Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thankful Thursday, New Years Eve edition.

Hello everyone. It's New Years Eve and I feel like one of the toys on the Island Of Misfit Toys from the Rudolph movie. Another year has come and gone and no parties to go to on New Years. Who am I kidding, I haven't been up past 9 on a New Years Eve in years. We are not the party animal type. We are locked up in out house warm and dry and away from all the crazies that are out on the road. The family is watching a movie and I am blogging. Life is good. So here is my list for the week. Better late than never. (its 730)

1. I am thankful to have a roof over my head and a warm house. This year was a struggle for us just like a lot of people but we are still afloat.

2. I am thankful that we have lots of fire wood and it was free. My wife and kids spent all summer chopping wood and now it is paying off.

3. I am thankful to still have a job. I know so many people who are out of work but not me.

4. I am happy that we are thankful for the little things in life and that it doesn't take much to make us happy.

5. OK this one may seem a little strange but this year I am happy that my older brother is sober and not on drugs on New Years Eve. In fact this is the first year in about 35 years I can say that. Why you ask? Because he is in Jail tonight and as bad as that seems he isn't drunk. In fact he spent Christmas day in Jail too and it was the first Christmas in 35 years he was sober. He got what he wanted though...someone to take care of him.

Have a great New Year,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The last Dozen of 2009…

1. Do you find it gross to share drinks with family? Friends? I tend to be a germaphobe so I don’t like to share drinks. I have on occasion tasted someone’s drink when they insisted. I am always afraid of backwash.

2. What have you learned this year? (You didn't see a question of that weight coming, did you? At least not for #2.) When they handed out the nice family cards, someone was dealing off the bottom of the deck to me. Not my immediate family, the rest of the group though.

3. When do you dismantle the Christmas decorations? We usually do it right after the New Year. I am ready now!!

4. Something you wish to accomplish before the end of 2009 is: Just make it to the end of the year without pulling all my hair out.

5. How do you feel about winter (after Christmas)? I hate it. If it weren’t for Christmas I could pass on the whole winter season.

6. Have you participated in after-Christmas sales? Yes. How can you pass them up.

7. Do you have plans for New Year's Eve? Yes; get inside our house, lock the doors to keep the crazies out. I will be in bed by 9 I am sure.

8. Is there anything special awaiting you in January? More dieting and an increase in my exercise routine. I will be thin in 2010.

9. If your life this year was a movie, what category or genre would it be? (Romance, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Farcical, etc.) Without a doubt it would win "most depressing" in the Drama category.

10. How much time per day do you spend blogging? Please do not lie. I will know. About one to two hours but I used to do much more.

11. Who runs your household? Let me ask my wife how to answer this one. Does that answer the question?

12. Share one hope/dream for 2010. I just want to survive another year and not go bankrupt. Winning the lottery would be nice though.

Thanks Linda for hosting this Meme this year.

Have a great day,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh what a Christmas

Well I had just the best Christmas ever. It all started on Christmas Eve. We headed out to Church for our annual Christmas Eve Service. As we were approaching the Church, we noticed someone in the car next to us waiving frantically. It was my wife’s cousin. She doesn’t even live in the same town and we haven’t seen her in over a year. They had driven down for just a few hours to check out a location for a wedding for another relative. It was a spur of the moment decision on their part and they were only staying for a few hours so they didn’t let anyone know they were coming. So what are the odds that we would be driving down the same street at the same moment in time? Pretty slim if you ask me, almost miraculous.

The service was packed when we got inside because we spent a few minutes in the parking lot talking with this cousin. We ended up in the overflow area but did get a seat. The message was a little different as well looking at the first Christmas from a slightly different angle. It was about uncertain times and how Mary and Joseph must have been going through the same thing but their faith brought them through. It was a great message and made for a nice Christmas Eve.

