Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I decided that it was time I started participating in “Thankful Thursday” since I have so much to be thankful for. So without further ado, here goes.

1. I thank God for giving me the strength and drive to get up every morning and head off to the gym and my job. Sometimes I don’t know how I do it.

2. I am thankful for good friends, new and old who motivate me to keep bettering myself.

3. I am thankful for my family who keep me on my toes. Otherwise I might be a slacker.

4. I am thankful for the abilities that God gave me like the ability to fix almost anything and the ability to grow almost anything.

5. I am thankful that I am still able to learn new things like the new phrase I learned this past week; El Shaddai.

Have a great Thursday,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How it all began.

(photo from internet)

Lots of you have been asking what’s up with this market thing so I am going to tell you. It all started in a little town in Florida when I was born the son of poor sharecropper. Ok although we were very poor, my father was a Fireman, not a sharecropper and that’s going back a little bit too far. It would take way too much time to write so let me start at a more recent point. How about 5 years ago. That’s when our plant business began.

That summer, my oldest son was bored and also wanted some money so he decided to set up a lemonade stand in front of our house. Well if you knew where we actually live you might think this was a bad idea because the only ones who drive by live on the mile of road that lies past our house. Well except for the mail lady and an occasional lost person. So he sat out there day after day and sold lemonade to the mail lady and a few neighbors. Business was slow and there wasn’t a lot of money to be made at 50 cents per glass.

So one day he asked my wife and I if we had anything else that he could sell. We had some day lilies blooming at the time so my wife humored him and let him take a few of them out to his stand with the lemonade and he made up a sign that said “Flowers for Sale”. We figured that after a few days in the hot sun the flowers would be dead from the heat and he would lose interest. Well before long, someone stopped by and bought all the flowers he was selling. Now instead of 50 cents he had $20.50 and a stronger desire to sell plants. So my wife and I went through our gardens and took out a bunch more day lilies for him to sell. He spent most of the summer selling lemonade and day lilies in our front yard and made a lot of money.

We spent that fall and the next spring separating day lilies from our gardens and were surprised at how many we had. I would say that we had several hundred but the next summer. However, sales in front of our house were slow because everyone who knew us had all the plants that they wanted. So my son tried to get into a little market at our nearest grocery store parking lot but they wanted $25.00 to have a table there and they were already full. Not wanting him to lose his interest, I called a local flea market and found out that tables there were only $8.00 so the next Saturday, he and I headed out there with a load of plants. I think for the first few weekends, we sold almost everything that we brought.

The day lilies finished blooming and we needed something else to sell so we took some of our water plants and also some tadpoles. It was my son’s idea and I didn’t see much use in it since no one in their right mind was going to buy a tadpole. Well he sold all the tadpoles at $1.00 each and we found out that we could sell other plants too. So we started taking all kinds of plants out of our yard and I built a greenhouse to start growing more. By the third year we had all kinds of plants including about 800 day lilies. We had more plants than we could take to the flea market so my son started looking for somewhere else to sell plants.

We had heard that there was a winery on the island but we never knew where it was. One day while my wife was riding her bicycle, she found it. It was about a mile from our house and on the same road. Imagine that. After visiting there, my son decided that it was a good place to sell plants. I really didn’t think they would let him but after much badgering, we took him down to meet the owners so he could ask. They thought it was a great idea so he set up a table and began selling his plants at the winery. They owners needed another employee so they soon hired my wife.

So the 4th year rolled around and the owner of the winery asked me if I wanted to work in their booth at the Charleston Farmers Market. She also suggested that my son sell his plants alongside me in the same booth. And that is how it came to pass that I sell wine and plants at the Charleston Farmers Market. Because everything is local it really goes along with the other products down there. Our growing process is earth friendly because we recycle pots whenever possible and we don’t use pesticides and only a minimum amount of weed killer. We also use compost that comes from our local landfill. The wine is very natural and only the minimum amount of sulfites are added and it contains a very high amount of resveratroll.

So there you have it. The story of how we ended up at the market. What started as a lemonade stand in our front yard is now a family business. And here are a few photos from this past Saturday. If you want to see more of our day lilies visit my son’s blog at See you at the Market.

