Monday, August 31, 2009

Totally Awesome!

What can I say. I had a totally awesome weekend. It all started on Friday when I took the day off. I slept about an hour later than normal and got up at 430 am. I then headed out to the gym to take a spin class. I have really been pushing hard to lose some extra weight and the extra class was just what I needed. It was a super class and I got a really good workout. After that, I spent the rest of the day, working in the garden, pulling weeds and getting plants ready for Saturday.

Saturday morning it looked like rain but by 8 am they skies began to clear and we got a really good crowd at the market. I met some really nice people and sales went well. Meanwhile, my son was doing well at the Wine Festival, selling his plants. When I got home from the market I had a really nice surprise waiting for me in the form of a package of goodies. It was from Edie and It was jammed full of nice surprises. There was everything from candy to a shiny new car. That’s right. Edie bought me a red Ferrari convertible. She sure knew what I wanted. Ok I did hit just a bit.

There were also some nice business cards (we need to talk business Edie, I love them), and my favorite thing a refrigerator magnet with Genesis 2:15 and a pretty flower on it. Of course I am not putting it on my refrigerator because I want it here at work where I can view it all day long. I placed it on the metal cabinet over my computer screen so it is eye level and right in front of me. In case you are wondering what Genesis 2:15 says; “The LORD God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” That suits me to a T. Thank you so much Edie. You are Awesome!

So at the festival, my son met a man who had a friend who needed lots of plants. The guy couldn’t take them with him though so he asked for our card. Well on Sunday afternoon this guy called and asked if we could take a look at his place and give him some plant advice. We just happened to be just around the corner from his house when he called. He is in the process of landscaping and wanted a tropical look. So we took a ride to his place and talked with him and his wife and he ended up putting in an order for a bunch of plants. How awesome is that? And he put the plants right in the ground and now it is raining so I am sure they will all live.

Also over the weekend we did some work on my son’s car. He was having some alignment and steering problems. He also needed new tires. Well we looked on the internet and discovered that the tires on his old wrecked vehicle were the same as the original tires on his new car. If you recall he had just bought new tires for his old car just before he wrecked it. So we changed out the tires, and all the alignment and steering problems went away. So along with the huge plant sales we also saved hundreds of dollars on his car. Talk about a WIN WIN weekend.

Isn't God Awesome!

Have a great day,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day off

I took the day off and I am as busy as a bee in my flower garden. So I will try to post tonight if I have a chance. In the mean time, check out the flowers I posted on HOPE.

Have a wonderful day,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow is it Thursday already? Where does the time go? It has been a really busy week for me so let me get right to my list before something else comes up. (Something did just come up but I am going to get this posted before I start my next assignment)

1. I am thankful for another great workout week. I have been pushing myself harder this week on my workout routine and it is beginning to show. I lost another pound, Whooo Hooo. Mary also pushed us hard last night at spin class and I am sore this morning.

2. I am thankful that no one was hurt in my little tree trimming escapade the other day. Things could have turned out much worse.

3. I am thankful that it is Thursday even though it snuck up on me. That means that the weekend is almost here which also means that Monday is right around the corner. It’s just another chance to put on my Monday morning happy face.

4. I am thankful that my boys are doing well in school and so far have had no major problems. I know there is a long way to go but it is nice to at least be off to a good start.

5. I am thankful for Faith, Hope and Love. I have Faith in God and that faith is growing day by day. No matter what today brings I keep hope that tomorrow will be bright. And I have love from my family and from God. Life is good!

Have a great Thankful Thursday,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tree trimming (911)

It was late Monday night when we got the call from JW. She and a friend had attempted to cut down a tree in her yard. At around 830 pm, they gave up. At 9 pm she called me, Mr. Can-do. My wife, Mrs. Can-do took the call but because it was so late, decided to do the cutting on Tuesday afternoon.

