Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the season

Yes it's the season for The Super Spectacular Christmas Edition of:

"I See What You're Saying"

Please watch the following non-paid, non-solicited, non political advertisement.

For more information, please visit Linda's blog by clicking here. Even if you aren't participating in the video event, check out her blog, it is a hoot. And make sure and tell her you heard it here first. Just in case she hits the lottery and has some extra cash to give away, I want to be on her "nice" list this Christmas.

Also I have been tagged by Edie so stand by for some exciting facts about ME. I know you can't wait. :) I will post the results in a day or two.

Have a great Sunday,


Friday, November 28, 2008

Someone pinch me.

Either I am asleep or I died and went to Heaven.

This morning, my son and I headed out at 445 to do the last of our Christmas shopping. My wife and other son left shortly thereafter. Did anyone else go out? Very few people in our area did. We got to the mall at 530 and were able to get a great parking spot. Inside Belks there were very few people. We finished shopping there in about 45 minutes.Everything we bought there was at least 50% off. Then we went to Dicks sporting goods and shopped there in less than 30 minutes. Everything we got there was on sale too and we got some great deals. Then it was off to Home Depot and Lowes which is where we entered Heaven.

Normally those two places are a ghost town when it comes to finding some help but not this morning. When I got out of my car at Home Depot, someone greeted me before I even got to the door. Just inside the door, two more sales associates greeted me. Then while I was shopping, no less than 10 sales associates asked me if I needed any help. At the register, a cashier came out to grab me to insist that I check out in her isle. I left speechless but without one item so I headed across the street to Lowes.

When I entered Lowes. I almost started hyperventilating. Normally they treat you like you have leprosy. If a sales associate sees you, they turn away and run so that they don't have to associate with you. Today though there was a greeter at the door. As I walked down the first isle, I passed two more sales associates who greeted me with a smile and said thank you for shopping at Lowes. I knew at this point that I was dreaming and that soon I would wake up to find that things were like they used to be;

I remembered the time I went there to buy a large fan. As usual, I found the fan myself but it was on the top shelf (15 feet up) and there was no one in that department to help me. I pushed the help button and a lady from the next department came and turned it off and told me that someone would be with me shortly. After a few minutes I pushed the button again and the same lady again came and turned it off. I told her I was still waiting and she explained how she couldn't help me because she was from the next department.

After she left, I went to where she was and saw that she was just standing there talking on the phone so I decided to get the fan down myself. There was no ladder so I just began climbing up the shelves. When I got to the top, I held on with one hand and grabbed the fan and swung it down to the next shelf. Just then, the same sales lady happened to walk by and she began screaming for me to get down. I just kept working myself and the fan down and told her; Don't worry, If I fall, I will sue the store and not you. She ran off to get the manager but you know what? I got down and was gone with my fan before they returned.

So back to today. As I walked by the registers, all of them were open. Two had customers checking out and the ladies at the other registers were standing at parade rest waiting on the next person to help. But just my luck, they too were out of the item that I wanted. I felt like just buying something just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Oh well. I did get all my Christmas shopping done. This item was for a craft that I was making to sell at the market. We just got a call that the market will be closed tomorrow due to rain so I have time to get that item.

Hey is anyone up for a Christmas Giveaway? I think I still have time. It would just be a Christmas craft. Let me know if there is any interest.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What happened to Luke?

When you hear the name Luke, who do you think of? Some people immediately think of Luke Skywalker. Not me, I was not a big fan of those movies.

Others think of Luke and Laura.

Oh come on confess. I know there are a few General Hospital fans out there. Ok ok I will go first. Many years ago, in the time of Like and Laura, I was a General Hospital junkie. For about an entire year, I watched General Hospital without fail every day. Those days are behind me now though but I remember them well.

Still others (myself included) when hearing the name Luke think of the Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

But soon thereafter I think of Matthew, Mark and Mike. Which brings me to my subject for the day. "What happened to Luke?"

My Aunt and Uncle had two boys. Their names were Matthew and Mark. When we heard that they were expecting another child, we just knew if it were a boy they would name him Luke. They did have a boy but they named him Mike instead. We all thought she was on a Biblical theme but it turns out she was on the M train. I can’t say I have heard the name Mike mentioned in the Bible. Maybe it was but I just can’t remember it. And Mike was anything but Biblical.

One summer we went to visit them in upstate NY. So there were 6 of us boys and our parents staying together in a two story house. They lived on a highway outside of town and there were no other houses for miles in any direction. One afternoon during our stay, our parents decided to go into town and have dinner. They left me in charge which was no big deal because what trouble could six unsupervised boys get into out in the country. There was also an abandoned apple orchard next to the house. So to pass the time we decided to go “exploring” in the orchard. Well one thing lead to another and before I knew it, each of us had a large pile of apples waiting on the first unsuspecting motorist to come by.

The first to arrive was an older model car with only an old woman passenger and a younger man driving. We bombarded the car as it went past and several apples found their target. The car slowed down but then went on. Next coming up the road was a large semi-truck. There was a huge hill in front of us so the truck was forced to slow down making it an easy target. I think we were 6 for 6 on this one and we quickly reloaded and hit it again. This time the truck stopped and began backing down the highway on the shoulder.

We left our posts and ran through the orchard and into the house. There we sat quietly with all the doors locked as the truck came to a stop in front of the house. How did he know it was us? Well duh, since we were at the only house within miles it was pretty obvious. I got everyone together and we agreed that if we just kept quiet he would go away. He was a huge trucker dude about 6’ tall, weighing around 300 lbs. He was covered in tattoos and had one that said “I hate kids”. At least that is what we suspected. I was too scared to look. After knocking on the door and not getting any answer he finally began to walk away. Sweat was running down my forehead. Too close for comfort I thought to myself. That’s when I heard him. Mike that was.

Let me stop here and tell you that their parents were what you could call morally liberal. They had few rules and didn’t believe in discipline. The two older boys had done a great job of teaching Mike every curse word known to man and the parents thought it was cute. Mike was a tiny boy with a big mouth.

Mike had climbed out of his bedroom window and was on the roof of the porch.
“Come back you dumb %#@* and fight like a man. He yelled.
“That’s right you big *%&$. We can take you. There are 6 of us in here.”

