Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blonde moment

I must be really tired today. I didn't get much sleep last night and I am having trouble staying awake. So like any good employee, I decided to blog hop a while. So I go to visit queenie and one of the things I like about her blog is the video that she has playing. Actually I love everything about her blog. Well I had my sound turned down because I was listening to Cora yesterday of Maydens Voyage fame. She has this really great video of herself telling a joke and I needed laugh. In fact I need another one so I will go listen to her tell it again. Anyway. This video starts playing and for some reason a song came on the radio in my office that was pretty loud. So I am watching the video and listening to the radio and trying to get the two to synchronize but it aint working. I had the radio on a easy listening station and they were playing a cross over country song but the video had a black man singing. I am thinking to myself. Wow the next Charley Pride. Duhhhhhhhh Ok I am awake now. Have a great day,



Queenie said...

Thank you for that nice comment, you can be ever you want to be if you say nice things like that. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. I find a huge mug of Horlicks helps me, or a good bottle of wine (not all to myself, of course..

Gardener Greg said...

Horlicks??? I am not sure what that is but it sounds inviting. :) Thanks for the advice.


Mayden's Voyage said...

You are so funny :)

"what, what?"
I still laugh at myself everytime I watch it!

Anonymous said...