We arrived on the scene at approximately 4 pm. The tree was still standing but it had a huge notch cut in it. After assessing the situation, I decided to remove a few limbs before attempting to complete the tree cutting ceremony.

Now let me stop right here and state a few facts:

1. This notch in the tree wasn’t your standard V-notch. It was much more complex. It was a partial V with a bit of the tree left in one side. The theory was that once the tree started to fall, it would hit that chunk of wood and cause the tree to spin and land in precisely the right spot. That spot was halfway between the fence and the pool. Good plan.

2. The chain saw had dulled the night before and so a new blade was purchased. However when they tried to cut with the new blade it appeared to be dull as well. It turns out the blade was put on backwards. That shound have been a clue as to the tree cutting ability of the person who started the job.

3. The person who started the job had left town. I didn’t go into why but I have a suspicion that it may have had something to do with the tree. I don’t know for sure, I am just saying.

4. I did not evolve from apes as evidenced by my lack of ability to move about in a tree. I hung on to that thing like static to a wool sweater in a dryer. Hey I wonder if it would be possible to train monkeys to cut down trees with little chainsaws. Hmm that may be my million dollar idea. Anywhoo

So I climbed the tree and took off a few limbs (with my chainsaw) but there was still a few that hung over the fence. I knew that cutting them would destroy the fence so I decided to go ahead with the tree cutting operation. And since the guy that preceded me was an “expert” as evidenced by his ability to install a new chainsaw blade, I decided to use the cut that he already started. My gut feeling said to start fresh but what do I know about tree cutting.

I had my three assistants man the ropes to guide the tree down safely as I began to cut the back side of the tree. My plan was to ease the tree down so they helpers could pull it to where we wanted it to land. I tried to cut the tree slowly but it was hollow so all of a sudden it just popped and began to fall. I shouted pull, pull harder, give it all you got, but the tree won. It went the wrong direction and crashed across the fence, splintering it as it went. So much for the complex notch idea. At least it didn’t end up in the pool.

JW had to go apologize to the neighbor and ask if we could come over and cut the tree that was in their back hard. They didn’t have a problem with it as long as we cleaned up our mess which we did. We were just worried about getting sued over the incident. And we really got worried when about 15 minutes later, an insurance car drove up in front of the house. It turns out their son works for an insurance company. Whew, talk about timing. I won't say which insurance company it was but I will say that "tree trimming is so easy a cave man could do it." :)

So I am available if anyone needs a tree cut down. Please make sure you have insurance, lots of it.

Have a great day,

Monday, August 24, 2009


Wow its Monday again. Where did the weekend go? Is it just me or is time rushing by faster and faster? No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get everything done on the weekend. We did get a lot accomplished but it was just a drop in the bucket. I think they need to make Monday part of the weekend since everyone seems to hate it so much. That way I can get more done and those people that hate Monday can keep it to themselves.

At this morning’s weekly meeting, I looked around the room at all the unhappy people. I haven’t seen that much sadness in one room since the last funeral I attended. It amazes me how many unhappy people work here. Is it this way everywhere or just here? I guess these guys have a lot to be unhappy about. I mean most of them only have a high school education (if that) and they are only making around 25 dollars an hour to sit around and complain. Anywhoo.

I have decided to start my own happy club. I think I will call it The Society for the promotion of:


Or “The Society for the promotion of HOPE.”

The other night, I was listening to show on the radio about happy people. That is where I heard about the Secret Society Of Happy People. Why Secret I don’t know but their webpage is I went there and it was really difficult to move around and find anything current. I guess you have to pay the membership fee to find out anything and that doesn’t sound very happy to me. You should be happy just because. I don’t think that you should have to pay to be happy. And that is why I am starting my own club.

That same radio show also told about a study that was done on happy people. The study said that one of the reasons some people are happy is that they never give up hope. No matter how bad things get, these people always keep a little hope in their pocket. Having that hope allows you to think positive and keep looking up instead of looking down. So that is going to be the driving theme for my Society. There isn’t going to be a membership fee so any can join.