Christmas was very quiet in our house which is all I really asked for. There may not be peace on earth but there was peace in our little world. We had less presents under our tree than ever before but it was a wonderful Christmas anyway. We had a great meal around 1130 and then decided to go see a movie. I don’t know who started this thing of releasing movies on Christmas but it has really caught on. The movie theater was packed and we had to settle for our third choice of movies. We ended up seeing Sherlock Holmes. I thought it was pretty good. There was a dark plot but in the end the bad guys didn’t prevail which was good. There was a little bad language and only one brief (back) nudity scene but the plot made it unsuitable for really young children.

After the movie we went and visited relatives and ate again. It seems that all we did was eat over the holidays. Which brings me to today; Its’ D day here and the D stands for Diet. As of today I am officially on a diet. And this time I mean it. I know what you are thinking; I have heard this before but this time it’s for real. Mark my words I am going to lose weight and I will start today since I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and most likely won’t be able to eat tonight. So wish me luck. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Oh we also saw something about the Morgans or something like that over the weekend. It too was good and had a great ending. (for a chick flick) I am back at work this morning but the rest of you have a great day,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am offended....

Babies are offensive:

I am not a big fan of babies. I don’t mind admitting it. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. I liked my own children when they were babies. Occasionally I see cute babies that other people have but I guess I am missing the “love babies” gene. It’s more of a preference and it may have something to do with my age. I no longer have the patients I did when I was younger. Call me crazy but I never cared for poopy diapers or baby vomit or pee in my face. I do however like the Baby Jesus.

Firemen are courageous:

Each year, for as long as I can remember I look forward to seeing those Manger Scenes around town. Lots of people have them in their front yards and some even contained live characters. Then there were the ones at Fire Stations. Those were always the best. My father was a fireman and he actually used to set up the Manger Scene where he worked. Firemen are a special breed of people and my hat is off to them for their sacrifice and courage. Even though I was trained to fight fires when I was in the Navy I always wondered if I had the courage to enter a real burning building. In addition to courage and trust, it takes a great amount of faith.

Firemen have to rely on their fellow firefighters to back them up and to always be there for them. I remember when I would go through firefighting training I would have to go into a building that was on fire and the only thing keeping me from catching fire myself was the person behind me keeping me cool. If he became afraid and left, I would die. It is as simple as that. But I had faith in my fellow Navy men just as I have faith in my God. I know he will be there no matter what happens and that he won’t give up on me even though I don’t always feel worthy of that love.
During this time of year, firemen are particularly busy because of all the careless things that people do with heaters, lights and trees. So when firemen want to put up a Nativity Scene in front of their station I am all for it. They have a right to express themselves and since they spend long hours at the station, whatever makes them happy makes me happy. Obviously not everyone shares my feelings.

People are crazy:

For the past 5 years, Larry Carter Center has complained about the Nativity Scene at the fire station near his house. He said it is a violation of the Constitution and that it needs to be brought down. He went on to say that he is a Veteran which makes him a patriot and that he just wants to see the Constitution upheld. He didn’t say that the scene bothered him, he said that it infringed on the rights of others. Then he contacted some anti religion group up in Wisconsin and they protested and the Nativity Scene was taken down. Well I did a little investigation and this is what I found.

Larry is an outspoken atheist. He has been protesting against expression of religion even before he served in the military. And speaking of that, he didn’t go in because he was a patriot. He was drafted in 1971 and got out two years later after his two year tour in Vietnam. I am sure he protested against the war too. (Hardly a patriot and barely a Veteran.) He is a big advocate for atheism and frequents many internet pages where he tries to recruit others into not believing. He keeps his address private so that no one can find him but I do know that he isn’t from Charleston. He is from Iowa which is where I wish he would go. Isn’t it amazing how people move into an area and then try to change the things that are there? If I could only get his address; I want to send him a Christmas Card. Here is a photo of Larry:

The latest update is that the fire station was able to put the manger scene back up as long as they included other religions. So now there is also a Menorah and the Kwanza candle and Oh yes, a Santa too. But Larry still isn’t happy and is trying to get a lawyer to sue the city for him. I am sure some lawyer will take the case.