The man stopped and turned around and started to come back to the house but ended up just shaking his head and walking away. We all ran up to the bedroom in an attempt to shut Mike up and get him to come back inside. Mike continued to taunt the big man calling him a big %$#* coward for walking away. I have never felt so relieved as when he finally drove away.

A few hours later our parents came home. We were all sitting in the living room watching TV like little angles. My Aunt asked how it went and what we did. Mark spoke up and said that we just watched TV and nothing special happened. My Aunt smiled and said: that’s great, we are just glad you didn’t throw apples at cars or trucks. Oops busted. It seems that the old woman and her son and also the trucker both stopped at the only restaurant in town for dinner. News travels fast in a small town.

And speaking of Mark, I just started reading it. You know, the book that follows Matthew. I love the story of how Jesus healed the leper. After he healed him, Jesus told him not to tell anyone about it but to simply go live a good life. The leper though went out and told everyone what had happened, which forced Jesus to stay out of the large towns from then on. I wish the woman and the trucker had kept quiet. My Aunt and Uncle had to stay out of town for a while after that little incident too. And now you see why I say that Mike was anything but Biblical.

Have a great day,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Caught off guard.

We are having unusually cold weather for this time of year. It really caught me off guard. Usually we don' t get this cold until January or February. Normally we spend a lot of time in November and December gathering wood for our two wood stoves. We have one in our house and one in the greenhouse. We also supply a lot of wood for my mother in law who heats her house with a wood stove. The reason we wait until this time of year (other than me being a procrastinator) is that the cool weather gets rid of snakes and spiders and makes it easier to work.

This year, the cold just kind of slipped in and was upon us before we knew it. One day it was warm and the next it was cold. It was cold at the market yesterday too but I was prepared for it. I wore my long underwear and brought along a heavy coat. I also didn't bring very much stuff because I knew the crowd would be sparse because of the cold. It was a good thing I packed light too because I was hit with another obstacle when I arrived. It seems there was a festival the night before and some of the setup equipment was left behind. They had to move me to another location but it was not a big deal since I had so little stuff.

Even though it was an inconvenience to move, I didn't complain. I just went where they told me to and made the best of it. Several other people that had to move did nothing but complain. In the end I sold just as much in this location as I did in the other location. When I went to leave at the end of the day, the director stopped me and thanked me for not complaining. It seems I was the only one who accepted the change without complaining. Because I was in a new location, I got to meet several new people who I normally wouldn't see or talk to. See there was a positive side to this.

The day started out a little slow though because it was 32 degrees. I used the slow time to walk around and meet some of the people in the area. I did a little window shopping too. I wasn't there to buy anything so I just looked. One of the booths had some nice paintings. I noticed that there weren't any prices on his art though. Do you know that saying "If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it?" Well it is true at the market. If the prices aren't on the items, chances are they are expensive. If you have to ask, don't bother asking. Good advice for many things in life.

They changed the service time on me today. Caught off guard yet again. I hate getting caught off guard. I forgot about the change so we will just be spending the day together at home. Good thing I made that nice warm fire. If only I could get warnings or advance notice for things like this I wouldn't get caught off guard again.

This morning I was reading Matthew 25 about the coming of the Son of man. Lots of people are worried about this. People are worried because there is no tag that says "this is it, the end is near" The Bible says "you will know without a doubt. Just like asking what the price was for those expensive items, if you have to ask, you already know the answer...... This isn't it. He isn't going to slip in and just be here. It will be so spectacular that we will know. There will be no doubt.

I do want to be ready though. He will come when we least expect it and without warning. Like a thief in the night. I am sure if we knew the exact moment He would arrive everyone would be ready. But we don't so we better get ready now. Tomorrow may be too late. Now I have to go out into the cold and chop some wood. I wasn't ready but I am getting there. And as for chopping wood on Sunday........ Didn't someone say; If your mule is in the ditch, get him out? I wish I could remember where I read that.

Have a great Sunday,


Friday, November 21, 2008

The leader of the band

Thursday was exasperating for me. I traveled to Columbia with three co-workers for some company training. The training itself was good but several people in the class were very annoying. One particular person did nothing but complain and try to find fault with the system. He had a "this will never work" attitude and it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut. I think nothing sets me off faster than a bad attitude. I guess because it is totally unnecessary.

Not only was he disrupting the class but he was doing it in a way so as to try to get others on his side. I really think he felt that he was speaking for the entire class when he was whining. He did manage to get two others complaining but the rest of the class and the instructors were just aggravated. I could feel myself getting close to saying something so I just began cutting up whenever he was talking. My co-workers and I would just go off on our own little tangent and totally ignore him when he spoke. The funny thing is that this job was totally voluntary and we all had to fight to get it but obviously he just isn't satisfied no matter where he is.

I did get to see two old friends and leave a note for a third. So the trip was not a total loss. Now I have a new dilemma. I will be going back to this building for more training in the future and all three people I know who work there have said for me to call and let them know next time I am coming so we can have lunch together. Now I have to make sure they are all good friends so it isn't awkward.

The best part of my day though was when I got back to Charleston. Last night was my youngest son's first band concert. He has been playing trumpet for only two months and it is obvious to us that he has lots of musical talent. In addition to the trumpet, he also plays the guitar. My wife and I both played in the band but we were just average. It was so great to see him in concert. I used to play the trumpet as well and I am sure he will be better than I was. Check out his concert by clicking HERE. He would love some visitors and comments.

Have a great Friday,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

15 Random things I'm not afraid to admit

Hey I stole this from My ADHD Me but don't tell her. Here are 15 random things about me that I am not afraid to admit. Actually if I were afraid to admit them then I just wouldn't list them. So you will never see a post that says 15 random things I am afraid to admit. If I did, it would just be a blank page. Enough already, let me get to them.

1. I took two years of German in high school but I can only say two or three things. I am however available to accompany you to Germany and when asked I can tell the waiter that you don't like bratwurst and that we aren't from here. I had to take a foreign language and the only other language open was Spanish. I didn't think it would be of any use to speak Spanish. Who knew.

2. My father was one of the first lifeguards on Daytona beach. When he was a lifeguard, on a good day he would have 15 or 20 people on the beach. Now they have 15 or 20 thousand. When I was young, we would go to the lifeguard parties on the beach. Talk about wild parties. They would initiate the new lifeguards and after seeing what they went through I decided not to become one.

