Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Listen to the mocking bird, Tweet Tweet

Well I went and did it this time. I signed up for Twitter. Now I can tweet my little heart out just like that mocking bird that comes and sits outside our bedroom window every morning at 6am. I think he has it out for us because he knows we are the ones who brought the cats home. Last night while my wife and I were in the pool our cat; Mr. T was sitting there minding his own business (something he rarely does) and the mocking bird buzzed him and got him acting all crazy. Obviously they are not friends and have sparred before.

So I signed up for Twitter and out of the blue I have twitter friends. Ok some of them were already blogger friends but I do have a few new ones as well. Apparently I was the last one to get on twitter because everyone else is already there. No one ever accused me of being a trend setter. When it comes to change, I like to sit back and let everyone else test the waters and when I see it is safe I jump right in. It’s kind of like leading the battle charge. That first person always gets picked off. I prefer to remain back in the crowd in hopes that the people in front of me take the bullets. It’s safer that way.

I also jumped right into Firefox last night. Same scenario for this as it was for Twitter. I had to wait until I saw enough friends deep in the water to make sure there weren’t any sharks circling around. So far so good and it does seem to be faster. And isn’t that what it is all about? Being fast…... Beep Beep or I guess I should say Tweet Tweet.

Have a Tweet day, Haha

Monday, June 29, 2009

I like Spam. Doesn't everyone?

Spam is one of those foods on my “I like” list. However if I eat it too often, It becomes something that I really don’t care for. It’s the same with a lot of things too. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. And I'm not just talking food here.

I don’t mind computer spam either as long as it isn’t disguised as an email from a long lost friend. You know, one of those emails that says “Hello Greg” only when you open it, it is a link to someone that wants to send you money if you will just give them your account information. I must get about 40 emails a day and most of them are legit but I still do get a few spam emails and sometimes it is hard to tell which are which. I can live with this though because like all things in life, I can just delete the ones I don’t want and go on with my life.

Lately though I have discovered another type of spam. I actually knew it was out there but it is getting worse. I am talking about the kind of spam that lives in search engines like Google and Yahoo Search. These are the ones that really make me angry because I am not searching for the fun of it. I am searching for business reasons or to find something important. It is a form of false advertizing and it is very aggravating. Let me explain.

You know when you go to Google in an effort to find something, let’s say a Diamond Ring. So you type in “Diamond Ring” and up pops 10,000 sites. Well the first one just happens to be something that says “Get great deals on Diamond Rings at Fred’s.” You think “wow that is just what I was looking for” so you click on the link and it takes you to an auto parts store that has nothing to do with Diamond Rings. Or you search for “Tropical Fish” and the link says “Everything tropical” but it takes you to a p@rn site. I mean come on, this wasn’t a mistake. This was intentional. So why isn’t something done about it since it is false advertising. I will tell you why.

Well in the last presidential election, the candidates did the same thing. They used false links to take you to their own websites when you were looking for the other candidate’s site. Both parties were guilty so I am not taking sides. If you heard something bad about Candidate McCain and tried to look it up to verify what you heard, the link would take you to McCain’s site where there would be no mention of what you were looking for. And on the other hand if you tried to verify something negative about Candidate Obama, the link would take you to his website and again you would find nothing you were looking for. So it all started at the top. So the next time you try to look up a recipe for Tuna Casserole and you end up at a site that takes Glamour Photos, you can blame the President. I’m just saying.

Oh we had a good weekend despite the grueling heat. Apparently it is never too hot to drink wine. Plant sales were down but flower sales were up. I guess it is too hot to work in the garden so everyone is going to sit inside in the air conditioning and drink wine and look at flowers. That’s what it looks like anyway. What type of wine goes with spam? I am thinking something in a box.

Have a great day,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Wedding bell blues.

What a day yesterday was. I began my day at 345 am and it ended around 11 last night when I passed out in bed. It was a really long day but a good one. After hitting the gym for an hour workout, I came back home and began making flower arrangements for the wedding.

Soon my entire family was up and we all pitched in to get everything ready. We made about a hundred deviled eggs and two big pans of Swedish meatballs for the reception. By early afternoon we were all exhausted and running on adrenaline and clouds were building so it was time to pray. God answered our prayers and the clouds went away just in time for the wedding.

So here is my Thankful Thursday list:

1. I am thankful for a glorious day in the park and that everything came together for the wedding. The weather was just about perfect and there was no arguing or fighting. For a moment, I thought I was at the wrong wedding. Haha

We decorated this handrail.