So if you are like me and want to be happy, then head on over to my new blog,

It is still under construction so don't expect much....YET.

Have a great Monday,

PS, This Saturday is the annual grape stomp. You can read more on my
Examiner page.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Secret to my happiness

When I was young, one of my mother’s favorite things to do was to lock herself in her bedroom and threaten to kill herself. She did this when she was depressed and wanted to “get back” at my father for one thing or another. She suffered from depression a lot. I can still hear her saying “I have a gun and I am going to shoot myself.” (My father kept a loaded handgun in his bedroom because he was a special policeman and we knew it) She would continue despite our crying and pleading until one of us called my father at work and got him to come home. A fight always followed.

Many times I found myself praying to God to take me away from that place and relieve my pain but He never did. So eventually I gave up on praying and I gave up on God. I reasoned; why pray if He never answers and if He doesn’t answer my prayers then He must not exist. I have always had an analytical mind so that made since.

When I was 18, I joined the Navy to “See the world” but I really just wanted to get away. So I left home in search of Happiness. I knew that there must be happy people out there somewhere in this big old world. I was determined to find them and I did. Over the next 30+ years I met some really happy people but I found a lot of unhappy people as well.

Some of those people on both sides had good reasons to be happy or unhappy. On the happy side were people who won the lottery, just got married, had great jobs, or simply had inner peace. On the unhappy side were people who’s misfortune had brought them down and for some reason they remained at that level. Many of these people had catastrophic events happen in their lives and they never recovered from them.

No my childhood wasn’t all bad but some of the events that happened were catastrophic especially for a small child. I could have remained in my dark corner like so many children do but I chose to climb out and rejoin the living. And over the years I realized that God was with me, he kept me safe and made me what I am today. Things could have been so much worse and I could have ended up a depressed or drug dependent like two of my siblings did.

So today when I walk around with a smile on my face, it’s because I know that even though my life isn’t always perfect, things could always be worse. I am happy because I want to be even though I could probably find reasons not to be. And I even though I am not perfect, God still loves me and always has. And that’s enough to keep a smile on my face. Now you know the rest of the story.

Have a Blessed day,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday, B happy

I may sound like a broken record but again I have so much to be happy for. And I don’t care if I sound like a broken record. I am thankful. Please join Sonia and the rest of us over at Truth for the Journey and tell us why you are thankful.

I am thankful that I am happy and positive. It is a choice you know. Last night I heard about a great group of people called the Secret Society of Happy People. It is a group of people who express their happiness in an effort to discourage parade rainers. Parade rainers are people who always look at the dark side of everything and go out of their way to try to bring everyone around down to their level. Let’s fight back happy people. I am planning on joining this society.

Along those same lines, I am thankful that I am slow to anger. Now my family may not agree that I am slow to anger but I really am. Have you noticed all the anger in the world these days? The shouting in the Town Hall meetings, the violence on the streets and the road rage in traffic are all signs of unhappy people.

Last night on my way home from spin class, I got into some heavy traffic. Most people were going with the flow but this one hot head was intent on going faster. Both lanes were traveling at the same speed which just happened to be at the speed limit. This one guy wanted to go faster. It was obvious he was in a hurry and didn’t have time to obey the law. With no place else to go, he managed to squeeze his truck in behind me. There was literally less than two feet between my rear bumper and his front bumper. The look on his face was scary. He looked like he was about to kill someone.

We turned the next corner and he passed me and some other people on the right in a turn lane and then got back into traffic a few cars ahead of me. Then without putting on his blinker he got in the left lane and took an immediate left almost on two wheels. Now get this, he was turning into Wally World. I can’t imagine what he needed so bad from that place that he would endanger the lives of so many people. Perhaps he was out of cheese whiz.

