Sunday, June 24, 2007

5 questions

Here are 5 questions for Dawn and Just me and anyone else who dares to take the challenge. There are no rules to go with my questions except that you have to answer them truthfully. If you don't, I will cast a terrible spell on you. :) Well if I could cast spells I would.

1. You are down to your last dollar. No job and no one to ask for money. What will you buy with it? ( I would go for the lottery ticket)

2. You decide to take a cross country bus trip. Who do you want sitting beside you and why?

3. You inherit a million dollars with the stipulation that you spend it on something other than yourself. What would you spend it on?(no family either)

4. What is the worst thing you have done in a public place? Where was it. (example: Passed gas in church)(no I Have never done that, it was that little old lady beside me, she did it)

5. Who was the most taboo person you ever fantasized about? (For me it was a preachers wife.)