2. I am thankful for my family who pitched in and made the day a special one for our niece. We make quite a team. Diane and I did the flowers, and food. My oldest son helped set everything up and helped with the arrangements. My youngest son (12) helped hand out programs and helped me take photos.

#2 Son, handing out programs:

He went for a walk around the pond to take some photos of the pond and ducks and this is what he took:

Duck in the pond (nice shot):

View of the wedding area from the lower pond. (nice again)

Hey these aren't ducks. Boys will be boys.

3. I am thankful that I listened to my wife and went to the gym yesterday because I was so tired this morning that I had to sleep in that extra hour. She is probably wondering who wrote that “listened to my wife” part. I never do that or so I am told. I need more coffee by the way. Does anyone out there deliver?

4. I am thankful for all my aches and pains this morning because that tells me I am making progress on my fitness program. No pain no gain or at least that is what I hear.

5. I am thankful that I am not the Governor or our State this morning. I never realized that we had so many perfect people in this country that could stand up and throw that first stone. I am guessing he will resign because that is what Republicans tend to do when they make mistakes while in office.

Have a great day,

Monday, June 22, 2009

“It’s like a heat wave”

What a weekend this was. Saturday at the market, the heat index reached 110. We were cooking to say the least. Fortunately they decided to close early due to the heat so we got home before it really got hot. (it was only 96 when we got home) I have discovered something about sales and weather. On bad weather days like when it rains or when it is unbearably hot, the crowd thins out but sales will be good. My theory is that on really nice days, most of the people who are in the market are just there to enjoy the day and really aren’t interested in spending money. When someone comes out and braves the elements they are there to buy something.

Saturday evening we went out for dinner at Applebee’s. I wanted riblets for father’s day and due to the heat I didn’t feel like cooking them myself. You can’t beat Applebee’s riblets in my opinion. My sons pitched in and helped pay the tab. I thought that was pretty special.

Sunday was the first day of summer and it was another hot and humid day. I spent most of the day in the pool just enjoying the cool water. That is what I asked for since it was father’s day. I just wanted to sit and relax and I did. So why am I tired and hurting this morning? Could it be my body doesn’t like to relax?

This week will be a hectic one. My niece is getting married on Wednesday. It is a short-notice wedding and it will be outside in a local park. I have volunteered to decorate the wedding site using my flowers and plants and I will also be decorating the reception hall tables. And if that isn’t enough, I am going to help cater the event. Wish me luck. I will take lots of photos.

We have a cold snap coming through today. The high will only be 92. Brrrrrrrr. Is anyone else cold?

Have a great week,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday. Praise you in the Storm.

I am sure I could find lots of things to complain about today. But there are enough people complaining so I will do just the opposite and say Thanks. It is Thankful Thursday and I again have a lot to be thankful for. This past week we have been hit with violent storms every day. Our power has gone out numerous times and we had had to “rough it” and go without air conditioning for hours and hours in 90 Degree weather with 100% humidity.

So the first thing I am thankful for is air conditioning. I am thankful that I live in a country where I have electricity (most of the time) and have the ability to turn on an air conditioner and cool off whenever I want to. Many years ago we visited the Dominica Republic. Down there, to save electricity, they simply turned off power to residential areas during peak hours. So every day from about 1:00 to 4:00, the power went off. I wonder what people here would do if that were the case? I can hear the screaming now.

Number two on my list are the storms. The same ones that knocked out our power brought us some much needed rain. This morning, on my way to work, another storm blew in. There was lightening all around me and it was raining hard. As I was driving this morning, a song came on the radio which reminded me to be thankful, even during the darkest storm. There are storms all around us these days and it is easy to fall in with the complainers and forget about the positive. I don’t want to be a complainer. Here is the song that they played: Most of you have heard it before.

Along with the rain and lightening of the storms came some of the strongest winds that I have seen other than during a hurricane. There were trees and limbs down all over the place even in our yard. During one storm a huge tree landed on our house. We still have some major broken limbs hanging in the trees of yard. But through it all, our flowers survived. While the trees attempted to stand tall and resist the wind, the flowers simply gave in a little and moved with it. Isn’t it amazing how the flowers made it through yet many trees cracked under the strain? I know there is a lesson here somewhere. Flowers are number three on my list. I am thankful for being able to grow beautiful flowers which remind me of my Grandmother. Check out my garden photos. These were all taken after the storms.

