Tuesday, September 30, 2008

See what I am saying

Well here it is, my video blog. This was my 4th attempt and if you think this one is bad you should see the others. No you can't though because I deleted them. To see more of these "See what I am saying video's go to Second cup of coffee Blog.

Have a great evening,

What about now.

You know we are in trouble when congressmen and women actually show up for a congressional meeting. What is this world coming to? The truth is there is little the average person can do to help the situation other than not panicking. The best thing we can do at this time is to sit back and do nothing. Well except to voice our opinion and tell our Congressmen and Senators how we feel and what we want them to do. In the mean time, I give you my:

Top 10 signs we might be in a financial crisis.

# 10. Disney World ticket prices may drop below 100.00 a ticket this year. Yea I may be able to go now.

#9. Martha Stewart is thinking about going back “in” where it is safe (and free).

#8. There is talk of selling Alaska to Russia since “they are so close you can see right across the border.”

#7. McDonald's has a new jingle for the big Mack that goes like this; Special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a day old bun. (read my lips, no more meat)

#6. The 12 days of Christmas has been reduced to 1 day and you have to select between a partridge OR a pear tree. Not both.

#5. I saw grasshoppers actually saving up for the winter.

#4. Lucy, (my chicken) has gone into hiding. She is really worried about the price of chicken wings.

#3. There is talk of bringing back the TV show “Good times” but changing the name to “The Good old days.”

#2. Mexicans have been seen trying to cross the border” into” Mexico.

And the number one sign that we may be heading for a financial crisis;

I am thinking I should have voted for Hillary because on the average, women get paid less. (Insert canned laughter) (Sorry ladies, just looking for ways to cut back)

Ok now that I have you laughing in the isles, or puking, whatever the case may be, let me tell it like it is. We have gotten fat and lazy and yes things will get tough in the days, months and years to come but it isn’t like we can’t do a little cutting back. We may have to cut out that bottled water or a few movie rentals but we can do this. I know we can. I will even start getting the small margarita instead of the medium when we go to the Mexican restaurant. See I am willing to do my part.

So before you let the economy get you down, remember things could always be worse. If you don't believe me just check this out. Click HERE to see the what real problems are and some people who are really changing the world. Plus you get to see a great video for FREE.

Have a great day and put back that second doughnut.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

We arrived at the market early today. My son and I simply woke up early so we decided to get things set up early and then relax a while before the people showed up. Around 6:30 we had everything unloaded and then we heard someone about a block away singing at the top of his lungs. It was actually more like a cross between yelling and singing. I can't write here exactly what the man was singing but I will tell you that it went something like this: Noooooo moreeeeeeeee N's. followed by I hate N's. We are all adults here and I am sure you all know what he was saying.

Imagine my surprise when this man reached the market and I found out it was an older black man. Now I live in the south and hearing the N word isn't that rare but hearing it coming from a black man that isn't a rapper is a little strange. But wait that isn't the strangest part. Get this now. This man was dressed in a hot pink dress. I am not lying here. After he reached the market he got right in the market directors face and sang his song to her. She politely told him that she was having a conversation so he left but continued singing his song.

On his way through the market he called several other black men N's and once almost started a fight. Ok now I want you all to bring in your kids and have them see this for themselves. This is why you should never do crack.

Sorry about the quality but I was trying to get the photo quickly without getting caught. And you know the worst part. Get this girls. He had on black flip flops. Ewwwwwww. No fashion sense at all. Where are the fashion police when you need them? And speaking of police. I guess after the commotion, someone called the police because one stayed in the market all day.

We had a lousy day though. Sales were way down due to the economy I guess. I am sure all will be well by next week.

Have a great Sunday,

Clear as mud

Sorry people for the confusion on my last post. I guess all those double negatives confused some people. So let me clear one thing up. I will be voting. I always vote and I plan on doing it this election. I think every American should vote or get the heck out of America. Ok you can stay if you don't vote but you have no right to complain about things if you don't.

The point of my last post was to encourage voters to cast their votes wisely and not base their vote on rumors or things that really don't matter in an election. Things like age, gender, race etc. I hope this cleared things up. See you at the polls. I am now off to the market. Maybe I will get a picture of the hippie protesters today. I love freedom of speech. Don't you?