I was very tense after that little incident and I needed some relief. As I got to the bridge to Wadmalaw Island I saw the most beautiful sunset over the water. This was just what I needed to remind me to be thankful for everything. Despite all the anger and violence in the world, God is still in control and I am thankful for that.
Again I want to say I am thankful for my family who got all that firewood cut, split and stacked. We will be warm this winter no matter what the weather does. And the fact that all that firewood was free makes it even better. I also get free water which is another bonus.

I am thankful that I have a steady job and pretty good Health care. I feel bad for everyone who is out of work and in need of health care insurance. I do have one question though concerning insurance in general. Who invented Copay and Deductable? Does anyone know where this originated? It seems crazy to me that you would get insurance and the first thing the insurance companies tell you when you try to use it is how much more you have to pay. I’m just asking.

Have a great day and please join us for Thankful Thursday,


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Overwhelmed

Is anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed? I know I am. Maybe it’s the Michael Jackson coverage or the Town Hall meeting coverage. It might be the “school supply list from you know where” that we got this year. Any one of those things would have a weak person reaching for the Prozac. But that isn’t what has me overwhelmed.

I never anticipated so much participation in a giveaway. I mean I am really impressed. Bloggers are the best!!!. My website visitor count went up by a factor of 10 and so did my blog visits. It looks like I need to get some really special items to put in that box. I may also have to get a really big hat to put all the names in but that is ok, I will do it. And it’s not too late to sign up or visit my website to get in the running. You may just find a riveting article on collecting rainwater.

As for the items mentioned above:

Michael J? Come on, enough is enough, bury the man. (rumor has it that the reason for the delay is that he had so many chemicals in his body that they have to bury him in a toxic waste dump) I didn’t make that up. I actually heard it.

Town Hall Meetings? Whatever happened to parliamentary procedure? I haven’t seen that much controversy since they discussed cell phone towers at our town hall meeting. I watched some of the coverage last night and I really expected some politician to jump into a chorus of; ”Yes we got trouble, Right here in River City…….” (gotta love The Music Man)

School supply lists? I’m sorry. I am not going to supply every child in the county with paper and pencils. I really think the logging industry is somehow tied to the public school system. I will know for sure when they offer to pay us cash to throw away perfectly good school supplies. Just FYI, the other day on Craigslist, I saw where a retired school teacher was selling “extra school supplies” I’m not sure what to make of this.

And one last thing overwhelms me; “Firewood” Check out how much firewood my family chopped/split over the summer. It’s going to be a hot time in the old greenhouse this winter. :)

Thanks everyone for your support and have a great day,

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's giveaway time.

Break out the confetti people it’s time for a giveaway. And not just any giveaway, a Super Duper Giveaway. And why am I doing this you might ask?

A. Because I am a nice guy.
B. Because school starts tomorrow and I have all that extra traffic to look forward to.
C. Because I got a check from the government in the mail.
D. Because as of yesterday, I had 20,000 visitors on my blog.

If you picked A or D you may already be a winner. Then again you may not be a winner but you surely are intuitive. And the reason I am going to do a giveaway instead of just giving a prize to the 20,000th visitor is because this person didn’t leave a comment or even their name. That’s right; a stalker. See it pays to leave a comment on my blog.

So the next question is what to give away. Well I thought about giving away $20,000 dollars to go along with the 20,000 visitors but since item "C" didn’t happen. (I am thinking my stimulus check got lost in the mail) I will have to go with something a little more reasonable. How about a big box of unique Charleston things? That way, even though you had to staycation this year, you will have some goodies to pass around to your friends so they "think" you went on vacation. And I won’t tell if you don’t.

So here is how the giveaway is going to work. Anyone who leaves a comment on my blog between now and the end of August will get their name entered into the drawing. And that is one name per visit too so if you visit often you can get multiple entries. And for those who try to bend the rules (ADHD Me for instance) no you can’t just put tons of little comments on each blog post and get tons of entries. So I guess that is one entry per visit per blog post.