3.Our highschool band went all the way from Florida to California just to be in the Rose Bowl Parade. I got sick the morning of the parade and had to stay behind. Just my luck, so close and yet so far away. We were staying in the UCLA dormitories and after the band and band parents left, the place got wild. Even though I missed that parade, I did get to play at an Atlanta Falcons football game and I played in the parade at both Disney World and Disney Land. Not many people can say that.

4. I once went skinny dipping in Barbados. We were at a club right on the water and it was late. There were just Navy guys at the bar and we knew everyone there. A couple of us decided to go for a swim. The water looked great, it was dark and we had been out to sea for two months. So we got just outside the club,undressed and ran the 25 ft to the ocean and dove in. When we turned around guess what we discovered? There was a second floor to the club and it wasn't full of Navy men. It was full of women and couples. The other thing we discovered was that the light from the club was still bright enough to see once you got away from the club. Oops. We were young and foolish.

5. I originally wanted to be a forest ranger when I grew up. I found out that there was no money in it so I changed occupations. Then I was going to be an architect but I thought there was no money in that either so I went in the Navy. I saw those commercials that said, Go Navy, see the world. I did get to see some places like Barbados but mostly I saw grey machinery. Actually I went to Italy, Scotland, Canada, the Bahamas and I saw the lights of Cuba.

6. One of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower. That's the good news. The bad news is he was an indentured servant. We were slaves when slavery wasn't cool. Sorry that was bad. But the truth is we were. What can I say.

7. As I said I was born and raised in Florida. I am actually a third generation Floridian. We were referred to as Florida Crackers. Back then it was ok to be called a cracker. I guess you could say I was cracker when cracker was cool.

Ok insert seventh inning stretch here. Everyone stand up and sing "Take me out to the ballgame."

8. My parents were Democrats. There I said it, now hate me. My father and I used to cook fish-Fry's for various fund raisers. Once we cooked for the Florida Democratic party and Governor Burns showed up. I cooked for a Democratic Governor. OH the shame of it all. We cooked for Jimmy Carter too but he didn't show up. I bet he wanted to come but the secret service diverted him.

9. I saw Gary Lewis and the Playboys in concert. And yes they sang "This Diamond Ring" and "Everybody Loves a Clown." Talk about a rock concert......Not. But the price was right. Free. That was in Wisconsin. On the same trip I also tried my hand at ice skating on Lake Geneva. I guess I should say I sprained my hand instead of tried it. Who knew ice could be so hard. I didn't mind falling. The embarrassing part was when little kids began skating circles around me while I tried to get up.

10. When I was in Italy, they were offering us a free trip to some place called Pompeii. I passed on that trip. Who wants to see some place that makes pom poms anyway? I never was good at geography or history.

11. I love California. I spent some time there when I was in the Navy. The first time I went to San Fransisco I was 19. I was walking down the street by Fisherman's Wharf and there was a woman walking in front of me. I thought; wow these California Girls are tall. About that time the girl stopped and turned and I thought.... And she could use a shave too. I lived a sheltered life growing up in Florida.

12. I have a hair phobia. I am not sure why that is. I can sympathize with cats who get those fur balls in their throat and then get sick. If I get a hair in my mouth, I do the same thing. If I see a hair in my food I won't eat it. I don't care if it is mine. One hair, the food goes in the trash. The same goes for bugs. Bug + food= trash. Enough said, I am getting sick here.

13. Speaking of food, my most favorite dish is lasagna. Who am I kidding, I love food. I love to eat. I live to eat. I need to diet.

14. I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. Take this post for instance. I thought it would be easy but I have started it several times and each time I run out of steam and have to quit. Am I that dull that I can't find 15 things to talk about? Hello is anyone still with me? Wake up people.

15. Yea I made it. Ok for those who are still here, I have a confession. I have a deep dark family secret that one day I will shock the world with. Well at least my blog readers may be shocked. No one else will probably care. Well maybe some people would but it won't be earth shattering. It is something that I have kept to myself for many years. A few other family members know about it but the outside the family world is clueless. It is based on fact with a few theories thrown in but I know that my hunch is right on the money.

Well that is about all I have to say for now. It sure is cold here today considering we are in global warming mode.

Have a great day,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Road Trip

Well I am back. I bet you didn't even miss me. Sunday morning my oldest son and I went on a road trip.

We went to visit a college that his is interested in. Here is a hint as to which one it was.

The weather was great for traveling. It was cool and clear and traffic was light. There was however a lot of traffic going the other way on Sunday. Saturday night was a big game for the Tigers and they beat Duke in Football. My son isn't interested in going there for the football but he does like the team. We stayed in a nice hotel in Anderson which was on Clemson Blvd. The same road goes by the college so it made it easy to get there this morning. Not much else happened. We did have a nice dinner last night at Applebees and then got a good night sleep.

This morning, we had a great free continental breakfast at the hotel and then we had an interview at the college. My son is still a junior in high school and they were impressed at how motivated he is. The counselor said that she doesn't get a lot of juniors who actually come to visit and speak with them. After we spoke with her, we visited with the head of the agricultural department and he also was impressed. This afternoon we simply drove home. This is the view from our hotel room. The leaves were still changing there but with 20's expected tonight they should all be gone by the end of the week.

Sorry there isn't more to report on but that about did it for the weekend. I hope everyone else had a good one. I am tired so I will visit all your blogs in the morning.

Have a great week,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Update

Wow so much to report on so little time. It is 5:15 am and I have to get ready for the Market but I think have just enough time for a quick post. So here goes;

I went with the hotdog sales idea for Good Neighbor Fund. Like anyone thought I would have selected one of the other options. And I am happy to say it was a huge success. The odds were stacked against me for several reason. The last person who was in charge of GNF used to schedule these fund raisers and then forget about them and the people finally gave up on them. I guess they had more faith in me though because lots of people participated. I had 3/4 of the plant workers buy hotdogs. Reason two for failure was that there was a class going on at the plant yesterday and they decided to go out to lunch instead of supporting my cause. No biggie I still did well.

The third thing going against me was that I didn't start advertising until Wednesday afternoon. The reason was that we had another benefit lunch on Wednesday and I wanted to wait until that one was done so that I didn't take from his fund raiser. His was for a local family who recently lost their son in the War in Iraq. I think we all know someone touched by this war.