Merry Christmas Bloggers,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under Attack

Apparently using the word 0pp0rtunity in your blog title is an open invitation for scammers to attack you. I have had very few scammers on my blog since I started writing. However last night I got 5 scam comments which is more than all the others combined. So be forewarned when you use certain O words.

I think that deer read my blog;

This morning I had yet another deer dart out and almost run into my car. Ironically it was a few hundred feet from where the car almost hit me yesterday. The animal world has gone crazy I tell you.

Now for the good news....

The dentist visit was a huge success. He put the filling back into my tooth and I didn't even need gas. He was able to smooth the other tooth off and I will be returning to his office next Monday to get that one fixed. He didn't want to numb both sides of my face at the same time. He also used a different type of band that didn't cut into my lip. It makes me wonder why the other dentists always use the other one. I am reminded of the movie; Little Shop of Horrors.

The girls in the office brought in goodies today. And now that my mouth is feeling better I can enjoy them. Now I just have to decide if I want another warm Krispy Kreme doughnut or some more homemade pecan sandies. Talk about a tough decision. Wait, I can have both. Life is good.

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Missed Opportunities.

Well apparently there people in South Africa that want to send me money. It’s true. About every other day someone dies over there and they have no one to leave the money to so they seek me out. Apparently they got my name from the “needs money” list because I get tons of these things. The only part that makes me wonder is that this “lawyer for the family” has trouble spelling. And obviously his computer doesn’t have spell check either. But I just can’t get myself to send them my account number along with my social security number. But that 7 millian US Dallers does sound good.

I have noticed an increase in the road rage level over the last week. I am guessing the holiday shopping thing is getting to everyone. And I have a confession. I used my horn this morning. Say it isn’t so!!! Yes I know it is almost as hard to believe as the 7 millian US Dallers but I swear it’s true.

I was at a stop light and the other light turned yellow. This guy was coming but he didn’t start to slow down even though he wasn’t even close to the intersection. His light turned red then mine turned green and then about three seconds passed before he got into the intersection. Had I not been paying attention, I would have pulled right out in front of him. So I laid on my horn as he drove through. Now my wife will most likely crack up when she reads this because she knows the horn on my little Honda sounds like a toy. Had I pulled out even a foot I might be driving a nice new car now. Darn another missed opportunity.

After that I had one person pass me on a double solid line and a second person pass me on the right. What is your hurry people. Apparently there was a memo that said drive like a fool today. I didn’t get it.

In other news the racecar driver decided to drop the lawsuit against his neighbor. So that made most of the people on the island happy. But then last week we had another shooting. This guy was deer hunting and in a tree stand. Some other guys were hunting in the other end of the field and the guy in the tree stand shot one of the other guys. He said he mistook him for a deer. Twice, using a scope. Hmmm something fishy there. The guy lived though so that is good news.

Oh and for those people up north here is how you deer hunt from a tree stand:

Ok you go out and buy a stand that costs around 2 to 5 hundred dollars. Then you buy a gun and ammo. Total cost is around 5 hundred to a thousand dollars. Then you go buy corn and put a pile of it near your stand and get the deer used to eating there. (Much like you would feed a cow) Then once they get tame, you get in your stand and put on Camo clothing so Bambi won’t see you. You then put deer pee on your clothes so that Bambi will think you are a deer in a tree. Next you wait for a nice frost morning so that you can see your breath and not feel your toes.

So when Bambi comes to eat, Kapowwww. You got em. Then you take your deer to a processing center and pay them a hundred dollars to process it for you. And you end up with about 50 lbs of venison. Once you figure in your time and gas and other incidentals you end up only paying around 10 dollars a lb for hamburger. What a deal. But it was fun. I prefer using my Honda to hunt. I have better success that way.

