Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is this thing working?

Is anyone out there?

Do you ever wonder if anyone is really listening to you? Hello, yes I am talking to you. I do wonder about this a lot. I know sometimes when someone is talking to me I will tune them out and not really listen. I don’t do that when it is something important though only when it is useless dribble. You know when it gets to that blah blah blah stage.

I have been dealing with this eye/stress problem for about 6 months now and telling everyone I know about it. The strange thing is it started right after I had a tooth surgically removed. Everyone said I was crazy for trying to tie the two things together but I had a gut feeling they were connected.

So yesterday I had a free moment and I again for the umpteenth million time did a Google search to try and self diagnose my problem. I stumbled across the web page about TMJ and guess what? It listed all my symptoms and said they could be caused by jaw misalignment from an oral surgery. Hmmmm didn’t I say that three months ago? Next I tried some jaw relaxing exercises that I found on another web site and my symptoms started to go away

Last night I called my sister just to chat and I told her I thought I may have found the source of my eye problems. As soon as I mentioned the correlation between that and my jaw she said TMJ. Now I know I discussed my theory with her before so why didn’t she say something back then. So next I go to DW and tell her the whole story from the beginning and guess what she said? You mean TMJ? Duh, am I the only one that didn’t know what it was called?

I may as well have been talking to a brick wall. I guess everyone knew about it but me. If you are listening have a great day,



Annie said...

You raise the issue, I think, of trying to describe symptoms to others. I think many physicians and other diagnosticians are challenged by their patients' inadequate words or poor understanding of how to organize their thoughts about the symptoms they suffer. Maybe that's what happened to you. You tried to describe what was going on but others didn't have much of a framework for understanding. You searched out information on the web and learned how to organize your thoughts and words and then, voila, others "understood" what you were suffering.

Frustrating, isn't it, to have to go through this process to figure out what's wrong. But wonderful, too, isn't it that there is now a ready source of information for searching out answers.

Congratulations to you for figuring it out.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I have a few friends that do that to me. I think they're listening, and then I either get cut-off by something about them, or I know they are only saying, "uh-huh", just to pretend they are totally comprehending every word I say. When I know they are not. That crap is frustrating.

Glad you figured out the problem, and found something that helps to fix it. Are you gonna go to your doctor/dentist to get it checked out at all?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Huh? Sorry, were you talking to me?

Lori said...

Well, at least your eye is better! Yes, I am guilty of being a bad listener sometimes. I tend to zone out. You raise a good point. Isn't the internet good for helping us learn about our symptoms.

Gardener Greg said...

Now I am starting to wonder. When I go to the doctor and tell her what is wrong and she leaves the room for a moment. Is she in her office doing a quick google search?

Queenie said...

I'm all EARS!!!!
I have the same problem here, what really gets my goat is when they say you "never said anything", Grrrr.

Bardouble29 said...

Intently listening!!!

I try very hard to be a good friend and really listen, cause I hate when people don't listen to me.

Anonymous said...