But wait, you want more entries? As an added bonus if you visit my website and leave a comment I will double that offer. That’s right for every comment you leave on my website you get two entries into the drawing. Still not enough entries for you? Ok how about this; If you sign up to FOLLOW my website, you will get 5 entries. Now try to contain yourself, I know you are probably hyperventilating. Still not enough for you? Well if you don’t want to win anything but feel the need to give, I am going to allow you to sign up someone else. That’s right, you have three options. You can leave a comment and say that you want to win. Leave a comment and say that you don’t want to enter. Or leave a comment and enter someone else. Wow with an offer this big you may want to throw a parade. Lets face it, I am a nice guy.

But lets say you don't believe in contests. I still have some nice butterfly pictures on my website so you may want to visit anyway. I'm not begging here, I'm just saying.

Have a great day,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday, back from the mountains.

It’s Thankful Thursday again over at Truth for the Journey. I have a huge post today since I have been away. If you don’t want to read it all, just read highlighted portions and skip the rest. Of course you will be missing all my usual humor and I know you won’t want to do that.

The first thing on my list this week is that I am thankful for a great vacation. We had a great time in the mountains of Georgia and North Carolina.

Our trip:

We stayed in a little town called Dillard Georgia. There isn’t much in Dillard but it is very close to some places you may want to visit and it is a very nice little town. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. It is a little hotel that only has about 50 rooms. There were quite a few people staying there on Saturday night but after that there were only about 5 other rooms occupied. Nice and quiet, just like I like it. This hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub and they offer a full complimentary breakfast. They offered a mean biscuits and gravy and some other great items every day. That alone saved us about 30 dollars a day.

Day one, we took the short 15 minute drive up to Franklin NC to visit a ruby mine. We chose Masons Ruby Mine because they advertise that they are unsalted. That means that they don’t add any pretty rocks to the dirt to make you think you found something good. And they didn’t do that, believe me. I panned most of the day and only found a few rubies. I think the biggest one that I found was about a half carrot. That is what most people found during the day. There were about 30 of us panning for rubies. One local man did find a nice 12.7 carrot ruby a few minutes after he arrived. Talk about lucky. He arrived about 10:00, got a bucket of dirt and while talking with the owner found a really nice ruby. They made a really big deal about the find too. That kept everyone optimistic about finding a nice one too but no one else did.

One thing my son noted was that almost all the workers were missing most of their teeth. So maybe instead of a ruby mine this would be a better gold mine. (For the Dental Maven anyway.) Talk about land of opportunity. Get going Maven, there’s gold in them thair hills.

Day two we visited Tallulah falls and gorge. This very picturesque part makes one stand in awe over the wonderful beauty that God created.
So number 2 on my list is: I am thankful for all the beautiful things that God created including Tallulah Falls. I highly recommend visiting these falls if you are ever in the area.

As an added note, this was the site of some of the scenes from the movie Deliverance. Perhaps some of the workers from the ruby mine were in that movie. I'm just guessing.

While in the park, we took the long walk down the stairs to a suspension bridge over the gorge. I love swinging bridges and I was able to get this bridge really rocking. (Much to this dismay of my family and some other passerby’s) It is almost 400 steps down to the bridge so if you go down there, just remember; what goes down, must come up.

The climb wasn’t that bad though since I have been getting my legs in shape at my spinning class. Last night I had another awesome class thanks to our inspirational leader Mary. She again pushed us to new limits during the class.

So number 3 is that I am thankful for a great spinning instructor Mary who keeps us motivated and pushing ourselves. At the end of the class last night, she said: “let’s all do a few pushups to limber up our shoulders a bit.” I wanted to wimp out but all the girls did it so my macho ego wouldn’t let me. I dropped and gave her 10.

Number 4 on my list is that I am thankful for our boys in blue. I wouldn’t do their job if they paid me well and that job doesn’t pay well enough in my opinion. Our local policemen do a great job doing things like fighting crime and writing speeding tickets (right Mary), but when it comes to directing traffic, let’s just say, they leave a lot to be desired.

