Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tag I'm It

I can't believe it. I was hit from two sides and I think that is illegal or something. Thanks queenie and chels. Actually I am not sure of the rules but I will do my best to do my duty to God and Country, wait that was boy scouts, let me get my thoughts together.

Ok I haven't been blogging for very long. I got started because I used to have a website and I had heard that one of the best ways to promote your web site was to Blog. Ok now I deleted my personal website but I am still blogging so how smart is that? I actually found out after I got started that it is a great way to relieve stress and say what is on your mind in kind of a free speech area. The nice thing about this blogging is that if you get comments you don't like, you can just delete them. Not that have done or would do that. Ok let me think of who has influenced me on these blog pages.

First of all do I now need to pick 10 people or can I still do 5 but do them twice? I really don't know the rules. I have decided on 7 because that is my lucky number.

1.I have many different sides and needs but my biggest passion is gardening and one day I decided to search the bogs for nice gardening sites and I found one. I want my gardent to look like hers. So if I want to escape to a land far away so I go to visit A Wildlife Gardener We have a lot in common because we both love to garden and do positive things for the earth. it was one of the first sites I visitied when I started blogging so in a sense she started me blogging.

2. Sometimes I need spiritual uplifting and I go visit T. I visit it much more than she knows because sometimes I read and don't comment. So "T" just remember there may be a lot more people reading your blog than you know so keep up the great work. I highly recommend visiting her if you need someone to talk to.

3. I found this blog quite by accident but fell in love with the pictures. I love her works and visit this site every day. annie shows us what life is like where she iives and her pictures are what inspired me to start taking photographs again myself. She was and is a true inspiration for me. I love her photographs.

4. One day while I was surfing the blogs I cam upon apple and her site this and that. Now she has teamed up with her sister but I am still counting this as one blog. She also takes great photo's and loves to garden. If you want to spend a few quiet moments taking a walk down memory lane or find out about geaneoplogy, please visit apple.

5. Another favorite blog of mine is about a place that I never thought I would be interested in at all. Lori showed me that there was beauty in NY City of all places which doesn't seem possible for for a true southerner. She is such a classy lady and takes some of the best photo's I have ever seen. She always has a unique way of looking at things too. So if you want to see something pretty in NY City check out Lori, oh her pictures are pretty too. :)

6. I do have a dark side too vull of humor that I occasionally let out, When I do want to let it all hang out, I go visit Beth, She is a really sick individual but I love her humor and she makes me laugh. Woff woff. I think in our past lives we were two dogs in the same litter. I can always count on her for a good time.

7. Have you ever heard of someone with an infectous smile? Well mayden is that person, If I am really down, I just drop in and check out one of her funny videos. Seeing her smile makes me smile and I really need that. Thanks Mayden.

Ok so that's it, I am quiting with 7. I hope that is ok but then no one told me any rules :)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for putting up with me



Lori said...

Greg, you are so sweet to include me!! Thank you for your nice comments!! I'm glad you enjoy my site. Have a nice and well-deserved vacation! :-)

T said...

thank you Greg! that was a wonderful thing to say! and now I really have to keep it up........LOL.
things have been rather busy here but I will try to bring everything up to par.
great site you have!

Apple said...

Thanks for the compliments! I hope you enjoy what ever is left of your vacation. We've finally got sunshine and warmth so I'll be working in the garden for the first time this year today.

Queenie said...

Well done greg, thanks!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Greg- you are just soooo sweet!
Thank you :)

somebody said...