Have a great day,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday the week before Christmas

With Christmas just a little over a week away, there is so much to be thankful for but I will try to keep this to only 5 things. Please Join us over at Truth for the Journey in being Thankful today. (I am assuming Sonya is doing it this week. I may have egg on my face)

(1) It was a brisk 35 degrees here in Charleston this morning so the first thing I have to be thankful for is all the wood that my wife and youngest son cut up this past summer. The living room was nice and toasty this morning and after adding a little more wood it got even toastier.  Mr. “T”, our cat was enjoying the warmth and I had to force him to go out to do his morning thing. I am sure he is begging to get back in as I write this.

(2) I am thankful for this nice cup of coffee that I am enjoying right now. After my mad dash from the parking lot to my office without a jacket I am finally starting to thaw out a bit and this coffee feels great inside. I tried giving it up a few times but I always come back for more. I got to have my coffee.

(3) I am happy that Christmas is next week and that we are still allowed to say Christmas here at work. So far there has been no mention of banning the word Christmas. I know some businesses have done that but thankfully not ours. If they do decide to do that I will insist on being paid in gold. After all that money that they pay me with has the words “In God we trust” on it and I don’t want to be offended. Ahem

(4) I am thankful that I get to attend my son’s Christmas concert tonight. The middle school band is giving a Christmas concert tonight and he is playing in it. This should really get me in the Christmas mood. And I was happy to find out that they are playing some “Christmas” songs.

(5) I am thankful that this Saturday is the last Market day for several months. It has been a long market season. Now the big question is do I want to continue going there next year or do I give it up and spend more time at home? It will be a difficult decision but I am leaning toward giving it up. Money isn’t everything.

I almost forgot, I have photos. These are the ornaments that the elderly woman who was a friend of ours made and our angel.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An almost Christmas Random Dozen

1. Gingerbread: For or against? Discuss. I am totally FOR gingerbread but I prefer it in the gingerbread “man” variety. It just tastes better when you can nibble on the little feet and hands before stuffing the entire thing in your mouth. I know I am sick this way. And homemade is the best.

2. Is it important to you to always stay (live) close to family? Hahahahahaha. That’s a good one. I will leave you with a definite NO. Someone once said you can pick your friends but not your family. If I could I would exchange a few family members. Sorry but that is just the way it is.

3. Which holiday pretend character do you wish really existed? Hmm another tough question. I would say the little drummer boy. As far back as I can remember I have loved the story and the song. I would love it if some archeologist would find evidence that there was a little drummer boy at the Manger. I think they already have but they just aren’t letting the story out.

4. Which holiday movie best represents how you feel about Christmas or life? How about "Christmas with the Cranks." Although I love Christmas and life, sometimes I feel like it would be great to just go away and leave some of the madness behind. (see question #2 above)

5. Is there a particular Christmas song that you're enjoying now? Any that you're tired of? My favorite is one that just happens to be playing right now and I don’t even know what the name is. I think its by Manheim Steamroller. The part right now is going; On this night on this night on this very Christmas night. On this night on this night on this very Christmas night. Someone help me out here. Oh and I like Josh Growsomebody’s version of Oh Holy Night.

My least favorite is anything from the Charley Brown Christmas movie. I think that movie is way too melancholy. Its right down there with It’s a Wonderful Life.

6. What is your favorite way to remember those less fortunate at Christmas time? I give to the Salvation Army. I raise money here at work for needy children. And I give a little extra in the tip department. Those waitresses work hard for their money and some people just don’t appreciate it. I try to leave big tips at Christmas time. They also have to work extra long during the holidays. Tip big, tip often.

7. Does it upset you to see "Xmas" instead of Christmas? How about "Happy Holidays" etc., instead of "Merry Christmas?"
I don’t mind if someone wants to write something else instead of Christmas but I do get upset when they say I shouldn’t use the word CHRISTmas because it might offend someone. Give me a break. I am not offended if someone wishes me anything positive. I just say; Happy Festivus to you too.