The management team was impressed though and they were happy with the results. In addition to the money I raised some people brought in toys for the cause. That makes me happy because I don't like to shop. Next week I will host another dinner and then go out and shop. This was a come from behind win for the GNF. And speaking of come from behind, does anyone recognize this beauty:

That's right its Secretariat. You know the Triple Crown winner. Well here is some gossip for you. Yesterday on my way to work, I was driving not far from my house and saw something in the road ahead. It was something big, really big. I immediately locked my doors just in case it was a robber or an alien. It turned out be a horse that had gotten free. It was running down the road. I tried to catch it but it wouldn't let me so I coaxed it off into a church property to get it off the road. It stayed in that area for about 4 hours until the owner finally realized it was gone and went out and found it. Well I hate dropping names but can you guess who this horse was related to? You guessed it, Secretariat. Turns out this horse is a direct descendant of the famed race horse. Now I can say I know royalty.

Today is trash pickup day on Wadmalaw. If any locals are reading this, Please join Pat at the 4-way stop on Bears Bluff Rd to clean our highway. My wife and I have to work so she already did several miles of the road earlier this week. I think the meeting time is 9 am. How's that for a public service announcement?

Have a great Saturday,

Friday, November 14, 2008

No IF's AND's or But's

Have you noticed how many people are praying these days? People who never used to pray or at least were never outspoken about prayer are now vocal about it. I guess it could just be that they kept it to themselves. I remember back at my last place of employment when I put on a luncheon for the people who worked for me. I invited the support group to joins us as well. Before the meal, I said the blessing. After I finished one of the ladies said; “Way to go Greg, I never knew you could pray like that.” I can't believe she said that. Anyway, people are praying these days much more than they used to. I guess it is a sign of the times.

We start our little town meetings with a prayer. An elderly black gentleman usually does the honors. I like his prayers because they are so inspiring. He starts out with grand descriptions of God, then asks God for his blessing on the meeting, thanks him for the blessings he has given us and then gives a short ending.

At the last meeting though, he was caught off guard. Usually there are 5 to 10 people at the town meetings. However the other night, due to the topics being discussed, there were about 100 people there. This man arrived late and opened the door to see a full house. Because he was late, they started the meeting the minute he arrived at the front table and they immediately asked him to say the prayer. Normally he gets there early enough to sit and gather his thoughts before being asked to speak.

This is how it went:

Oh Precious Heavenly Father, Creator of all the universe, Master from the beginning of time, Wonderful giver of life, Ruler of man, All knowing, and ever present, Forgiver of sins and our eternal God. (big pause) In his blessed name we pray, Amen.

My son looked over at me and gave me that confused look like he missed something.
It reminded me of the time I went to subway and ordered my favorite sandwich at the drive through. When I got where I was going, I opened my package to see the sandwich I love. It was golden brown on the top and smelled wonderful. I bit right in and began eating. I was about half finished when I noticed that something was missing. There was no meat in the sandwich. I have to tell you though that it still tasted pretty good without the meat. I felt the same about his prayer. Even though he never said anything in the middle, the beginning and ending were great so it didn’t matter.

In addition to hearing a lot of people talk about praying, I have heard a lot of people say that their prayers haven’t been answered. Now I know not ALL people are saying this but some are. I thought maybe with this rush of prayers, God is overloaded. No, that’s not it. He can handle the volume. Then I thought maybe people are just saying bad prayers. I mean the first time I tried to ride a bicycle I did some things wrong and maybe a few of you are too. Now before you start gathering stones hear me out. And no I am not by any means an expert on praying but there are a few “don’ts” when it comes to praying. Just remember;

No if’s and’s or but’s.


If you are putting IF’s into your prayers you may be messing up. IF’s are usually used when we are in a jam and we want out so we are willing to cut a deal.
God IF you will just get me out of the speeding ticket, I will promise to go to church every Sunday and put money in the collection plate. From what I know, God doesn’t make deals like that. Again I am no expert but I think I am right on this issue. Agreeing do so something IF God will do something for you won’t get your prayer moved up on His to-do list.


Now when we were young, “and’s” were ok because we were young and thought small. I remember saying my prayers; Bless Mommy AND Daddy AND Brother AND Sister AND Grandma AND Fido AND Kitty AND……… I just realized that most kids are taught to start their prayers with Bless Mommy and Daddy. I never realized that but parents have a racket going on there.

Too many “And’s” can soften a prayer.

If you are asking God for something then there should be something that you really want or need. This is not a congressional bill so adding little things on as riders won’t work. God is not going to answer your prayer to give you inner peace and throw in a new car. Nice try though.


Adding But’s makes it a “my way or no way” prayer. For example. God help me get out of this financial situation BUT I want to keep everything that I own. Or God I can’t take this pressure at work BUT I want to keep my job or get a better one. People what to God to help them out but they want it their way. This isn’t Burger King. This is "The King" you are taking to.

I hope these pointers helped a few of you out. And speaking of being taught how to pray. I am reminded of this story:

A mother was teaching her very young daughter how to pray. She was teaching her the Lord’s Prayer. After reading it to her daughter the little girl asked why God had so many names. Confused, the mother asked what she meant. The girl said. Is God’s name; Art, Hal or Ed? Still confused the mother asked what she meant by that. The little girl said; “Well you just said Our father who is “Art” in heaven and “Hal” or “Ed” be thy name.” So which is it?

Have a blessed day and keep smiling and praying,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sign sign everywhere a sign

I know some of your remember that song. It was by the Five Man Electrical Band. I wonder what ever became of them. But this post isn't about music. It's all about signs.

One of the big no-no’s discussed at that town hall meeting the other night was the use of signs. For some reason the people of our great island are opposed to signs. They of course were directing this complaint toward one person who just happened to be the owner of the winery. It was just one of many complaints that the planning board heard from the good citizens of Wadmalaw.

The person leading the discussion objected to the winery signs because they are “not part of the natural scenery of the island.” However there are lots of other signs on the same road which also are ‘not part of the natural scenery’ and no one complained about them. It was obvious to me that the real complaint isn’t about signs at all. However after giving it some thought, I agree that it would be great not to see any signs at all on our “natural” island. In the letter that I sent to the planning board today, I countered the complaint with a few sign complaints of my own.

So on my way home today I took note of the signs that I saw wondering how these same people would feel if we took them down as well. That is what they were asking for anyway and I aim to please.