Have a great day,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just another great weekend, that's all.

This is my boat. Well one of them. I do have a smaller one too.

Talk about a nice day at the beach. The sign on the left says no dogs. They are prohibited because this is a bird nesting island.

Saturday at the market went well. We had a great time even though the crowd was less than the week before. The weather was beautiful and we made a lot of sales. It was just a great day. Then Sunday afternoon we decided to take a boat ride out to a local island. There were a few people out there but more creatures than people. I tried my hand at fishing but the water temperature is still too cold so I just did a little beach combing. The beach was littered with horseshoe crabs so I decided to save as many as I could by returning them to the water. Many of them were stranded and upside down so it would only be a matter of time before they cooked in the sun. I thought that some of you who had never seen one might find this interesting so I did a video of me letting one of them go. I am sorry about the audio but it was windy as you will soon find out.

I have photos too but I wanted to get this out ASAP. I will post the photos at a later date.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Challenge

Yo, check this out.

Well that's how my day started. And it just got better from there. We participated in Earth Day at Bon Secours Hospital and it was a blast. Everyone was very interested in ways to save, recycle and grow their own. Tomatoes that is. We just about gave away tomato plants along with pots filled with potting soil and a stake to tie up your tomatoes. It was a big hit. We also gave away day lilies and then sold our other plants. We had a great day and it was very rewarding. In addition we met some really great people. I hope we get asked to do it again next year.

Well I am tired and looking forward to going to bed early. I hope you enjoyed the video. As soon as I connect with the girl that organized the event, I will get some photos to post. I was so busy talking with people that I didn't have time to take photos myself. Oh and in case you couldn't tell in my video those little things I had in my hand were turtles that we got when we were in Mexico.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Well tomorrow is Earth Day 2009. I hope everyone does a little something to make this world a better place to live. I suggest planting a tree or anything at all. This year, many of the stores are running out of vegetable plants because of the large number of people who are growing their own. Growing your own vegetables does several things. First off anything that goes into the ground is absorbed by the vegetables and eventually end up inside you. Commercial growers use pesticides and herbicides. When you grow your own you can keep your garden small enough so that you don’t have to use those. Also when you buy vegetables from a grocery store they are usually picked green and then gassed to make them ripen. Then they are shipped long distances to reach the grocery store which uses up fuel and pollutes the environment.

Tomorrow we are participating in Earth Day at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. We will be giving some demonstrations on how to grow your own veggies and how to grow other plants. We are hoping that at least a few of the employees will be interested in doing something positive. Most people are interested in making this world a little greener but there are a few who object. I have heard of a few “religious” individuals who think that it isn’t our responsibility to take care of this planet. They feel that we should just give up and let everything go. Well I don’t think God wants us to do that. In fact it says in Genesis 2: 15 The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

That is pretty straight forward to me but some people are selective on what they believe. Like a woman I met the other day at the Market. We got into a discussion about wine and she made the statement; I don’t mind having a little wine because it isn’t what a person puts in his body that is important but what comes out of his mouth. Well I was proud of myself because from my recent Bible reading I not only knew who said that but what he was talking about. (it wasn’t wine) So I expounded a bit on her statement, explaining what I knew about the subject.
Matthew 15:17-18Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man.

She came back with “I know all about it because I teach religion”. She then began telling me about all the parts of the Bible that she didn’t believe and how Peter was a fake but this other person was the real Savior and on and on and on. I kept thinking why would she quote Jesus if she didn’t believe in him and just what “religion” was she teaching? I am just glad that another customer came up with a question so I was able to break away from her conversation because she was in the teaching mode.

So anyway, have a wonderful Earth Day. Do something positive like plant a tree or pick up trash or eat a cow to save grass. I just threw that in to see who was paying attention. Oh and I got in 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer this morning. I am on a roll or should I say I am on an elliptical. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Staying Focused.

With all the distractions around me, I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused on my goals. Another thing that is preventing me from staying focused is the lack of results. You know what I mean, you diet and gain weight, you do more work in the office and keep getting further behind. That sort of thing. Ironically, that was the subject of our sermon yesterday; “Staying focused when it doesn’t appear that you are making any headway”.