Day lilies


Big Boy Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Sweet 100's




Fun things to grow:


Castor Bean

The number four thing I am thankful for is bugs. That’s right bugs.


Without bugs there would be no other life on earth. They are a valuable part of our food chain and do most of the pollination of our plants. That Dragon Fly is laying its eggs in our fishpond. The fish in turn eat the larva. Then the cats eat the fish. So if we could just eat the cats…….. Just kidding Honey. I bet they do taste like chicken though.

The fifth thing I am thankful for today is Lunch. Today marks 1000 days here at work without an accident or an injury. Because of that, we are having a celebration lunch. Today we are having ribeye steaks, baked potatoes, and salad. Because this is a special occasion they have asked one of the great chefs of our time to do the cooking. That’s Me. Move over Rachel Ray. This grill aint big enough for the both of us.

Have a great Thankful Thursday,

Monday, June 15, 2009

“Weeeeerrrrrr Off to See the Call of the Wild Deliverance.”

Ok I jammed three titles in there together but they all fit.

It was an exciting weekend. The fun started on Thursday evening when we had a really big storm blow through. I ran into the front yard yelling Auntie Em, Auntie Em but had to go inside because the storm was approaching. There was rain, lightening, strong winds and even hail just down the street. Thankfully though we didn’t get any hail because it would have ruined my tomatoes which are looking great by the way. We didn’t get any falling cows either.

In the middle of the storm, we heard a loud thump and I assumed that a limb must have fallen on the deck or that a house that landed on a Witch but it was too dark to tell. Shortly after that the power went out and it stayed out for several hours. Several hours without electricity is a bad thing when it is 85 degrees with 100% humidity. How did we ever survive without Air conditioning?

Friday my wife called me at work to tell me that the thump we heard was actually a tree that fell on our house. That is somewhere between the limb on the deck and the house on the witch so my assumptions were correct. Fortunately there wasn’t any damage but I did have to climb up on the roof in 95 degree weather and cut the tree off. It could have been a lot worse.

Saturday was another scorcher here in Charleston. The temperature was again in the high 90’s and it was very humid from all the rain at night. Sales were way off at the market but that happens sometimes. Funny thing happened though when I got home. I was out in my front yard, unloading the plants when I looked up and guess what was standing not far from me? A wolf! It was just standing there looking at me so I assumed that it wasn’t too mean. It had on a collar and was dragging a short chain.

So I called it and it came a little closer but it seemed a little shy. It was very old and appeared to be deaf but it wasn’t aggressive. So we gave it some water and then tied it up out front hoping that the owner would come looking for it. The darn thing started howling like a….well you guessed it, like a wolf. It was eerie. It reminded of the book I read once; The Call of the Wild. So my wife and son drove around trying to find the owner but no luck. Finally I found someone who knew where the wolf belonged so we were able to take him home. But that’s’ when the really scary part started. Now this is within a mile of our house mind you.

I pulled in the narrow driveway which was more like a primitive path through the jungle. To my left through the thick vegetation I could see an 8 ft high fence with signs on it saying “Danger High Voltage”. These were the same signs that were on the fence that kept T-Rex in Jurassic Park. I wondered if they had something that big in this fence.

All along the drive were broken down cars, most with bullet holes in them. Under some of the cars, I could see big eyes looking out at us and I started looking for that sign that said; “I would go back if I were you.” All in all there must have been 25 or thirty dead cars along this path to the house. Some of the cars were being strangled by vines and others had trees growing right through them. I started mumbling to myself; “I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do.

As we stopped in front of the house, a cold chill ran up my spine. I told my son that if a toothless man with a shotgun appeared and said anything about a purdy mouth it was every man for himself. The shack had several nice new cars parked just outside along with more broken down ones. We knew someone was probably inside but no one came out when we honked the car. I think this was a blessing because I saw Deliverance and I swear I heard a banjo playing from somewhere inside.

I am guessing they were loading their guns and I wanted to be long gone before they got finished. We decided that it would be best of we just left before we stumbled upon a ”still” or who knows what else. After putting a little distance between us and the house, we stopped the car and released the wolf. I tied him to a tree right beside the drive way and he sat down like he knew he was home. Later on, we returned to make sure that someone had found him and he was gone. Perhaps the flying monkeys came and got him.

And you wonder why we don’t associate with many of our neighbors out here in the country.

Yall Aint from around here is ya!!!!

Have a great day,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday is my Jam.