The first sign on our island is an advertisement sign for a benefit 5k Run this weekend. No since beating around the bush, let’s get rid of it. Next I came to the speed limit sign. People don’t follow them anyway so take it down. The directional sign at the fork in the road…….Who needs it. Our island is only 40 square miles so anyone could drive the entire island in a few hours.

At the fork there were also business signs, political signs still up after the election and a huge land for sale sign. It has been there for several years and the complainer at the meeting mentioned that one particular winery sign had been up for two weeks. Two years is a lot worse than two weeks. Take them down I say. Now we are getting natural aren’t we? Up around the corner was a happy 40th birthday sign which is totally unnecessary. I wasn’t invited anyway. Watch out here comes the intersection where the stop sign is. It is going to be dangerous without that sign.

I counted over two hundred signs on our street alone. It is 7 miles long though. Now that all the signs are gone, everyone should be happy. Only one more block to go and I think we will have them all, Oh I see one more and yes it has to go too. A sign is a sign and according the planning board all signs are bad.

Hey I don’t make the rules. I just abide by them. There is everyone happy now? The truth is there were only 4 very small signs that said “winery” and had a small arrow showing which direction to go. There are thousands of other signs on the island so what is the big deal about the winery signs? We are back to “they have and I want.” No one complained when they weren’t making any money. Now that they are, everyone wants a piece of the pie. But what’s wrong with that anyway. It’s ok to want what your neighbor has isn’t it?

“You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor” I mean 9 out of 10 isn’t bad…….

Be careful what you ask for or wish for. You just may get it.

Have a great day,

You are what you eat.

I don’t really know where that expression came from. I understand the concept and in part it is true. There is a guy that does the TV show Man vs Wild where he eats all kinds of dirty things and he "appears" to be healthy. So are bugs and dead animals really good for you? If you broke them down to proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals you would find out that the basic foods he is eating are the same as the ones normal people eat they are just in a different form. I will stick to my good old steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. No worms are going in my mouth. At least not willingly or knowingly.

This morning, I read that the opposite is also true. You are what you don’t eat. Now that’s a strange statement isn’t it? Said a different way that is; what comes out of your mouth and not what goes into it determine what you are made of. Who the heck said something so crazy and what does it mean? Well our bodies are basically fuel burning machines. No matter what we eat, it comes out the same. Ewwww I know gross thought isn’t it. However we can determine and control what we say. Many times we are judged by other people simply by what we say. Someone else always judges us by what we say.

Last night I attended another town meeting. The things people said there amazed me. There were so many lies being told that I expected a bolt of lightning to hit the building at any second. Thankfully that didn’t happen. At times I had trouble keeping quiet though because I knew some of the things being said were so untrue. I decided not to get into it though and just listened and let everyone vent. There is an old proverb that says; Never argue with a fool. People may get confused as to who is who.” I know it will all become evident in the light of day. This morning, I wrote a long letter to the town council expressing my feelings. I am still waiting on a reply. They may be waiting by my home to ambush me.

As for the statement above, any guesses who said; “What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean,' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him 'unclean.'" Anyone, anyone, anyone.......Kelly is that you raising your hand? Patrice, do you have an answer? Anyone anyone.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Veterans Day means a lot to me. I really appreciate all that our service men and women do for us and want to say thank you to all of them. It makes me angry to hear people talk about what they do like it means nothing. In today's world, freedom comes with a price and there are those out there who really don't appreciate what they have. They cut down our nation and complain and gripe about how bad things but the truth is we have it pretty good. No we have it great. I have been to other countries and see real poverty and am thankful that God allowed me to be born in this country where we have so much.

Our preacher touched on this subject this past Sunday and I realized that it was true. Those of us who were fortunate enough to be born in this great country need to get on our knees and thank God for allowing us to be here. Then we need to rise up and thank our service men and women for allowing us to remain here and enjoy the freedom that we have. So today I challenge you to go out and find someone who has defended you or is still defending you and thank them for their sacrifices. No not me.

And lets not forget about the families who support our service men and women back home. When I was in the Navy, my wife took care of things at home and I know it was no piece of cake for her. She not only had to take care of things at home but she had to also worry about what was happening to me. She took care of my Daughter like she was her own and I can never thank her enough for that.

Check out my beard. :)

This is me, my Grandmother(Green) and my brother at his boot came graduation. I know Grandma Green was very proud of us.

This is me reenlisting on board the USS Vallejo. In addition to the Vallejo, I also served on the USS Richard B Russell, the USS Von Steuben, The USS Daniel Boone and the USS Kentucky. I did some calculations and I have spent about 8 years of my life actually under water. I guess I am a true "Squid" :)

I remember my retirement day like it was yesterday. I held it on the pier beside the USS Kentucky.I remember being so proud and then a little let down because I was leaving the Navy behind. On the drive in to the base that morning, there were protesters outside the base gate and it really made me angry that they were protesting on my day. They were protesting against me not realizing that I did it for them. In other countries they would be shot for protesting against the government. It was so ironic. Some day they may no longer have the freedom to protest.

Have a great day and thank a service member for it.


Monday, November 10, 2008

So many options so little time.

Ok so I got these hotdogs and don’t know what to do with them. First off, they are frozen and have never been thawed so they are still good. Eventually my 11 year old would eat them or his kids would eat them once he grows up and has some so they won’t go to waste. I just hate taking up all that room in my freezer for hotdogs. So I have come up with a few ideas of what to do. Let me just toss them out and let you decide what to do.

First off Thanksgiving is just around the corner and since we are cutting back just like everyone else is (or should be hint hint) I could always serve them for Thanksgiving dinner. At first I had this great idea of blending them up and trying to form them into something that resembled a turkey but after I got that image in my head I got sick to my stomach.

Then I thought about serving them just like they are but the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner is in my opinion the stuffing and I don’t know how to stuff a hot dog. I could always get one of those turkey basters and blend the stuffing into a mush and try to force it inside the dogs. Again this didn’t sound too appealing.

How about something like a standing rib roast but instead of ribs I line the dogs up around a pan and make something creative like that. I can just imagine serving a lovely dish like that to my guests and hearing the applaud as I presented the masterpiece. But what would go with a special entree like this? Perhaps tater tots, Doctor Pepper and Moon Pies. Just another great idea floating around in my head.