We had a super weekend. My son and I both did great at the Farmers Market. The crowd was a little thinner than the week before but there were more people buying instead of just looking. Saturday night, my wife and I attended a drop in at a friend’s house. This friend is from Trinidad and since I have known her has always been warning me about certain foods which might be too spicy for me. Well I like spicy food so up until Saturday night, the warnings weren’t needed. Well she had some kind of sauce for the fish she prepared and she said “Watch out Greg, that sauce is really spicy”. I thought to myself, yea right, I bet it isn’t that bad so I put about a teaspoon full on each piece of fish. That stuff was light liquid fire and my lips and tongue were throbbing all evening. Finally some really hot stuff.

Like I said, Sunday morning, we went to Church and we had another very young preacher filling in. Neither my wife nor I liked his style but the message was great and we noticed that my youngest son was enjoying the sermon. I can see where he appeals to a younger crowd and maybe that is a good thing. His message was clear though, God doesn’t like quitters so don’t get distracted and keep on keeping on.

This morning, I headed out ready for a new week and a new focus in my life. As I got into my car, I noticed how neat and clean everything was. I had washed all the cars on Sunday afternoon and surprisingly the inside of my car was even tidy. About 5 miles down the road, I felt the need to have a sip of water so I reached over for the water bottle that I keep in my gym bag. Uh-oh, no gym bag. No wonder the car looked so tidy. My gym bag was at home in the living room.
So I hit the brakes, and headed back home for my gym bag. This put me 10 minutes behind so I really had to hurry to get my workout in. When I arrived at the gym, I literally ran inside and started working out. No girls I didn’t count that run in as part of my workout. I stayed on the elliptical trainer for the full 30 minutes and got my workout done. I saved time by doing my cool down in and after my shower but I don’t think I stink. Well I hope not anyway. I think I will keep my distance just in case.

When I got to work, I noticed that someone had brought in a bunch of chicken. There was also a strawberry cheese cake on the kitchen counter. Oh-Noooooo its office lunch day. I was supposed to bring in something and I forgot. I just searched the freezer and there is a huge bag of French fries so it’s French fries instead of potato salad today. I really am focused today, really I am.
I think I have too much going on in my life to focus on any one thing. My plan is to keep track of where my time goes this week and then sit down and see where I can make improvements. I need to make lots of room too because we are thinking of taking Latin Dance lessons soon. It is something that we can do as a family. Yes kids you will be going with us. Pretty soon you will be seeing us on “Dancing with the Stars, not so famous edition”.

Oh I almost forgot. If you are reading this, please leave a Bleep. What is a Bleep? Well it is a term that I coined. That’s right, I coined it so don’t even think about getting credit for it. A Bleep is a comment that you leave on someone’s Blog post. It is kind of like a Tweet on Twitter. So here is a little something to help you remember.

“It is better to Bleep on Blogger than Tweet on Twitter.” At least that is the way I see it. And as for the poster, I don't know who said that, I stole it off the Internet. Maybe I need to come up with a bleepin poster. :)

Have a great day,


Friday, April 17, 2009

Interesting facts.

I heard these this morning on my drive into work and I thought they were impressive so I thought I would share them with you.

28% of working Americans don’t file income taxes. I wonder if any of these people are complaining about being taxed too much.

29% of Americans shoplift on a regular basis. I must be missing something. Is shoplifting legal?

When asked, 40% of Americans said they go to church on a regular basis however when asked what they did in the previous week, only 26 % mentioned Church. Maybe they forgot. (these were two different groups that were asked)

Only 54% of eligible Americans voted in the last election. And we are proud of our “right” to vote.

So even though America is still one of the best countries (in my opinion) just think;

At least 28% of us are cheaters, at least 29% of us are robbers, at least 14% of lie about our religion, and at least 46% don’t care enough to vote. Just sume little tidbits to think about.

Workout report: I skipped the gym this morning but I am going to get in a 30 minute walk today which will include the stairs. Those things kill me.