Please visit Truth for the Journey if you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday. Here is my list for this wonderful Thursday:

1. I am thankful for my youngest son passing the 6th grade. He did really well but it came down to the wire in one subject. I was actually praying for a D in that one subject but he ended up with a C which is wonderful in my book. He never ceases to amaze me. I have trouble looking at a 6’ boy and remembering that he is only 12.

2. I am thankful for all the aches and pains that I have right now. Last night I spent several hours weedwacking our yard so I went to bed really tired. This morning despite my aches and pains, I still went to the gym just like always. I managed to get in a pretty good workout. I am still on my way to better health and even though the pounds aren’t leaving me, the inches are.

3. I am thankful for all the rain that we have had recently. Even though some people have gotten more than they wanted, we really need it. It is nice not having to water the plants every day and it saves on electricity. Last night I heard that Georgia is no longer in a drought emergency. That is wonderful news.

4. I am thankful for my jams. For those of you who aren’t “with it” like I am, Jams are songs. Remember back in the day when we used to say, “hey they are playing my song”? Well today they say “Yo, turn it up, that’s my jam”. Yea I’m with it. The problem is my jams are songs from the 70’s or Contemporary Christian songs these days so some would say; “Yo Dog, you ain’t wit it”. I do like some of the new songs out which totally drives my kids crazy. They say things like “Dad please don’t sing that song, you are too old to like that kind of music.” Music always makes me happy.

5. I am so thankful that this morning when I woke up, I wondered what I would have for breakfast lunch and dinner instead of wondering if I would have anything at all to eat today. I Praise God for letting me be born in America and keeping food on my table.

Have a Blessed day,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It’s all Free

It was business as usual at the gym this morning, however when I got to the locker room, the TV was tuned to the religious channel. I think they call it the Christian Channel but from what I saw the infomercials were anything but Christian. The one that was on when I first got to the gym was all about something called “No Sin Oil” This stuff was truly amazing and so was the preacher that was selling it. As luck would have it, Pastor Frank got to the locker room at the same time I did and he just rolled his eyes at the TV and we both shook our heads in disgust.

So this preacher was selling “No Sin Oil” He quoted out of the Bible some passage about keeping sin out of your house and then went on to say that this “Miracle No Sin Oil” could do it for you. Wow a shortcut. I like that. I guess he forgot to read the part on HOW to get sin out of your life. So he said that by just taking a little of this precious oil and putting a dab on you, all your sins would be gone and not only that they would be forever removed from your house. Awesome, I want some. I wonder if it works if you put some on someone else. I’m just asking…

Unfortunately, when I came back in to the locker room after working out, that preacher was gone. But luckily there was another one on and he was selling something even more amazing; The “Miracle Green Prayer Cloth.” Now I have to tell you I was skeptical at first but after hearing the testimonials, I was sold. One lady bought one of the green hankies, and within one week, her salary went from 10 dollars an hour to over 30. So the preacher stood up and promised everyone in the crowd, that if they bought one, they could expect to triple their salaries. In fact he guaranteed it. I’m gonna get one and be rich. NOT!!!

Another woman told about how she had cancer but after buying one of these green cloths and sleeping on it, her cancer went away. Yet another person told about how she was down to her last dime but she called for a Miracle cloth and within days her life was turned around. She and her husband both got good paying jobs. They bought a house and get this: They were now driving a “Brand New White Cadillac” and in fact drove it to the studio that very day. Everyone there was impressed too and gave them a standing ovation.

Sort of reminds me of another Miracle product:

Of course there is some fine print that goes along with this “Free” offer. Even though the green hankie is free you must follow the instructions completely in order for your prayers to come true. And the first instruction in order for your prayers to come true is that you must send lots of money to the guy that sent you the “Miracle Green Cloth.” If you don’t send in enough money he won’t bless the cloth and you won’t get your Miracle. He really is a saint for doing this.

Many years ago some of our neighbors were into a religious club that was on TV. They had a nice house on several acres and lived a really simple life. But they wanted to be a part of this TV family so they sold everything they had, gave the money to this guy who's name I won’t mention and then went there to help build HIS temple and their new home. Within a few months of our neighbors moving, the entire thing collapsed and they were left with nothing. Their dreams were shattered and I don’t know what ever became of them.

