Friday, June 8, 2007

Excuses excuses!!

I am so glad they let that wormy little girl out of prison. I felt so bad for her not having a cell phone and all. I bet being without it for three days was pure hell. I know if I ever had gotten picked up for DUI I would have been given the same treatment.

The same goes for drug use. I am sure if I ever get caught using drugs here at work, they will rehire me and forgive me completely like the do some politicians.

And I am also sure if I ever take liberties with some of the girls here at the office,(in my office) they will overlook it and oh yes, my DW will stand my by side through it all.

I heard the other day that a lady is suing because she is a lesbian and they don't cater to lesbians. Is this true?

A local guy is accused of mishandling investments. He took large sums of money from friends, churches and schools and now doesn't remember what he did with the money. (over a hundred million dollars) He was arrested and now his friends want him released because he is a nice guy. Some even said they would reinvest with him again.

Am I the only one that sees a problem here? With my luck If I ever get arrested I will end up with a cell mate on Viagra. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave it to prisoners.

Have a great day, I will have some big news soon and also some new pictures.



Bardouble29 said...

OMG---I have to catch my breathe from laughing so hard...Love the line about hte guy being on Viagra.

Isn't that just so true.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Amen, broth-ah...Amen. All I can say is I'm glad her 90lbs. butt is back in a cell block. It's amazing what "status" can do to a person.

Queenie said...

I just dare not even start talking about it, my blood boils at the unfairness and double-standards shown to those chosen few. Shouldn't they know better, they have luxuries other have never imagined (I better stop).

Queenie said...

Started to get carried away there, forgot to say looking forward to the big news and photos..

just me said...

With luck, you could be in an 8-bed cell block with all the guys on Viagra. Sunday would be a double duty night, I guess. Not funny...yes it is. lol...I don't get it either. Did anybody ask what the guy was collecting money for? Makes me think of Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven.

Oh, poor Paris. Her saga goes on. Seems like she violated her parole twice? In Virginia, that's just cause to fry your ass...yes, we have ole sparky.

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks for the visits and comments. Poor old me is stuck in Daytona Beach, boo hoo poor me, I have lots to write when I get back


Barb love the new pic

Anonymous said...