Have a great day,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Workout.

Well it is day three of the 30 X 5 challenge and all is well.I got up a little early so that I would have time to shoot these videos but for some reason, I got to the gym about my normal time. Because I am a video nerd, I wasn't able to edit these videos so I had to post two of them. Sorry people.

During the taping of that first video, my finger accidentally hit the stop button so it ended kind of abruptly. Please go on to video #2.

You probably noticed that there is no video #3. Well I took one but to tell the truth I was huffing and puffing so hard that it was hard to tell what I was saying. Then the girl on the machine next to me said "what" (thinking that I was talking to her) and I had to explain what I was doing and as I was doing that another girl showed up on the other side of me and gave me a funny look for taking photos of myself working out.

Bottom line is I didn't show it because it was too bad (actually I just looked too bad). I also had the TV on at that point and a really bad video came on and because I was concentrating on shooting my video I didn't notice the other one until it was too late and I caught some of that. I didn't want to get sued by Britney for copyright infringement so I felt it was best to delete it.

I promise the next video will be better. Well in my eyes anyway.

Have a great day and keep up the great work challengers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm in.

After much badgering by Linda over at Second cup of coffee, I agreed to participate in the second edition of the 30 X 5 Challenge. Now being the only man on the planet brave enough to enter such a challenge I must say that I will not only excel, I will boldly go where no man has gone before. I will video tape some of my training.

I plan on documenting my journey in a way that will not only amaze you, it will send my children running in the streets shouting "Oh no you di-ent Dad". I will humiliate not only myself but all men to a point that I may be banned from future postings on Blogger or attending any sports function.

To tell the truth, I have always believed that my body was a temple:

Unfortunately my temple is more like this these days which is why I accepted this challenge:

Now most people know I am really in shape but what shape is the question. Well I don't mind saying that I have been compared to a famous person on numerous occasions. This person is very well known. In fact I bet you all know his name so I won't mention it here, I will only show his photo and let you be the judge:

And after the challenge, I expect to look like this:

Well maybe not like that but less like Poppin fresh. So please come back and visit as I embark on this quest for a better me. I will have some video footage that is sure to amaze and amuse you. And if you would like to join in just do some Poppin yourself and pop over to Linda's blog and sign up. Hope to see you at the finish line.

And have a healthy day,


Monday, April 13, 2009

What a weekend!!

Can I get a Hallelujah? I think this past weekend was about as close to perfect as anyone could ask for. The nights were cool and the days were warm and sunny. Despite the rocky start to my week, I ended up feeling rested and relaxed by the time it was over.

Friday we spent working in the yard, getting things ready for the Charleston Farmers Market. I took most of the day but like I said, the weather was just perfect so we didn’t mind having to work outside all day. Working in the garden never feels much like work to me anyway. The day ended with a surprise visit by my daughter.

Saturday was the first day at the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square. Obviously a lot of people were waiting for it to open because the crowd was great. At several points during the day, there were so many people that you had to push your way through to get where you were going. I heard that part of that was due to a cruise ship being in port which may have been the case since there were a lot of visitors down there. I met several people from China and also a woman from Croatia. I love talking with people from faraway places. Saturday ended with a birthday party down at the Winery and I had my share of the BBQ.

What can I say about Sunday? Easter Sunday is always special and ours was no exception. We talked about getting up really early and going to a Sunrise Service but everyone was tired so we opted to sleep in and rest up a bit. Instead of having a big lunch, we decided to have a big breakfast instead. Here was our menu;
Scrambled eggs, Country ham, home fries, grits, biscuits and Orange Juice. I can cook can’t I.

That pretty much held us off until dinner. Around 3 we headed to my BIL’s house for a big family dinner. There was a crowd there as well but it was very quiet and everyone had a great time. I think I gained 10 lbs on Sunday. Now it is diet time again and what better time to start anew than Easter. I will leave you with some pictures that I took in our garden on Sunday. I hope you enjoy them;

This is Tigger Tiger guarding the cooler.

This is a Louisiana Iris. I don't remember where we got these but we have lots of them.

This is one of my grape vines. Future source of wine maybe?