8. How many Christmas programs are you attending this month? Maybe two if a Christmas concert counts. I better ask my schedule coordinator.

9. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Any chance of that dream becoming a reality? With the way our weather has been lately it is a good possibility that we will have some snow soon. However I seldom dream about snow. I dream of warm places like the Bahamas. It is supposed to freeze tomorrow night here. Burrrr it must be global warming.

10. Tell me about a Christmas present you received as a child. Pics are always nice. One year I got a new fishing pole for Christmas. I always loved going fishing but the only fishing equipment that I had up to that point were things that I repaired myself. This was my first “new” fishing pole.

So on the day after Christmas I got on my bicycle and headed for the bridge to go fishing. On the way, I hit a bump and wrecked my bicycle. As I was falling the fishing pole went into the spokes and it broke into about a dozen pieces. It also broke several spokes on my bike and I bruised and cut my knee and hand. So much for something new.

11. How many Christmas parties are you attending this month? Well we went to my office party so that makes one. But we have the rest of the days open if someone is inviting us. We are real party animals you know. We are really fun and usually can stay up until at least 10 if we take a nap before we go. So are you inviting us?

12. How do you keep yourself centered on the significance of Christmas? It really is hard these days. With all the craziness going on in the world it is hard to stay focused on what Christmas is all about. I do try to give more than usual because giving is what Christmas is all about. When you give all that you have you will know the true meaning of Christmas. I’m sorry to say that I am not quite there.

And thank you everyone for the wonderful Christmas Cards. Just wondering though why I didn’t get a Festivus card from someone. What’s up with that?

Have a great day,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thrusday. Why didn't someone tell me

Ok here I was going over some emails thinking about what I would post"tomorrow" for Thankful Thursday and it dawned on me Duh, today is Thursday. I am such a moron this week. But it is still Thursday even though it is evening so I think I can redeem myself.

I am thankful that it is payday. The cupboard was bare but not any more.

I am thankful that I am able to maintain my attitude even those around me are going south so to speak.

I am thankful that the weekend is upon us and I have some time off.

I am thankful for the very thoughtful bookmark that I just got from Edie today. Talk about a nice surprise. Thanks Edie, I needed a pick me up.

I am thankful that although everything around my house seems to be breaking all at once, I so far have been able to fix it all myself.

And with that I think it is time to get ready for bed.

Have a great day, I mean evening,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Dozen Holiday Edition.

First off I would like to apologize for being a really bad blogger buddy. I am so far behind in my blog visits I am ashamed to post today at all. It is kind of like when you know you haven't been to the doctor and you know when you do go the doctor is going to scold you so you put it off even longer. But I did want to post today so I am doing the random dozen thingy again so here goes.

1. Which physical trait do you now accept--maybe not love, but accept--and no longer feel extremely self-conscious about? My grey hair. At least I still have some hair. My brothers are all going bald. And besides that “Just for men” is so expensive and doesn’t last.

2. This week Meredith Baxter Birney, best known as the mom on the favorite 80s sitcom "Family Ties" came out of the closet, which led me to formulate this question: Who do you think is/was the best TV mom? (like that was a surprise) Well certainly not her. I never cared for that show. It had some really great actors and actresses but when you put them all together it did nothing for me. (Sort of like mixing chili with ice cream.) Anywhoo, I think June Cleaver was a great mom. She was always dressed so nicely.

3. Do you speak any foreign languages? Are there any you'd like to learn? Yes I speak German and can ask someone if they like sausages and say I like you but that is about it. I would like to learn Spanish because there are so many Spanish people around. I am also pretty good with ghetto slang. Yo whasssup dog? That means hello, what’s new? See!!

4. Who is your personal hero? Does Catwoman count? I think she was just Perrrrrrfect.

5. What is one holiday food that you find extremely difficult to resist over- indulging in? My father’s specialty which was shrimp dip with bugles. I carry on the tradition and make it each year. When I was young, he would make it when he and my mother were going to a party. They would leave just a small portion for us kids, so out of necessity, I learned to make it myself.