Have a great Saturday,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm considering not voting in this election!

You heard me right. I am considering the option of not voting in this presidential election. I didn’t come up with the idea myself. No I actually got it from some other bloggers. Don’t ask me to name names though. It’s not that I am above finger pointing. It’s just that at the moment, I don’t remember who actually posted about this concept first. You see, I sometimes bloghop and I really don’t remember where I saw this. Not familiar with the term bloghop? It is where you start out on one blog, then see an interesting comment from someone else so you go to their blog. Then you follow someone to another blog and before you know it you are lost in blogworld and you can’t remember how you got where you are. But I am off the subject so let me back up.

Yes I am thinking about not voting and to tell the truth I am not alone. Thousands, maybe millions are already planning on doing it too. But before you jump all over me and call me a communist, let me post my flag so that you can see I am a true American.

So you still think I am copping out? Then you really don’t understand what I am talking about. Many Americans are going to not vote in this election. Now I don’t mean they are not voting, I mean they are not voting. Did I lose you? In the words of Ricky Ricardo; “Lucy you got some splainin to do”

When I hear people talking about this election, many of them don’t have a favorite. They only have an unfavorite. In other words they aren’t voting for someone because they like that person, they simply don’t like the other person. Let me give you a few examples that I have heard.

I’m voting Republican because Obama is a Muslim and that’s just not right.
I’m voting Democratic because McCain only picked a woman VP to get the women’s vote and I am not falling for that.
I not voting for a black man
I’m not voting for an old man
Etc etc.

Most of the people I hear talking about this election are sighting reasons for not voting for someone. I don’t hear nearly as much discussion on why their particular candidate is the right one. Maybe we Americans need to get over these things and concentrate on what we want and not what we don’t’ want.

And now that I am up on my soapbox or as you ladies say; “have my panties in a wad”, (no I am not really wearing panties, however these briefs are riding up today for some reason) let me tell you another thing that some people are basing their decision on.


Can you believe it? I can’t believe that people would actually vote for someone because of the way they looked.

Ok maybe it happened once but never again.

And one final issue and then I will get back to my normal funny self. This message is for ALL candidates. Quit including me in the “what Americans want is…..” speech. From now on I want their speeches to say: “Americans, with the exception of Greg want........” Candidates feel free to use these:

Greg doesn’t want a better job. He already went out and searched for it, he worked for it and he got it.

Greg doesn’t want universal health care. He wants his healthcare. If someone wants healthcare, let them go out and get a job like Greg did and earn it. Greg should get better health care than someone who sits on their lazy butt all day complaining about the government. There I said it.

Greg doesn’t want us to drill for oil and mine coal in every square inch of vacant land. Greg wants our government to stop selling our fuel to other countries because he knows that we have plenty if we use our own resources.

Greg likes it when his kids pray in school. He sees nothing wrong with that. There that makes two things out of the closet this week.

Greg is just plain strange isn’t he. Ok now that I am on everyone’s bad list let me go get to work.

Have a wonderful day and please remember; "Don’t not vote."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off and running

Hopefully people will be seeing less and less of me. This morning, I started my workout routine at the gym. I joined last night and started exercising this morning. So here is my new schedule. I get up at 4 am. I then have 15 minutes to brush my teeth, shave, start a load of laundry, and then get my things together. The gym is about 30 minutes from my house which is perfect. It is on the way to my office so I don't have to go out of my way.

This morning, I arrived at 4:45. My card key wouldn't work though so I couldn't get in the door. I know the girl that registered me did something wrong though because she was new. Someone else showed up a few minutes later and I managed to convince him to let me in even though there is a sign that says not to do that. I did have a card and a gym bag from the place so it was a pretty good bet that I belonged there. This afternoon, I will get my card fixed and hopefully that will correct the problem.

I did manage to get in a quick mile and a half run on the tread mill so I feel pretty good now. After the workout, I took a shower and then drove the rest of the way into work. It is only 20 minutes from the gym to my office. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on my progress.

This is how I will look in just a few short weeks. Ok maybe I have my sights set just a bit high but I do plan on getting back in shape.

Have a great day,


Monday, September 22, 2008

Another day, another market report.