This is the best this Azalea has ever looked so I had to take a photo.

Do you think we have enough daylilies?

One of my wife's roses.

This is a Cherokee Rose.

Goldie in our fish pond. She has friends but they are being shy.

I posted this Iris before but it goes with the others so I posted it again.

This Iris was in with the Louisiana Iris' but it obviously isn't the same.

See the difference.

This is our purple bearded Iris. It didn't want to open fully for me.

This is called a walking Iris. We like to put them in hanging baskets.

That about wraps up the photos for the day. I hope you enjoyed them.

Have a great week,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talking with God

I had a lot on my mind last night. There were a lot of things troubling me and I was thinking about blogging about them today. You see I watched the news and there was one bad story after another. It is really depressing to watch the news. But this morning I decided that posting about the bad things would only spread more bad vibes so I am instead going to post about something else. But before I do, here are the items that I found upsetting:

Pirates of the non Caribbean kind,
Our leader bowing to the wrong king,
Degrading video going unchallenged,
Power grid hackers considered not a big deal,
Selective reporting based on politics,

I can discuss any of these if you so desire or if you are interested but I am not going to bog down my blog with the details. Besides this is Easter week and there are more important things to talk about. This morning at the gym, I was talking with my new friend “Pastor Frank” about Easter Sunrise Services. Have you ever been to one? They are usually very moving and inspirational. They are also symbolic of the dawning of a new day which is what Easter is all about. We would get all dressed up and go down to the beach and watch the sunrise and feed the sand gnats while the preacher gave a brief service. But talking about Sunrise Service, also reminded me of Dr. Ruth.

Dr. Ruth was a lady that went to our church back when we were Seventh Day Baptists. She was an odd woman who lived by herself in a big house in Daytona Beach. I say odd because she was different and as a child, I heard many people refer of her as being odd. I think different would be more fitting than odd. She was different, very different but in good ways.

I don’t know what kind of doctor she was but I am guessing that she was a homeopathic physician. At least that is what she struck me as being. There weren’t very many female physicians in those days so that by itself made her different. She never wore makeup and her hair was long and straight. She often wore floor length dresses that were plain and simple. She didn’t believe in killing anything. Not people, animals or bugs. If a bug or mouse got in her house, she would simply catch it and then let it go outside. She said that God made all things and we should never destroy what God has made.

She was a God loving woman who always went to church but more importantly practiced what the preacher preached. She would help anyone who needed help including homeless people. She would give you the clothes off her back if you asked her for them. She enjoyed working with children and she introduced me to Pumpkin seed ice-cream. She was considered a health nut before they were popular. She was quiet, kind and gently and never violent.

The reason that I thought of her this morning was because Sunrise Services remind me of her. One of her favorite things to do was to ride over to the beach before dawn and sit alone and watch the sun rise. Sometimes she would bring along devotional readings but other times she would just sit quietly and talk to God. She didn’t mind telling anyone this either. She said that she enjoyed being alone with God. A few years back, I heard that Dr. Ruth passed away. She was very old and still living alone. She died one morning, sitting on the beach, watching the sunrise and talking to God. I bet she is still talking with God today.

Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Swerve or not to Swerve????

A funny thing happened on my way to work this morning. As I pulled out of my driveway, I saw a raccoon sitting across the street from my house. I didn’t think much of it. About a block down the street, I saw another raccoon beside the road. (Still not too uncommon.) About a mile later there was another one and then about two miles later there was a fourth. It reminded me of the animal conspiracy theory from my last post.

I laughed to myself and then thought “I’ll show him I’m not scared” so I hit the brakes lightly just to show an act of defiance. I was the only one on the road at that time so there was no harm in slowing down a little. Just as I tapped the brakes, a very large buck walked out of the woods right in front of me. I continued to slow down. He walked out in the road, stopped and looked at me and then walked off into the woods. I think he was saying “Just keep laughing, we got your number.” I shook it off and drove the rest of the way into work.