Of course there is always po mans surf and turf. You know; fish sticks and hot dogs. Two great treats that go great together. The best thing about this dish is you just have to put one big glob of ketchup in the middle of the plate and you can use it for both dishes. The second great thing about this dish is that you can use your fingers to eat it. No after dinner cleanup if you use paper plates. And rounding out the reasons this dish is so good is you can serve it with French fries and use the ketchup for all three. This is truly finger licking good.

Then I got this crazy idea but it really way out there. I could sell hot dogs at work. No, it’s not for my own profit but to raise money for GNF. That’s Good Neighbor Fund which incidentally I am taking over as of this morning. Last night it dawned on me that the woman who used to head the GNF up at our plant transferred about two months ago. Since she left, no one has stepped up to the plate to take over so I decided to do it myself. And to kick things off, this Friday I will be selling hotdogs to raise money for the charity. What the fund does is raise money and collect toys during the holidays. It is similar to Toys for Tots. Then we include them with Christmas baskets that are handed out in our community.

So which of the above ideas do you all like? If anyone picks the formed turkey you will be obligated to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house and enjoy the meal with us. And yes you WILL have seconds because there won’t be any leftovers.

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big disappointment.

Hot dogs anyone? We were expecting a big crowd at the winery for the Blessing of the vines but People just didn't show up. We had some people but only about half as many as the summer festival. So now we have lots and lots of hot dogs. The weather was just about perfect so that wasn't the reason for the sparse crowd. I guess the economy has everyone scared. This mountain of hot dogs has me scared. Not really, I do have a plan. I will tell you more if I am able to pull it off.

The BBQ people next to us didn't do well either. They also brought bottled water but they were selling it for $2.00 a bottle and we just couldn't do that to people so we kept our price at $1.00. Once people found this out, they came to us for water. At the end of the day, we barely broke even so we didn't get rich like we planned.

This morning I got up early and went out and got a cup of coffee. I felt I earned it by working all day Saturday. After I got the coffee I went down to the local boat landing and watched the sunrise. The weather was again just about perfect and the sunrise was spectacular. After the sunrise, I came back home and fixed breakfast for everyone. Then we headed out to church. Today's service was titled "How to be rich". The first thing the preacher said though cracked most of us up. He said, I am not going to tell you how to get rich, just how to be rich. It was a great sermon and the point was that most of us don't realize just how well off we are. There will always be someone with more money than I have but I bet they don't have more hotdogs. :)

So let me leave you with the sunrise as seen from Wadmalaw Island. The first two pictures are of Church creek and the rest were taken at the boatlanding.Even though Saturday was a disappointment, this sunrise made up for it.

Have a great day,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Leftover Friday.

Left over chili.

If you came for the left over hot chili, I hate to tell you this but you are too late. It’s gone. All of it. Not a bean or an ounce of sauce is left. Wait I forgot about that bean that rolled under the stove but you don’t want that one. It must have been good. But since you are here, let me give you the recipe.

Greg’s hot chili:
(This feeds about 8 (men) or 10 (women) depending on how much they love chili)
3 lbs lean ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped sweet pepper
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp salt
2 tsp black pepper
2 tsp chili powder
4 cups (or two cans) great northern beans (I use dried beans but you can use canned if you like)
2-15 oz cans of tomato sauce
2-15 oz cans of diced tomatoes

2 tbs red pepper
2 tbs crushed red pepper
2 tbs Tabasco Habanero sauce

In large pot, brown the ground beef until it is almost done. Drain off most of the oil but leave just a few tsps. Return the meat to the stove and continue browning on medium heat. Add the next 7 ingredients and the hot ones as well if you want it hot. Stir occasionally while cooking for about 10 more minutes. Add the tomatoes, tomato sauce and the beans and heat on medium until it is bubbling. Turn the heat down to low, cover and let it simmer for several hours. If you used canned beans, it will be ready in about an hour. If you used dried beans which I recommend, you need to simmer it for about two hours. I like using dried beans and I soaked them overnight or all day I am making it late in the day. I also like using yellow peppers to add more color.
I like to serve it with corn bread and oh yes lots of water or milk.

Left over Halloween candy.

Sorry that is all gone too. Well the good stuff is anyway. We got that out of the house as fast as possible because it was way too tempting for my wife and I since we are trying to diet. I know chili wasn’t on my diet but….Hey I have no excuse at this time. Maybe I will think of something later. This Is Tucson. No, that’s not his real name but I call him that because he is our number two son. Get it? Number “two son”. Ok bad one I know. So this is his Halloween costume.

He went as a gas pump. When people asked what he was, he would say: I’m a gas pump, pretty scary isn’t it? The adults loved it but the other kids just gave him that deer in the headlight look and said “I don’t get it”. Several people took photos of him and one person called their whole family to come out and see him.

Left over peanuts.

Ok I am not promoting this but I heard about it on the radio this morning and I just had to share it with my readers. I think this is insane. First off let me say that I really don’t care for the whole Peanuts cartoon. They are much too sad and the idea of an overweight kid getting picked on just hits a little too close to home. So the Charleston Footlight Players are putting on a “Peanuts play.”

“Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead”

Here is what the write up said:

In this "unauthorized parody," set approximately 10 years after the events in the 50-year-running comic Peanuts, CB's beloved beagle has terminal rabies, and his world is inhabited by a comic strip parade of misfits: a missing pen pal, an abused pianist, a pyromaniac ex-girlfriend, two drunk cheerleaders, a homophobic quarterback, a burnt-out Buddhist and a drama-queen sister. Together, these factors all contribute -- Good grief!

Enough enough already.

But wait there is more. More you say. Yes on opening day they will be bringing in some Hooters girls and serve refreshments. I kid you not.

Now even if you WERE a fan of the “Children’s” comic Peanuts, you will have to agree this has gone a little too far. I know I am not taking my children to see it.

Left over wine.

Sorry to let you down yet again but there is no left over wine. The good news is there is wine though. This Saturday is the annual “Blessing of the Vines” at Ivrin House Vineyards and yours truly will be the hotdog chef extraordinaire. My expertise has again been called upon to serve up the best hot dogs and sausage dogs in the entire world. And I can do it. I’m the man….or so I think. And because you are loyal readers, if you mention this post, I will throw in free ketchup on your hot dog. Heck I will go all out and toss in free mustard as well. I don’t have room to give you full driving directions here but let me say if you make it out to our island and see a view like this, turn around because you are right across from the entrance to the winery. This is the view looking across the street. Isn’t Wadmalaw Sound beautiful?