6. Tell me about a Christmas decoration that has special meaning or sentimental value. That would be our crocheted ornaments. Right after we were married, we lived in a small neighborhood near town. There was an elderly lady that lived down the street that was very lonely. Her children never came to visit and she had very few friends. My wife met her one day while she was walking. She invited us to come over and we did and became friends. She just wanted someone to talk to. That Christmas, she gave us a box of handmade ornaments that she had crocheted. They were white snowflakes and they were starched flat. She has since passed but we still have the ornaments and hang them on the tree every year.

7. How do you feel about snow? I like to look at it and play in it but I hate driving in it. I like watching it fall when it is very quiet and you can hear the flakes.

8. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Not that I'm jealous of any number over three or anything. “6” I go to bed at 9 and usually wake up around 3. Sometimes I lay there until 4 when I am feeling a little tired.

9. Tell me about your first crush. I had a crush on my second grade teacher. I still have a photo of her somewhere. I will find it and post it on my blog one day.

10. You're stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk. What will you write/draw? All work and no play make Greg a dull boy, all work and no play make Greg a dull boy, all work and no play…….

11. Do you dress for the current temp or for the day's forecast? Usually I dress for the current temp. I take a chance that the forecast may be wrong. It often is.

12. Favorite Christmas movie is? Without a doubt “White Christmas”, I watch it every year. My wife loves “Christmas in Connecticut” Neither of us cares for “It’s a wonderful life” although we both love Jimmy Stuart.

Dee bad da, dee bad da, de bad da, that’s all folks,
Have a great day,

Monday, December 7, 2009

Anything but ordinary

Well after a great run at the market we were bound to have a bad day. Weather wise that is, our sales were up. On Friday as we were loading things up for the market it began to rain. I had to stuff all the things in the front of the truck that couldn’t get wet but I had to leave a few aloe plants in the back for the night. Aloes are succulents so they don’t like a lot of water but they got more than their share that night. Later that night we got an email saying that opening time for the market had been delayed due to bad weather.

We awoke on Saturday to more rain and 40 degree weather. Now I can take the cold and I can take rain but when you mix the too it spells MISERABLE. Around 7:30 the rain stopped so we headed to the market. We were one of the first vendors to set up and our tent wasn’t even ready. It was raining lightly again too so we waited on our tent before unloading the dry stuff. Only about half the vendors even showed up because the weather was so bad but we had a propane heater and we were under the tent so we stuck it out.

The crowd was the thinnest I have ever seen but I have a theory about bad weather shoppers. On nice days there are a lot of people down there. But a lot of those people are just out for a stroll on a nice day. Anyone that goes to an outside market on a cold and rainy day is there to buy. And buy they did. I had the best day in over two months. Go figure.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing projects. I helped make an access ramp for my MIL and repaired our cable line that had been broken. I am not sure which project was more important. I guess it depends on who you ask. My youngest son would say that latter one. I do know that the MIL project hurt more because I drove a screwdriver into my finger. “ouch” Just as I was finishing the cable project, my wife let me know that the washing machine had quit working. Oh happy day!!!!! But I was able to determine what the problem was and I have the part on order. Oh happy day. (minus the sarcasm)

So finally things are settling down in our house and I am able to relax and watch CSI Miami. We all love that show. I love it because I could see myself on a CSI team because of my intuitive abilities and the fact that I am so aware of my surroundings. So the phone rings and I am thinking it is “H” asking me to join his CSI team. But instead it’s my SIL asking what’s going on over at our house. Apparently from her house she could see some flashing lights in front of our house. So I open the blinds and there, right in front of our house, are two fire trucks, an ambulance and a number of cars with their flashers on. No wonder those sirens on CSI Miami sounded so real. Ahem

My son and I went outside and there was a car upside down directly in front of our house. Some guy had run off the road, hit a tree and flipped his car. After careful investigation we think that either he swerved to miss an animal or he may have been to an early Winter party. Notice I didn’t say Christmas party. I heard on the news that a Principal at a school up in Connecticut has decided that the only acceptable greeting at his school (so as not to offend anyone) is “Happy Winter.” But wait, the only reason I like winter is because of Christmas. So without Christmas I hate winter so now I am offended. I think I will sue. Oh what will they think of next?