So I was thinking this morning about swerving. In most cases it is the wrong thing to do when something is in the road but in most cases it is the action we take. I was wondering why that is. The correct thing to do is to gently apply the brakes and allow whatever is in front of you to pass. Well that is unless the object is something big like another vehicle, a refrigerator or maybe a moose. Then swerving is ok. So why do we do it then?

I know when I took drivers Education, way back when (yes they had cars back then) they taught us not to swerve. So who is telling us to swerve these days? Well then it hit me. Insurance companies, that’s who. I started going over all the commercials in my head depicting someone driving down the road and then swerving when something as small as a squirrel was in the road. Yes they are the ones to blame. But why would insurance companies tell us to swerve when in fact it leads to more accidents? That just doesn’t make any sense….or does it?

Have a great day,

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!

Ok I knew something was up but in my wildest dreams I never imagined who was behind it all. The first indication that something was awry was the squirrels. You know those cute little rodents that are akin to rats. Well for the last year or so I noticed that they were out there watching us. Not just occasionally but all the time. Then it was the possums. I think about every other day one or two ran out in front of me as I drove to work. Not to mention the one that attacks me at my door nightly. And what about the raccoons? Is it coincidence that whenever I had do swerve to dodge a possum there was always a raccoon watching the incident unfold? And finally the two deer incidents within one week. This should have been my signal to turn and run. But nooooooooooooo I stayed and fought it out.

Well today was D-Day and I finally put it all together, only it was a little too late. You see the squirrels were doing surveillance on us humans. Waiting, watching and letting the big guys know when it was time to strike. The possums were decoys, trying to see if we were taking the bait while the raccoons quietly watched. The deer were the kamikaze pilots attacking us with the first strike to see how we reacted. But the real mastermind to this plot were the wild turkeys. Hard to believe isn't it. But they were and are the ones we have to be watching for. Yes fellow humans, they are the ones out to get us.

And here is the proof. Today, as my family was coming home, a flock of wild turkeys attacked them. My son was driving and not as seasoned as I am so he swerved. (me I am thinking dinner opportunity) When he tried to return the car to the road, the car spun and then flipped, rolling over and over until it ended up facing the other way on the road. After getting out and soaking the road with blood, my family realized that not only was the car totaled, we wouldn't be having turkey for dinner. The darn birds escaped unharmed.

So the firemen arrived and washed all the blood off the road and the policeman arrived and filled out a report and the EMS arrived but my family refused to go with them, but I came home and took everyone to the DR to get checked out. Everyone is ok because they had their seat belts on but my wife and oldest son are bruised and scraped and cut up pretty bad. Oh when I got home I almost cut off one of my fingers. Do you know how hard it is to type without one finger?

So the moral to this story is that even a turkey can be in charge, LOL

Ok seriously now, Thank you God for protecting my family. It was very serious and we are all alive. Things could have been worse.

Praise God. And have a great day!!!!



Thank goodness it’s Monday. I really need some rest after that long weekend. Yes I took some time off to get a few things done around my house. Sorry I didn’t allow much time for blogging. I wanted to make some bluebird houses but after taking most of the day Friday making them, I am thinking I like Carolina Wrens better. They aren’t particular where they nest and one of them has already decided to make his next in my shed. If you sit down and compare the two birds you will have to agree that even though they are both birds, they are very much different. They remind me of a lot of people I know.

Bluebirds are showy and very pretty. Yes they eat bugs but they aren’t very friendly. They are very particular about their houses and expect you to clean it out after they are done with it. If you don’t clean out the birdhouses after they are done nesting, chances are, you will get a different type of bird in them next year. Right now we have one pair of bluebirds in one of our houses, and a pair of chickadees in the other one. I forgot to clean it out.

Carolina Wrens however are brown and not very colorful at all. They too eat bugs but because they aren’t flashy you may not notice them going about their work. They will build a nest almost anywhere. I have seen them build nests in shoes, hanging planters, boxes, lights and yes they will go in to bird houses. Right now we have a pair in a small ceramic birdhouse and another in my shed. I don’t know exactly where they nest is but I do see them coming and going so I know it is in there somewhere. Carolina Wrens have a very loud voice too and if you didn’t see them singing you probably wouldn’t believe it was them making that sound.