Oh I almost forgot. There will be a priest there to bless the grape vines and also anyone else who desires it. I think we could all use a little blessing right about now. Also there will be bluegrass music, BBQ, Kettle Corn, grape stomping, face painting and oh yes……wine. Oh I am feeling really generous here so mention this post and get a free hotdog.

(offer not valid with any other offer. Not valid on sausage dogs. Not valid for other events. Not valid in California or Hawaii. Not valid for anyone with lots of money or anyone with more money that I have. Must be an American citizen or a citizen of another country. One offer per family. Offer subject to other limitations not mentioned here. See Greg for other rules)

Now for the bad news. There will be no hotdog eating contest this time. Sorry, it got a little out of hand at the last festival. So the reigning queen will remain the queen.

Have a great Weekend,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Say it isn't so.

My world is coming to an end. I thought yesterday’s news was bad but now this:

“Lucci eliminated from 'Dancing”

Sorry wrong Lucy. Try this Lucci:

Oh horrors of horrors. What will we do now? In less than 24 hours, the headlines went from presidential elections to Dancing with the stars trauma. Actually I really am relieved to see us put things back in perspective. I mean Lucci has been on All my Children since.....well since I was a “children” and she deserves to make headlines.

In other late breaking news, I am making chili today for the people in our office. And since our office is as split on this issue as it was on the election, I made two kinds. I made a pot of mild chili and a pot of “fire engine red” chili. I prefer the hot stuff but a few wimps whined and asked for mild so I caved in. Now for those brave enough to try the hot stuff I recommend having some ice water handy to put out the fire.

This stuff is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes faster than an “O” speech. Oops did I say that?

As my son says; Sorry my bad.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Garden

I have told many stories here on my blog about growing up in Florida. They were about happy times and fond memories from my youth. There were many of them and I have more to share, however life for me as a child wasn’t always rosy. In fact there were just as many bad times as there were good. Growing up in a three bedroom house with five children, an alcoholic father and a bi-polar mother was often a scary environment for a boy like me.

Being quiet and shy, I kept my feelings to myself and only let them out when they had built up to a point where I could no longer contain my anger and pain. My sister would often joke about how I was a time bomb waiting to go off and how you didn’t want to be the one that drew the last straw. She would warn people to watch out for the “quiet one”. And it was true. I did hold too much anger inside but I had no way to let it out in such a close environment.

When I got a little older though and began to roam, I found a sanctuary. It was a little Garden in the middle of town. It was only about three miles away and as small children we were allowed to roam that far. It was only two miles down the river, across a bridge and then up a busy street. I would walk, ride my bike or sometimes run there just to escape. It was a one square block of heaven in the middle of our small town. The real name was the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens and it was a special place for me.

I loved it for many reasons. First off it was dedicated to men who had sacrificed for our country in World War II and I have always been very patriotic. Inside the art gallery was a list of the town’s men who had served in the military. My father and all my uncle’s names were listed there as well as the names of many of the men I knew as a child. That gave special meaning to that place.

Even though I enjoyed the art gallery, the gardens were my favorite place. In that one square block area, there was lush vegetation, waterfalls, foot paths, small fish and turtle ponds and secluded areas with quaint park benches. I would spend hours there catching fish, tadpoles, frogs, turtles and insects. The vegetation was so thick that it would drown out the noise from the nearby streets and it was the perfect place to hide from my troubles. I had some great times there.

But sometimes life would be so hard for me that I would just sit and think, and cry and pray. I would pray that God would take away the pain I felt inside. I would pray that God would stop the fighting that tore my family apart. I would pray for a way out of the hell that we sometimes went through. I would sit there for hours and wait for God to answer. I waited for that big sign and thunder in the air and for something big and earth shattering to happen to make things better for me. But it never happened. I just sat alone in the garden and talked to God. All I heard was quiet. Peace and quiet. So quiet that I all I could hear was the wind through the trees, the sound of the waterfall and my own self breathing.

Even though I felt God hadn’t answered my prayers I would leave that little Garden feeling calmer, better about myself and somewhat relieved. Just talking with Him took some of the pressure off of me. I would give myself a pep talk and find positive things to think about and somehow the world was better for a while. And every time things got bad at home, I would again return to the Garden and tell God my troubles. It was my one place to escape from life’s troubles.

Last night I felt the need to talk with my sister so I called her. She still lives in that same little town (which is not so small anymore) and only a mile from my garden. During the conversation, she brought up another garden that was in town called Parrots Paradise. It was a fascination to us when we were growing up because it had flashy parrot shows and monkeys but there was a charge to get in so we seldom were able to go inside. That little quarter admission price was often out of our reach. Parrots Paradise is now gone and all that remains are some ruins and some escaped monkeys but I still remember how it was.

I also told her about how I loved to go to the Memorial Gardens and she confessed how she enjoyed going there too. Although she didn’t go into details I felt she went there for escape as well. The Gardens are still there and free by the way to anyone who wants to visit them. They are much the same as they were when I was a child and I still enjoy going there when I visit my sister. For me it will always be a special place. And now that I am older, I realize that God was answering me. He was giving me the peace that I needed to survive. To this day I have a picture in my mind of those Gardens and I can still feel and hear the wind, and know the peace that I found there. Everyone needs a special Garden in their life.

Have a Blessed day,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Worrying is bad for you. So don't do it.

There is a lot of worrying going on today. I heard about it on the radio, TV, at the gym and now here at work. It’s only 7:30 and I have already heard about voting problems, possible riots, fights and angry voters. The streets are full of cars with people trying to beat the rush to vote. Too late people, there are already long lines at the voting stations. This morning I even heard one person say they were still undecided and they were thinking about not voting because they couldn't make up their mind. I told them I had decided so vote my way.

For some reason I am not worried this morning. I woke up in another one of my good moods. I had a good workout at the gym. Took a nice long hot shower and got to work a little early. My coffee was outstanding and I brought along a blueberry muffin to go with it. I was the first one here and I began singing this song:

Don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right!

Rise up this mornin,
Smiled with the risin sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin, (this is my message to you-ou-ou:)

Don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right!