We had a great day at the Charleston Farmer's Market on Saturday. The weather was cool and there was a slight breeze. The crowd was a little sparse early in the morning but when it began to heat up a bit, people came out in herds. Here are some photo's I took:

This is a picture of a painting of a picture of the friendship fountain in downtown Charleston. I thought that was kind of a cool concept.

This is the church at the end of the market. I still don't know the name of it but I like the steeple.

One of my friends there at the market makes and sells baked goods. These pastries are out of this world.

If you have ever been to Charelston then you know about sweetgrass baskets. There is a lot of work that goes into making them so they tend to be kind of pricey. This lamp is very unique and at a price of $475.00, I think I will pass on it.

It stayed cloudy all day but check out this crowd. The Mayor of Charleston even came down and had breakfast.

This display is from a local artist. That is all I know but I do like his work.

I thought these were really cool. They are made with cement which is covered with a bronze paint. They look and feel like solid bronze though.

Now this is my kind of art. I like the fish plate. How about you?

I like these custom stepping stones too but I don't have anyplace to put them.

Carolina peaches anyone?

Everyone hates this donut guy. They smell so good you can't help but eat them. They really don't hate him, they hate the fact that they can't say no.

Here are some fresh jams and jellies.

This is our neighbor Celeste. She sells free range eggs, fresh milk and great veggies.

And finally we have the Swamp Art guy. I do need to learn all the names but I have trouble with them. These are hand blown glass bowls. I wouldn't let the kids touch though. Some go for as high as $700.00.

Well I hope you enjoyed the market today. I will continue to post pictures from there but not as many next time....I promise.

Have a great day,


Friday, September 19, 2008

Keep the change

A few weeks ago I took my family out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. Applebees. I like eating there because the service is usually fast (not always but usually) and they have lots of different things on the menu. I like to get one of their sampler platters which give you a little bit of several different things. It makes overeating almost guilt free. You can just eat three ribs, three quesadillas, some chili cheese nachos and a big batch of fries by ordering only one thing. Sometimes I even stuff down a small desert if I am feeling particularly guilt free.

But the thing that makes eating there so special is the way the present the check. It comes in one of those leather folders. The server will lay it on the edge of the table and politely tell you that they will take “that” whenever you are ready. One of these days I will immediately say “I’m ready” without putting anything in it to see what happens. Inside the leather folder, the bill is neatly tucked inside its designated slot. There is also a slot for your credit card if that is how you want to pay. On the back of the bill is a little personal thank you note from your server. Ours read: “Thanks and have a nice day” and then there was a big happy smiley face and the name Ginger. Even the dot over the “I” is shaped like a little heart. It made me feel so special.

Well this particular day, our meal came to 41.50. Not too bad for a party of 4. OK I’m a cheap date. After checking the bill for mistakes I slid three twenties into the folder and placed it back on the table. Our server obviously was watching me because she returned to the table as soon as I laid the folder down. As she picked up the folder with the bill and the money, and without even looking inside she asked: “would you like your change?” Now I am a good tipper and sometimes I even tip too much but 19.00 for a 41.50 meal is a 46% tip. I wanted to say “Honey you weren’t that good” but instead I said “Yes please”. I wonder what she would have done if I had put 42.00 in there and answered “no you keep it” when she asked that question. So remember, before you ask for "change" you better know what the change is. Just food for thought.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Does this ever happen to you?

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought,cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives." ~ Hedley Lamarr, Blazing Saddles


Here I sit with so much to say that I don’t know where to start so I just don’t say anything. That does happen to me a lot. My mind will be so full of unorganized ideas and I feel like they need to be let out but I just don’t know where to begin. But then that is where blogging comes in. Lately I have found that the best way to start is just to go ahead and do it. I begin by writing down my thoughts and once I start they all begin to pour out and before I know it, I have cleared my brain. Once I have most of my ideas down on paper, I then go back and weed out the bad ideas, doctor some of them and add a few more and end up with something crazy. Sometimes my brain needs lots of weeding. Sometimes it could use some herbicide.

