, I will get her”. First off, I couldn’t imagine a couple of women pushing a boat in the mud and secondly not imagine them doing it on a cold day like this. When she came to the phone, she was a little ticked off to say the least because she wanted to go out in the boat and I was interrupting. I sheepishly asked her if she wanted to go out on Friday but she said she was busy. There was a big pause and I almost died. Then she said, “how about Saturday” and I agreed. Whew that was a close one because if she hadn’t suggested another day, I would have thought it was the big brush off and never called her again. (she will probably read this and say, darn that’s all I had to do, haha). And the rest is history.

So Happy Anniversary Honey. We are over half way to that 50 year mark and usually you get thrown a big party for that one. At least I hope someone throws us one. Hint Hint

Have a Great Anniversary Day,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We have a winner

After much deliberation, I have decided on a winner. Actually since I don't believe in losers, everyone is a winner. The person who actually got the correct answer was Wayfaring Wanderer.
She called the plant a Mango Ginger or a Curcuma Amada. I had another friend (who visits but doesn't comment hint hint Beth) tell me that it was another Curcuma so I looked both of them up and they both looked like it. I found another web page which showed many varieties of these Gingers and to tell the truth, there were many that looked alike. Another website that I visited said that many of the varieties had been mixed and there were in many cases, several names for the same plant.

I do know that it is a Curcuma Ginger though. so WW wins first prize. So here is what I have to offer to her and all the other winners. If you email me your address, I will send you something from my garden. It will be something easy to grow and I do think I have enough for everyone so if you guessed or if you are a regular visitor to my blog and want something for free, then just email me your shipping address. Of course WW will also get something else since she was correct.

Thanks to everyone for playing along.

Have a wonderful day,

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bring home the Gold

***** Contest Alert *****
It's time for a contest here at Greg's General Store and there will be a prize involved. No it won't be gold but it will be something special. It also won't be small potatoes like the ones in this picture. It will however be something magical like these red white and blue potatoes. When was the last time you saw potatoes like this?

They were even red, white and blue inside and man did they taste good. They were a gift from a really nice person named Celeste Albers. She is one of our island neighbors and our nextdoor neighbor at the Charleston Farmers Market. She sells naturally grown veggies, free range eggs, raw milk, and local shrimp right off of their family boat. We usually get to the market early to avoid the traffic so we help the other vendors unload when they arrive. From time to time they give us free stuff like these potatoes. The taste was great and I had forgotten how good real potatoes taste.

Ok now for the contest. Several years ago, we got this really pretty plant. It had large light green ribbed leaves and it was about 3 feet tall. If I remember right, it had a white flower somewhere near the top but I may be thinking of another plant. Ok so I have this plant and it looks really pretty, that part I do know. Every winter, it dies back to the ground. This year, I was cleaning out some of my old plant pots (not to be confused with pot plants hahahaha) and I came across this plant/pot. It looked empty except for two small sprouts coming up. I didn't notice them at first and almost threw the dirt out. The sprouts turned into flowers and then the ribbed leaves I spoke about came up. See the following pictures.

As you can see, the main flower is purple and there are little yellow flowers under the main flower. So here is how the contest works. "Name that flower". The first person who can tell me the name this flower gets a prize. Like I said it won't be silver or gold but it will be something nice. It could be some kind of plant, I am not saying. To play, just give me your best guess or guesses and let me know that you want a prize. There is no limit on entries and there will be some other prizes too so even if you are not sure, just take a guess.

Have a great day,