Last night on my way home, I got to the intersection of Main Road and Highway 17. All of a sudden a police car pulled right in front of me, blocking my path. Three other policemen showed up and began directing traffic. At first I thought the light wasn’t working but that wasn’t the case. The simply wouldn’t let our lane of traffic continue onto Main Road. They did however let the people on highway 17 go that way. Confusion set in and after sitting there for about 15 minutes, I decided to turn right and do a U-turn and get into that traffic. It worked and soon I was moving toward home again.

After crossing the bridge onto Johns Island, I was again instructed to turn off of Main road by a police woman. I still didn’t know why so I made a short detour and came back to Main Road and continued on. So did a lot of other people. This was making no sense at all. Then up ahead I saw enough blue lights to light up a small city. The first policeman to pass us, instructed us to pull off the road so we did. That policeman was followed by about 20 motorcycle police, then some other police cars, some unidentified cars, more police, more cars and finally another long string of police cars. Can anyone guess what/who this was?

Some guy named Joe B, who was leaving from his vacation on Seabrook Island. Apparently while we vacationed in the mountains, the Vice President and his family were vacationing here. I only have one question. Does this count as South Carolina’s stimulus package? I’m just asking.

The #5 thing I am thankful for is my children who have been helping out around the house this summer. Unfortunately, school starts for them next week. The party is over boys. For them anyway.

We are already thinking about taking another trip to the mountains. It is only 5 ½ hours by car which is almost a staycation. Close enough anyway. At least we didn’t have to take a private jet to get to our destination. Ahem.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm back

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I made it home safely. We had a great trip but it is great to be back home too. I will fill everyone in on the details tomorrow along with my Thankful Thursday post. I have photos too. I will also be visiting everyone's blog tomorrow. Today I am trying to catch up on the 110 emails that I had waiting for me and also the tons of work that no one did for me while I was away. It figures. :) You know what they say: Job security. Haha

Have a great day,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Family time

Well school is just around the corner for my sons. They are already starting to get depressed. So in a last ditch effort, we are going on vacation. That's right, we are heading for the mountains. The bad news is that this means that I won't be able to post for a while. Now that depresses me because my web page was just beginning to take off.

But before you know it, I will be back and hopefully have some great photos to share. I am also hoping to bring home some nice big gems from the NC gem mines. It took a lot of searching but we found one that isn't salted. At this place, you actually dig the dirt yourself.

For anyone who doesn't know what salted means, it means that they put shinny rocks in the dirt so that you find something pretty. Those pretty rocks are worthless but the kids like them. I guess that is ok for most children but mine used to find these shiny rocks and were disappointed when we told them it was worth nothing. I will let you know how this place turns out.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and start to the week. Make sure and visit my website and leave a comment if you so desire.

Have a great weekend,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Baby birds.

Again I have a lot to be thankful this Thursday. I am actually thankful every day even though I am only writing it down on Thursdays. On the other days, I go straight to the source of my thankfulness. Every day I thank God for my blessings and I do have a lot.

Today I am thankful for my attitude. This covers a lot but to mention a few, I am thankful that I am not a hothead that runs around angry all the time. I am also thankful that I get along with others and that I am someone that other people like to have around.

I am thankful for my ever growing patients. Last night on my way home, traffic on the highway was going at a snail’s pace. I was in the right lane. The left lane was moving a little faster but I decided to stay where I was and be patient. Just around the bend, all the cars came to a screeching halt. There was a tire in the left lane. Some people had been going around it and some were going over it. My little car is too low and it would have surely caused me to wreck. A little further up the road was a truck pulling a trailer. He was driving on one tire and one rim. Talk about a mess.