Wow after weeding there aren't many plants left. There really isn’t much to write about today. I do have one little item. About two years ago, I got a notice from my bank that said we needed flood insurance on my house. The notice was actually from some flood insurance assessment company in Texas. I called them to get some clarification because I don’t live on the water and my property is quite high in the area where my house is. It just didn’t make any sense. So I got through to some lady who looked at our plat and told me that the ditch behind our property is a flood boundary zone and because of that I need to have flood insurance. What this means is because this drainage ditch goes into a small creek which turns into a river which eventually ends up in the ocean, and because my house is located somewhere on said property which connects to said ditch and from Texas one can’t determine if the house could be flooded, I have to have flood insurance.

Well my next question to this nice lady was “Have you ever been to Wadmalaw Island?” She said “No, what does that have to do with anything?” I said “lots since you are telling me that I have to have flood insurance”. Then she started getting defensive and said that she could only go by the plat which doesn’t tell her enough to make a more definitive determination. I said “My point exactly. Thanks for clearing that up.” I ended up having to get flood insurance even though my house is higher than most houses in the Charleston area.

Well fast forward to the present. Can anyone guess where this insurance company is located that told me I had to have flood insurance? Galveston TX. Maybe I should call and ask them if they had flood insurance. It wouldn’t matter though if they did. The regular insurance companies are now fighting with the flood insurance companies. You see with the houses completely gone, no one can determine if it was wind or floods that destroyed the houses so no one wants to pay. I am so glad I got that flood insurance. I feel so secure now.

Have a great day,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tiny creatures

I still haven't mastered my new camera but I keep trying. Today I tried to zoom in but as you can see I got too close and things were out of focus. I also tried all day to catch our little hummingbird but every time I got the camera out he flew away. I think he may be smarter than I give him credit for. Anyway, we had a lovely day and here are the pictures.

This is a praying mantis. I guess he knew it was Sunday because he kept praying.

This is a ginger plant that my sister gave me. I don't know what kind it is though. So I just say it is Ginger and not Mary Ann.

I wish i had gottem a better shot of this grasshopper. He was on a banana tree and his colors were wonderful, Again I got too close to get a good shot.

You need to enlarge this picture to see what is going on. This young cardinal was begging his mother for food. He is way too old to do this but I guess if she keeps feeing him he will never stop.

This is one of the benches like I made for the new school in Charleston. As you can see Tigger Tiger likes it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What can I do?

A Day of Caring

Yesterday I participated in a Day of Caring. For those who have never heard of it, It’s a United Way sponsored event where companies or other groups of people get together and make a positive difference in their community. These events happen throughout the year but many of them have zeroed in on 9/11 due to the significance of that day. We can never make the events of that day go away but at least we can do something positive in the world. About 100 people participated in our event and approximately 5000 people in the Charleston area participated at various other locations.

We worked at Catholic Charities of Charleston. They are a Catholic organization dedicated to spreading the word of God by helping meet the basic needs of individuals. It’s hard to convince a starving child that God loves them. They provide food and other support to needy people in our community. They also help out with other worldwide events like disaster relief. Yesterday we made repairs and improvements to their building and grounds. I manly worked clearing brush that had grown over their fence and was overtaking their playground. We also pulled weeds, planted some new bushes and reset benches and picnic tables. We had a construction crew that put down tile and built some new walls to make their building more usable. In addition to all that, we brought in food which they are using for disaster relief efforts.

We had a great turnout and we got a lot done. Lunch was donated by our company and several people did the cooking. The weather was great too and helped us get so much done. I wish I knew how many people worldwide helped out with this event. Just think how much we could get accomplished if everyone participated. Here are some pictures I took yesterday. I didn't get many working shots because when they were working so was I. I didn't want to stop and take photo's while the others were working

This is the Church where the Charity building is located.

I think she is saying: Bless these people for helping out.

We trimmed this tree and put down mulch to make a nice area for this picnic table. The mulch was donated by the way.

This little building is the office for Catholic Charities. The entire building got a makeover.

We put down new mulch in the play area and cleaned all the brush away from that fence.

Here we weeded and put down mulch for the picnic area.

Now here is a hard working man. I was cleaning up the mess I made weeding all those shrubs. Notice the saying on the shirt: Live United. That's this years slogan.

Have a Great Day,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What we have here....

Is a failure to communicate. That is my favorite line from the movie Cool Hand Luke. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Nothing upsets me more than a person that doesn’t listen to what is being said. This is especially true when the person talking is me. Now I am not saying that I am always right but I will say that I usually am. And there is a reason why I am usually right when I speak. (At this point if my wife is reading this she is rolling her eyes and saying; Oh here he goes......)