With all the laws concerning truth in advertising these days why are these people allowed to continue to prey on the desperate and needy? Why isn’t this a crime just like saying that a medicine does something that it really doesn’t? It really makes me sick to hear their false claims, knowing that somewhere out there is a little old lady who will spend what little money she has on "magic beans". Especially when what they have to offer is already paid for. Sorry I had to vent. But then I did post today. :)

Have a great day,

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend and Wonderful Child

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting or reading as much as I used to. I haven’t lost interest in Blogging I assure you. Between trying to take care of my plants and school coming to an end for the year, I just haven’t had as much time as I need to properly Blog. I hate just tossing out a post that rambles just like I am doing at the moment. Haha

So my oldest son went off to Palmetto Boys State this weekend. He will be gone all week. Did I mention that he was one of three boys selected from his school to go? I’m not bragging, I’m just saying…..Ok I am bragging but as a parent it is legal. It is a weeklong event up at the State House in Columbia SC. I am hoping that he gets to meet our Governor but if not I am sure he will meet some other politicians.

I had an awesome day at the Charleston Farmers Market even though it rained on us twice. Because we have so many daylilies blooming, I also went to my favorite (not) flea market to sell some of them. I know I have told you about that place before because of all the strange sightings there but this one takes the cake. Picture this:

A man driving a Moped. So far so good. But wait, There was a second person riding on the back. A woman wearing a halter top and Daisy Dukes puffing on a cigarette. But wait, there’s more. They were pulling a trailer with a pen full of bunnies that they were going to sell. I kid you not. Need I say more about that market? And there is lots more I could tell, I assure you.

But since I was there I might as well make the most of it right. For starters I did my good deed for the day. There was a young Mexican boy selling watermelons next to me. His family actually had a larger stand on the far side of the market. After he sold a few watermelons he went inside the market and spent all the money on some CD’s. His father saw the CD’s and made the boy return with him to their main booth. So this big table of watermelons was left there all alone.

People kept coming up and wanting to buy the melons and some were contemplating stealing them so I started taking money for them. After all they only belonged to "Mexicans" as someone said. After a few hours the man came to take the mellons back to his main booth and I could see him shaking his head because he noticed that a lot of them were gone. When he got to the stand, I pulled a wad of money out of my pocket and handed it to him. He couldn’t stop saying thank you and he gave me a free watermelon. Sweet!!

I had several bouquets of zinnias for sale as well as the daylilies. I usually sell them for 5.00 a bunch at the other market but I was hoping for three at this one. This little girl came up and stood there admiring one of the bouquets and asked me how much they were. She was a pretty little girl but she wasn’t smiling. When she spoke I could see why. She had really crooked teeth which she tried to conceal while she was talking. It was obvious that she was self conscious about her teeth.

Before I could tell her the price, her mother snapped: “come on, we aint got no money to spend on flowers.” I quickly grabbed the flowers and handed them to the little girl and said “here they are free for you.” She got the biggest grin on her face as she ran to catch up with her family. Her mother stopped and turned around and quietly said Thank you. I saw them several times after that and each time, that little girl was holding those flowers like they were worth a million bucks and still grinning from ear to ear. It is such a shame that this little girl’s beauty may only be seen by a few but rest assured that God sees it.

Oh and as for sales there....I almost sold out.

Have a Great day,

Friday, June 5, 2009

One RingyDingy

Well it's Friday and you know what that means? Well normally only that tomorrow is Saturday but today is a special day for Greg and Mrs. Greg as you all like to call her. Actually her name is Diane and today is our 28th Anniversary. That's a big Whoo Hoo. So this morning I went to the gym to work out and although it isn't right to brag, I just had to brag about my anniversary to one of my friends. His name is Frank and he is a preacher so I thought he would be impressed with the 28 years. He was but he informed me that he and his wife had been married for 49 years. Way to take the wind out of my sails.

So what do you get for someone who you have been married to for 28 years and already has everything? Well she has me and I consider myself a diamond (in the rough). So I started shopping around and came across a few ideas:

Chain saw.... Practical but not romantic.
Cast net.....Been there done that. (long story)
New tool set....I may be on to something here (or maybe not)
5 carrot diamond ring....What she really wants but way out of my budget at the moment (thinking about #30 though)
New wedding band for me......Eureka that's it.

Right after we got married, I was out fishing and when I went to throw the cast net, my wedding band came off and was lost. Well we bought a new one but when I wore it on the submarine I got a rash even though it was 14K Gold. The atmosphere on a submarine is conducive to getting rashes due to the heat and sanitary conditions. A congressman once told me that prisoners couldn't be subjected to living conditions like that but it was good enough for our servicemen. But I digress. Anywhoo after not wearing it for all those years, it sort of got lost.