I am thankful for a great week at the gym. I had a little more energy at this week’s spinning class and I wasn’t hurting as much when I got finished. There were three new people in the class and everyone got a good workout. On the way to the gym though I noticed that the police had the on ramp going to the highway closed. After I left the gym, I passed 8 motorcycle policemen coming from Johns Island. I didn’t know what was going on then but this morning I found out that the Vice President is here for a vacation.

I am thankful for my opportunity to start writing for the Examiner. It has been less than a week and I am already making a little money from my webpage. More importantly I am really enjoying writing about gardening. If anyone has any ideas to improve it, please let me know. I am always looking for ways to improve.

I am thankful that the baby birds that were living in my greenhouse made it out safely. On Saturday I found our cat Tiger Tigger in the greenhouse. I thought he was after lizards but later I discovered that he was chasing the birds. Sunday I did a little rearranging in the greenhouse and I moved some hanging plants around. Later that day, a mother Carolina Wren came in with a grasshopper in her mouth. She was chirping and acting confused. I looked around and discovered that one of the hanging baskets that I moved had a bird nest in it. I quickly moved it back where it was before I rearranged. Just before dark I returned to the greenhouse and the chirping had stopped so I assumed all was well again.

On Monday, I again went into the greenhouse and the two baby birds were hopping around trying to find a way out. Because they couldn’t fly that well, they couldn’t make it up to the place where the parents came and went. I grabbed one and lifted it up and it flew out. My youngest son Sean grabbed the other one and took it outside to release it. When we last saw them, they were in the woods right beside their mother and she was catching bugs for them. It’s good to handle baby birds but this mother didn’t seem to care.

Well that does it for another edition of Thankful Thursday. Please join in over at Sonya’s blog: Truth for the Journey.

Have a Blessed day,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Homeland Security is killing me.

It’s a shame that we have to worry about security. Why can't people just get along? When I was in the Navy it was a big deal even when it wasn’t in the civilian world. I still practice some of the things I learned in the Navy. For instance, when I stop at a traffic light, I like to leave a little room between my car and the one in front of me. That will allow me to escape in the event that someone goes postal at the traffic light.

Some other good ideas are to alter the routes that you take on a daily basis and vary the lights that you leave on in your home when you are gone at night. I may be a little paranoid but I always look around when I am in a crowd to see who is around me. I also make a mental note where all the exits are when I am in a public building. Those are good things to do with the state of the world today. But the part that is killing me is the technology security.

I don’t think I am alone in this either. I have so many logon names and passwords that I can’t keep them straight. At work alone I have 5. I also have 5 email logon ID’s to remember. Add a few more for banking and a few more for odds and ends and I think that takes me up to around 20. So I have approximately 20 names and passwords to remember. It would be easy if I could use the same name and password for everything (not recommended) but each program has its own set of name and password requirements so they are all different. And to top it off, the ones at work have to be changed periodically.

So with my lack of memory, where does that take me? That takes me to the password recovery screen more times than I care to admit. In fact I am in that boat at the moment. And the bad part is I have to wait until Monday and talk with a representative because I thought I could figure it out and I tried too many time. Yes I locked an account. It happens. And what is their solution to this problem? “The secret question.”

Now hear me out on this one. If I can’t remember a simple name and password, how in the world am I going to be able to remember my mother’s first pet’s favorite color? I mean these questions are so far fetched that no one in their right mind would remember them. I tried using the “What was your first car?” question but I can’t remember how in entered it so that doesn’t work. I know it was a voltswagen but as you can see I don’t know how to spell it so I probably put in VW. But did I capitalize it? Maybe just the first letter? No that didn’t work. How about all lower case? No again. Let me just try to spell it. V o l t, no that isn’t it. What do you mean too many tries? OK I will call and talk with a person on Monday. Grrrrrrr

So I am taking suggestions on how to remember these passwords. Someone out there must have a solution. Until then I will keep calling customer service.

Have a Blessed Sunday and remember your password to Heaven:


See you on Monday,