First off at a young age, one of my teachers told me that you learn more from listening than talking. Because if that, I spent most of my younger days being quiet and listening to what other people had to say. So through many years of listening I gained a lot of knowledge. (now you can't get me to shutup) The biggest thing I learned was that some people talk like they know what they are talking about but in reality, they don’t know much at all. There is a term for this but I will keep this post rated “G”. Let’s just say they are a kind of artist.

The second thing I learned from those “know it all” people is not to talk like you know all about something unless you really do. What I mean by this is don’t try to come across as an expert on something unless you really are. Now I have to tell you at this point that if I need to, I can bluff my way through a situation. I won’t try to do this unless I get pushed into a corner and I don’t like doing it but I assure you that I can bluff when I need to. Especially when I know I won't get caught.

The last thing I learned is not to speak unless you have something to say. Some people talk just to hear themselves talk but I try not to talk unless I have something to accomplish. And I usually analyze what I am about to say before I say it and decide if I even want to talk at all. This is all done in a split second so sometimes I do let a little mindless dither slip out. I assure you that I am going somewhere with this post.

So what does all this mean? My mind is usually going a mile a minute. I have ideas popping into my head every split second. Of those thoughts I probably weed out about 99% so you, the listener are only hearing a small portion of what I have to say. So after my thought go through my filters, usually only the best thoughts make it out so yes I am usually right. I weeded out all the wrong ideas before you heard them. Which leads me to a story.

Many years ago, my wife and I were down in Florida visiting my Father. On this occasion, my brother decided that he wanted to take us fishing. (he knew dad had beer and hoped that he would bring it along) He was half owner in a boat and wanted to show it off. Before I finish the story let me say that the reason he was only half owner was so that he would have someone to blame if the boat was dirty, out of gas or wouldn’t start. By being only a half owner things were never his fault.

So we start getting the boat ready and guess what. The OTHER owner didn’t leave the life preservers in the boat so we had to borrow some from a neighbor. When we got to the river, the boat motor wouldn’t start because the OTHER owner hadn’t charged the battery so we had to jump it. After we got the boat running we headed down the river and discovered that we were low on gas due to the OTHER owner using up all the gas. No big surprises here.

Well we were passing a marina and I spoke up (notice I am speaking here so everyone listen) and said; “Stop and I will put some gas in the tank so we will have plenty.” My brother picked up the almost empty tank and said; “No we have enough.” Big mistake on his part. Now the marina was only about 50 ft away and I insisted that we stop for gas but my brother kept insisting that we had enough so he passed the marina by. Finally I just gave up and said; “whatever”.

So we get about 10 miles down the river and the motor starts running rough. My brother picks up the gas/fume tank and realizes that we are about out of gas. We made it to a boat landing but there was no gas station there. So my brother said; “Looks like WE have to go find a gas station. I replied; “No, YOU have to go find a gas station I offered to buy gas back at the marina.” Long story short, he had to walk about 2 miles each way carrying two 5 gallon tanks of gas and man was he mad. No one would give him a ride because he had really long hair which was out of style by the way. By the time he got back, it was too late to do any fishing so we just had to drive back home.

He should have listened to me….. I was right. Now before I leave you let me say this since my wife always hates it when I say I am right. She also urged him to stop for gas when I did but he was just not willing to listen. By the way, the Prophet Jeremiah was right too but people wouldn’t listen to him either. Hmmmmm maybe I should be a prophet.

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Butterfly morning

I really love my new camera. I also love zinnias and butterflies. And when you put all three together this is what you get. I recently planted some new white and yellow zinnias. The butterflies love them. This morning my entire front yard was full of butterflies. In addition to these yellow and orange butterflies, I spotted a Small back one and also one Monarch butterfly. They left before I could get the camera but at least I got these. I hope you enjoy your Sunday and these pictures. If you turn on your sound you will hear my pond fountain which is hidden inside these Mexican Petunias. I could sit there and watch them for hours.