It got stuck in my head and after the morning meeting, I continued to sing it. Don't you hate when songs get stuck in your head? Now the guy next to me in the office is singing it.

This morning, I was up to Matthew 6 in my daily reading. Check out verses 25 through 27. I think there is a message in here for me. Is this a coincidence or what?

Matthew 6;
25 "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?" 26 "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" 27 "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

And that isn't just anyone talking either.

Have a wonderful day and please Vote. I will be voting after work. So don't worry......pray.

I hope it is ok to bring along some snacks.


I voted. It only took me 50 minutes and it was so easy because I did my homework and knew what/who I was voting for before I got in line. Some others weren't quite so prepared. A man was there who for some reason had to do a write in ballot. One of the poll workers was filling out the paperwork for him because he couldn't read or write. This is the conversation I overheard.

Ok sir the paperwork is ready.
I just want to vote for Bamma.
You mean Obama?
Yea that's the one, and nothing else.
You don't want to cast any other votes?
No I just want to vote for Obama and homeboy.
Well I know who Obama is but who is homeboy?
You know that other person.
What do you mean?
That person that is with him.
Do you mean the Vice President?
Yea I guess so. I just want to vote for Bamma.
Well they are on the same ticket.
Ok that's good. I guess.

So she filled out his ticket for Obama. I dare say he couldn't pick Obama out of a lineup. So sad it has come to this.

Oh well, have a great night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's scarry out there.

No more rain. I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods but things are soaked here. Of course the Weather channel said this would be the driest year in history but obviously they weren’t talking about us. Or simply put, saying something will happen, won’t make it happen. My back yard is a swamp. When I walk out there, mud squishes up between my toes. They are calling for more rain today too.

Because of this, I got up a little early so that if it was raining, I could drive even slower to work. That’s right. I slow down in the rain. Right after I got up, I went to the front door to look out and see if it was in fact raining and how cold it was so that I could decide what to wear. When I got to the front door, I cracked it open and stuck my head out to survey the situation. I flipped on the light and almost screamed. There staring me straight in the face was Tigger Tiger on a ladder that my son had left by the house. We were literally face to face and only about 6 inches apart.

And speaking of scared, I am really scared about tomorrow’s election. I heard that the VP came out and said he was backing McCain and Obama quickly turned that around and made it into a negative thing. He said that Chaney backing McCain just proves that McCain and Bush are just alike. He used the analogy that since Chaney and Bush are associated and now Chaney and McCain are associated then Bush and McCain are just alike and it would be business as usual if McCain gets elected. There is another equation to demonstrate this principle but I will spare you since you didn’t like the math in a previous post. As my mother used to say, if you lie with dogs you get up with fleas.

So I guess it would be fair (since Obama keeps talking about being fair) to use the same analogy on one of his supporters. He too is a public servant and well known. I am talking about Sheriff Andy Taylor. Friendly smooth talker, good looking. Kind of reminds you of someone doesn't it. Now let me say right here before I get started that there are some people that will vote for Obama based on this backing.

Now some would say that Sheriff Taylor isn’t a real person but in the political ad that he and Opie Taylor made, they had the theme from Andy Griffith playing in the background so they wanted us to know that it was Sheriff Taylor that was backing Obama.

But how much do we really know about Sheriff Taylor? Let’s take a look at his record. First off he hired his cousin as a deputy. That’s right he hired a relative which is nepotism in its finest. These days that is frowned upon if not illegal.

He never carried a gun which put himself and the people of Mayberry in danger. He left his office and gun case unlocked which further endangered his town’s people. Had a real criminal come into town, Sheriff Taylor would have been powerless to do anything.

He allowed the town drunk to come and go as he pleased which not only was against the law but made him an enabler for Otis’ drinking.

He was deceitful, deceitful, deceitful as Gomer used to say using trickery and witchcraft to steer people towards his way of thinking. Remember he substituted the store bought pickles for Aunt B’s pickles and entered them in a contest. Deceitful, deceitful, deceitful.

He allowed the Darlins to come to town with Moonshine and he knew that was illegal.

He wasn’t a great father either. He often threatened Opie with whippings and on many occasions sent him to bed with no supper. Remember he made Opie listen to the crying baby birds all night long as a punishment for killing their mother with his slingshot. Today that is called psychological abuse.

He took bribes. I never saw him pay for those haircuts that he received from Floyd. Come to think of it, I never saw him pay for that gas he was always getting.

He often smoked cigarettes (if that is what they really were) on camera. Such a bad example. And we let our kids watch this trash.

Let’s face it, all in all, Sheriff Taylor was a bad person and should have been fired and put in jail himself. So do you really want to vote for someone who is being backed by a common criminal? Not me.

See how easy it is to put up a smoke screen just to hide the real facts and dodge the issues.

Ok all kidding aside. There are a number of issues out there that are not in keeping with the values that I want from a president. Obama keeps saying that the Economy is first on “everyone’s” mind because he doesn’t want us looking at the other issues. There is a reason for this. Wake up America. The economy is NOT the most important issue facing Americans. The government didn’t create these financial problems alone. Greedy Americans helped out. No matter which candidate gets elected, we are going to go through some rough financial times. So forget about the economic issues in this election. Look at the other issues and vote responsibly.

Have a great day and VOTE. America’s future depends on it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


There is a lot of talk these days about diversity. I know where I work they like to get a "mix" of people with different backgrounds and beliefs. According to some, that makes for a better work environment. It does make things more "interesting" at times. When they talk about diversity though for the most part people think about skin color or nationality. However each of us is different so whenever you have more than one person working in an office, you have diversity. Just because two people come from similar backgrounds doesn't make them think or act the same.

Throughout history, people can be traced back to narrow common backgrounds however we are still diverse in our thinking and actions. Small groups of people with the same interests and beliefs settled in remote areas however through time, they became different in their thinking. It happened with the first Americans and it happened with the Israelites. Both escaped from slavery and wanted religious freedom however through time each society again became diverse. I just finished reading the Old Testament by the way and I was amazed at how similar these times are to those.

So this morning I was thinking about diversity and I thought about how diverse our entire world is. I found this log and on it were a number of liken and fungi growing together. At first all I saw was two but when I looked closer, I discovered that there were many different varieties. So here is my diverse log. There are even a few other creatures lurking on the log.

Have a great day,