So Saturday rolls around and my son and I go to the flea market. Yes it was the bad one again. I don’t want to bore you with all the details so let me just give you a quick list;

Totally naked man in the bathroom, XXXL Clown pants, red and pink hair, goth boy with cat eyes, Greek lady who wouldn’t shut up, 60 year old woman with t-shirt with the word ta-tas on it, cursing man returns (thankfully not next to us), expired candy and feminine hygiene products for sale (ewwwww), and sooooooooo much more.
I should write a book about that place. I am so glad the other market opens next week. I know things will be more normal down there. Well unless the man in the dress returns. Let’s hope not.

Sunday afternoon we went out in the boats. Yes I said boats as in plural. We took both boats out just to give them some runtime. The Island was really nice and we were all alone on the side we were on. We got in a nice walk, picked up some shells and flew a kite. The water was full of sand dollars but most of them were alive. We only found two that were dead so that is all we brought home. The live ones really amaze me.

What amazes me about them is how slow they move. We had put some that we found stranded back in the water. After about an hour, I came back by them and they had moved about 6 inches. So that means that they probably can only move less than 15feet on a good day. Well since they were everywhere on this beach, I wonder why they were all there and where they all go when they aren’t there. Perhaps they have sand dollar hangouts where they all get together and do whatever sand dollars do. They are very interesting creatures. Here is a video I found of one moving. I think it is going in a circle trying to pick up speed before taking off. Maybe that is what I need to do to get moving today.I didn't even take any photos this weekend which is why I stole these photos off the internet. :)

Have a great day,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I need a new goal.

As some of you know, my goal for the last year and a half was to read the Bible from cover to cover. Well I am happy to say that I completed that goal. I actually finished it last Sunday but I am just now getting around to reporting it. It was actually my 2008 resolution to read the Bible daily and read it from cover to cover. Well despite my best efforts I would say that I only read about 95% of the days but I did pick right up where I left off after missing a day.

Now in my defense, I did read your blogs daily and some of you posted Bible verses so I did read the Bible daily. Thanks Kelly, Dorothy, Sharon and Edie just to name a few. See you didn’t know I was using you to complete my mission. Which just goes to prove that you better write nice stuff on here because you never know who may be reading. And I know that none of you wonderful Ladies would judge me because...... Well you know the answer. Thanks again everyone. Now where was I?

I found the Old Testament quite interesting and informative. I learned a lot from reading it. I guess most of my reading before that was in the New Testament. Psalms is still my favorite book and Revelations is still my least favorite. So where do I go from here is my question? I am looking for something uplifting and inspirational and I will take suggestions from anyone that wants to make a suggestion. That’s where you come in. So suggest away. I may even try something poetic. I have always liked poetry which is probably why I like Psalms so much. It tends to be very poetic. Maybe I should try my hand at writing poetry….again.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When the going gets tough….

When the going gets tough, the tough get blogging. Or something like that.
We are at DEFCON 1 in our office. For anyone that isn’t familiar with that term it stands for Defense Condition 1. It is the highest alert condition and it means that an attack is imminent. And it is today. I can feel it.

You know I feel fortunate to still have a job and I feel sorry for anyone that has lost theirs. But let me tell you what has happened since you have been laid off.

First off the company is still here and operating. Everyone that has remained has had to double up and do twice as much work and for the same pay. The attitudes in the office are very low and there is a lot of grumbling going on. Upper management however isn’t grumbling because there were no layoffs in that area. And since there was all this extra money lying around after the employee cuts, upper management gave themselves a raise just to insure that they keep quiet. Life is good. At the top that is.

As I mentioned there is a lot of grumbling going on and attitudes are flaring. One of the supervisors here has a really bad attitude. It is worse than usual if that is possible. Instead of picking up the pace he is actually slowing down. Well my boss caught on to this and has decided that I need to do some of his work in addition to the two jobs I am already doing. But the good news is that his job is easy so I am able to do two jobs, part of this guys job and still fit in a little me time. In my me-time I made the following poster and put it on our office door;


So far we have had no visitors since I posted the sign. I think it is working.

Have a great day,