Friday, May 11, 2007

Myths and stereotypes

As Americans we are probably the worst people to stereotype others. I try not to do it but sometimes it just happens. Like when you see a policeman in a doughnut shop drinking coffee. You know they hang out there all day. Do you ever hear of anyone robbing a doughnut shop? Well I did one time but it was a place down in Jacksonville Florida and it was a topless doughnut shop so the police weren't allowed to go there. I always wanted to try their coffee. Wait where was I?

Oh yes the stereotypes. Yesterday, I was asked to give some executives from Japan a tour of the plant. I met them and went to shake their hands and one of them just bows. So I bow back. Was that proper? Who knows? Anyway I start the tour and yes you guessed it, one of them asks if he can take pictures. Do these guys take pictures of everything? All 4 of them had cameras. Enough said about that.

OK the myth. I have always heard that "they" are small in certain areas. I don't know where that came from, perhaps the same place that "blacks are bigger" started, who knows but I tell you I have heard it. Anyway, after the tour, I am handed a thank you present. It is a long cloth pouch looking like some kind a warmer or something and I am thinking wow what a nice gift although I hardly know them well enough to take something so personal. Well they leave and after examining this pouch, I am very flattered with the length (12") but it is only about 3/4" across. I am trying not to get insulted and thinking, it's going to be a tight fit but then......never mind bad joke. I am pleased though that they gave me any gift so I show it to a co-worker and she says "what a pretty chop stick holder" Oops my mistake.

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Bardouble29 said...

LOL...that was so funny. It is always hard to know what is proper when dealing with another culture.

I am SO guilty of stereotyping people, and am really working on not doing that.

Sharon said...

Now that's funny!!

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

LOL, oh my goodness, and I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!!! That is a great story!

Sian said...

Wow never heard that stereotype before! Blushing (and laughing) over here in Wales

Anonymous said...