Have a Great day,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday #55

That was a very good year. 1955 that is. Is it just me or is blogland getting a little vacant? I can hear an echo in here. :)Today I am thankful for the things (people) I am not.

1. I am thankful that I am not the man I saw at the gas station this morning who was counting out pennies on the counter to get 2 dollars and 67 cents worth of gas. Had I had a few more dollars in my pocket I would have offered him a few. But I put my last 10 in my tank.

2. I am thankful that I am not the person who recently ran up and stole the kettle from the Salvation Army man who was collecting in front of a store. I hope this man at least used the money to buy food for his family and didn’t spend it on drugs. I doubt that is the case though.

3. I am thankful that I am not Tiger Woods this morning. With all his talent, money and seemingly nice family it just wasn’t enough. They say money corrupts and I believe it.

4. I am thankful that I am not one of the ones sitting in Afghanistan this morning praying that no one shoots me. I am also thankful that there are those who can still do that. Now that I am older, I have lost my nerve for things like that and find myself getting much more cautious.

5. I am thankful that I am not one of the people out of work right now. I just can’t fathom that thought. But the good news is you can still receive the greatest gift of all this Christmas and it won’t cost you a dime. Remember the reason for the season; Jesus.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Dozen, Post Thanksgiving Edition.

1. Which Wizard of Oz character are you most like? Hmmm what at tough question. I would have to say Dorothy but before you say Ewwww let me exclude the gender thing. I say Dorothy because I am always looking over the rainbow and do believe there is a wonderful world out there somewhere even if it isn’t always obvious. And although I do love to travel, there is no place like home, no place like, no place like home. Darn I am still at work. I need some new shoes.

2. When you're deciding what you're going to wear each morning, which item do you select first? Why? I actually decide the night before. I am so scheduled that I either lay out gym shorts or jeans depending on my daily routine.

3. What kind of animal do you think the world could live without? Polar bears. They serve no purpose from what I can see and they are at the top of the food chain just like we are. Ok they are beautiful and they probably taste like chicken but other than that they are mean and vicious. Get that picture out of your head of the cute polar bear drinking a coke. He most likely just ate the coke delivery man and is just trying to wash him down.

4. How many Christmas trees are in your home? We usually just have one but it is a big one. This is of course not counting the little trees on the Christmas village that my wife makes.

5. Would you prefer to be emotionless if it meant you didn't have to feel a heartbreak? No. It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Believe that? Me neither.

6. Do you ever experience holiday let-down or depression? Every year. It can be the most depressing time of the year for some. Me included. Too painful to talk about.

7. Do you like Michael Jackson's music? MichaelWho? Wasn’t he the dog fight guy?

8. Why is it that we never judge people who have their teeth fixed for cosmetic reasons, but every other cosmetic procedure has a stigma? I do judge people who have their teeth fixed so I am not sure what you are talking about. I wish I had nice teeth.

9. Enjoy horseback riding? Yes if it is a nice horse. We went horseback riding in Dominica Republic in the mountains and I loved it.

10. Shoes--practical or stylish? Without a doubt practical. I am so out of style it isn’t funny. I buy last year’s running shoes just to save money.

11. What was the name of your first pet? Feel free to post a pic. My first pet (that was all mine) was a redbone hound I named Maggie May. I don’t have any photos but I do know where we buried her back in 1975. Do you really want me to get a pic?

12. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done? About 90%. I haven’t gotten you anything yet. I am waiting to see what you get me. :)

Oops, I almost forgot, have a great day,