Have a wonderful Sunday, Greg

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The calm after the storm

Well we made it. We had a lot of rain last night but the highest winds topped out around 15 MPH. Not much of a storm if you ask me. The weather this morning is cool and clear. I do appreciate everyone's concern though. The next one may not be so kind. So this morning the only evidence that we had a storm was a few extra leaves on the deck and the pool level being high. The goggled weather man is back in hiding until the next storm appears. But here is a short video I took this morning. The birds sure like this cooler weather. I need a blind so that I can get in really close. Can you identify the true kinds of birds in this video?

Have a great day,


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weather report

By the time you read this, we could be ankle deep in water from Hurricane Hanna. Well we could be but probibly not. The latest report says that the storm will pass us to the east and all we will get is some rain and a little wind. That is ok with us though because I really didn't want to do that evacuation thing. Now if you watch the weather and the storm happens to make landfall south of Charleston, say a little prayer for us. Right now though the winds are calm and all is well on Wadmalaw Island. I got the goggle idea from that fake "weather authority" AKA JC of the Weather Channel.This is my first video so please be kind. If this works there will be more to follow.

Have a great day,

To Believe or not to Believe, That is the question

OK enough talk about The Weather Channel being the "Hurricane Authority". They are no more the Authority than I am. In fact I have more experience so if I were you, I would listen to me before I would listen to them. Here is how they work.

They start out making a broad prediction about where the storm will go and how strong it will get. Then each day, sometimes several times a day, they change their prediction to adjust for their inaccuracies. As a storm gets closer to land they narrow their prediction. When they storm actually hits land, they make one last prediction and yes yes yes they hit it right on the head and got it right. I for one can see right through this smoke screen.

Just last week they predicted that Hanna would brush by Dominica and head up along Florida and then hit land somewhere between Brunswick and Savannah. Then much to their surprise, it stalled around Dominica and now it is heading towards North Carolina. They have made this new prediction this morning and they are sticking with it until she decides to do something differently. I tried to go back and look at their original prediction but they have conveniently erased it because it was WRONG.

Many years ago, they predicted that Hugo would hit around Brunswick but it instead turned toward Charleston. It is actually a good thing for me that it did because I was living in Georgia at the time and planned on riding it out in our Mobile Home. For those that forgot, Hugo wasn't that strong the day before it hit Charleston. Last week, they were predicting that Ike would go into the Gulf and now they are predicting it will go up the east coast of Florida similar to Hanna.

My point is this. The Weather Channel people are just making educated guesses based on historic weather patterns. No one can predict what will actually happen to one of these storms so be ready. Ike looks like a bad one. If you live on the coast have your things ready to leave if you have to. If Ike comes, I will go. I didn't get a chance to finish my video last night so I will try again tonight.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Preparation H

Oops, I meant to write H Preparations. Those are two distinctly different things. The H stands for Hanna or Hurricane or the ever popular "Hunker down". Since many of you have never been through a Hurricane, I thought I would do a series of posts as a public service to my fellow Bloggers. I did a video last night with my new camera but since I am still learning how to use it, I totally messed up. The video came out great but I had it on the highest quality setting and Blogger wouldn't let me load a 125M video. I will try again this evening and try to get the settings right.

Well here we sit waiting on Hurricane or Tropical whatever Hanna to arrive. Right now the skys are clear and the air is cool and no one would suspect that a storm was bearing down on us. The last advisory that I saw put Charleston right in the center of the projected path. Our company is already making preparations and I am ready at my house. I still have to pick up some light things from my yard and porch but in general, I am ready to face the storm.

They are predicting that Hanna will be a category 1 Hurricane when it hits. For those who have never been through a Hurricane, that means no big deal. The worst thing that will happen is a lot of rain and maybe some minor damage. Hey that's what I have insurance for. And to tell the truth, I am ready to stick it to the insurance company. Now some people are planning on leaving no matter how minor the storm is but there is a bigger chance of getting killed on the highway, escaping the storm than staying. My cutoff point is category 3. Anything below that, I am staying and anything above, I am leaving.

I remember living through Hurricane Donna back in 1960. It was a category 4 and we lived. I went outside in the eye and got to play for about an hour. Then Mom made us come back inside to get ready for the other half of the storm. And there were lots of other storms that hit us growing up in Florida. So what does that make me? The REAL Hurricane Authority. Move over Weather Channel.

Have a great day, and stand by to Hunker Down