In a recent discussion between my wife and I, she expressed that she would really like me to get a new wedding band so I have ordered one and will have it in a few weeks. I did a lot of shopping around and the prices varied drastically so I am glad I didn't just buy the first one I saw. So there you have it. I am buying a new wedding band and will wear it since it means so much to Diane. Wow this communication thing really works.

And speaking of communication and RingyDingy, it reminded me of an old skit that used to crack me up. And through the miracle of modern Internet, I was able to find it. The scary part is that it is applicable today even after 40 years. For those youngsters that have never seen this before, it is a classic, kind of like me, Haha


And have a great day,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday and Greg’s theory of Evolution

I will start with Thankful Thursday.

This morning I am thankful for a lot of things:

1. I am thankful for my wife of almost 28 years. Tomorrow is our anniversary and we beat the odds by making it this long.

2. I am thankful that both of my children made it through another school year without any really major incidents.

3. I am thankful that I got the boat trailer fixed this week without hurting myself and with only 5 trips to the hardware store. I sometimes impress myself.

4. I am thankful that I have lots of fresh veggies to eat and all I have to do is go to the garden and pick them. Cukes anyone?

5. And finally I am thankful that I didn’t kill myself cutting the tree down yesterday and now I have proof that I didn’t evolve:

After spending over 3 hours up in a tree trying to cut it down I have come to the conclusion that there is no way that I evolved from apes or lemurs or any other tree dwelling creature. This morning my legs, arms, feet, hands, stomach and even eyes and teeth are sore. I was not designed to be a tree dwelling animal. I guess that is why I am so “down to earth” haha.

The other day there was a TV show on where some scientist found a fossil from some creature and was out to prove that it was the missing link. Ok this animal was the size of a squirrel and had a really long tail like a lizard and this guy said that he believed it was one of our ancestors. Now I admit that I have some really strange relatives but this one wasn’t one of them.

He said things like: this creature has 5 fingers so she must be related to us. Yes she had some kind of claw on one of the fingers and two of the fingers were actually thumbs but we don’t care about that. It has five digits and that makes her our ancestor. Hmmmmm

Then he said: Her front teeth aren’t like a lemur so she must be a human ancestor. Never mind that horses, pigs, cows and thousands of other animals don’t have the same teeth as a lemur, the fact that this creature didn’t have lemur teeth makes it one of our ancestors.
And here is the really interesting part. Notice I referred to this fossil as “She”?

Well before the scientists every started out to “prove” that this was a human ancestor, they gave it a name. I think it was Sally or Nancy or something like that. I had to laugh at this. Let’s not try to sway the judges but putting a label on the bones before we even do any tests.

This reminded me of a scene from an old Monty Python movie. The towns people caught what they thought was a witch. So they set out to prove that she was a witch. They decided that witches float and so does wood. So if she weighs the same as wood then she is a witch. The also asked what else floats and someone in the crowd said rocks….well really small ones. Then someone else said ducks float. Ok so if she floats she is a duck or a witch. Pretty logical if you ask me.

So in conclusion, you are free to claim Sally as your long lost relative but not me. No I don’t have all the answers but after yesterday, no way am I part monkey or lemur.

Have a great day,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Book Report (The Five Love Languages)

My wife and I both finished reading the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. If you remember I won the book over at Truth for the Journey. I had heard of this book and from what everyone told me it was a “must read” for anyone who is married. After reading the book, I have to agree.

My wife and I have been married for almost 28 years. You can take off the “almost” come this Friday by the way. Anyway after that many years, you would think that we would know just about all there is to know about the other person wouldn’t you. Well that is mostly the case except when it comes to communicating to one another. The truth is we each speak different Love Languages and so our communicating over the years has often been non-communicating.

After I read the book it was obvious that my primary Love Language is “Words of Affirmation” followed by “Physical Touch”. My wife on the other has “Quality Time” as her primary Love Language followed several of the others. I guess women are just more complicated than men. Who would have thunk it? Anywho….

I highly recommend this book to any couple whether married or just dating. We have already taken some of the things in this book and put them into practice with positive results. We may just turn into love birds again. I put that in to gross my sons out. They hate that kind of talk.
We had a wonderful weekend by the way and got in some Quality Time yesterday. See you can teach an old dog new tricks. I got in a great workout this morning and changed it up a bit by upping the level of intensity on the machine I was on and did a sprint type workout.

Let’s all have a great week,