Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I asked for this, What was I thinking?

I volunteered to answer 5 random questions so here are my answers.

1. You are given one million dollars to plan a bloggers get together. Tell us where, when and what your party is all about.

I think I would like to have the get together on a cruise ship. It would be fun to have it there so everyone could get to know each other. It would be a Mediterranean cruise so all of our European friends could join us. We would have a lot of fun but we would also discuss world problems and come up with real solutions which is something our leaders don’t seem to be able to do. No one could be on the ship unless they had their own blog.

2. Describe a perfect day in your life. What would you be doing? Where would you be?

I never seem to get to really relax these days. I would like to have a day just to lay by my pool and relax. I would like it to be about 80 degrees, with a light breeze. No clouds in the sky. And NO bugs. I would have some island music playing (reggae) and a nice tropical drink in my hand. (Non alcoholic of course) I would like some suntan oil that smells like coconut and have my favorite bathing suit on. (aka birthday suit) so you better make some noise if you drop by. I will be in my hammock. I am looking for volunteers to be the oil girl. :)

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

I guess that would be the time I was up in Wisconsin with some friends. This friend that was from that area took us up to some cliffs where people were jumping off into a river. Like a wise ass that I was, I ran my mouth because there was a guy up there that was hesitating to jump off. Of course there was liquor involved and several nice looking ladies there watching. So the guy stepped down and said “if you are so brave, you go first” I climbed up where people jump and one of the girls said “he’s afraid too” so to prove I wasn’t, instead of jumping, I dove. The water felt as hard as a rock when I hit it and it about tore my arms off. My forehead was beet red and my arms ached but I managed to make it to the bank and climb out, No wonder people were just jumping and not diving. Wow was that stupid but al least I can now say I have gone cliff diving, I wouldn’t do it again.

4. If you could change one single thing in your life right now, what would it be?

I would have finished my degree. I was within one credit of getting my bachelors degree but never finished. I went back after a number of years but they said that some of my credits had expired. Now more have expired and it is too late. I no longer have the energy. I think I have lost too much grey matter.

5. You can choose 5 bloggers to spend six months in a locked house with. Tell us who and why them.

Ok first of all Why only 5? I want more. Of course they would all be female. I just don’t get into that male bonding thing. I did ask for this too so here goes:

I would pick Cora (Mayden’s Voyage). She is the only one I have actually met and we did get along well. She is fun to be around and I know we would talk about anything and everything including the others in the house. I think we would talk until I lost my voice. She has such a happy smile and I love it. I know I would have at least one sure friend.

I have always liked artists so I would like to have Lori (missbinnyc) in the house too. Artists are deep thinkers and I have this feeling that she is a very deep person. I can see it in her work and would love to get to know her better. She could tell me all about the big city too which fascinates me. You know those small town boys and big city girl fantasies.

I would love for Evalinn (stock city girl) to be there too. I don’t know much about her because I just started visiting her blog but I am in love with her hair. If she is in the house, I better have lots of nice hair brushes. No I don’t have a hair fetish but I may develop one. She reminds me of someone from long ago. (the hair anyway)

Jenny(blog this) would be there just because I get to pick anyone I want. Those blue eyes are the devil and I have this feeling that what’s inside is more of the same. She doesn’t mind saying what is on her mind and never holds back. She is a little young but I wouldn’t let that stop me from trying. (hey this is my fantasy so back off) Just reserve some time for me between midnight and 6 am.

Last but defiantly not least, I would love to have Barb(bardouble29) there with me. She is the one that asked me these questions in the first place and I find her very mysterious. I would love to find out what makes her tick and 6 months should give me enough time. She has the little girl look kind of like Mary Ann from Gilligan’s island. Want to play castaway little girl? I will be your professor. :)

Ok that’s it. If anyone else would like to take the challenge just let me know. That is if you are up for some interesting questions.



Bardouble29 said...

Greg...Love the answers...Thanks for playing along!!!

Your perfect day sounds wonderful!

Jenny! said...

I am honored and would love to spend time with you! I dig old dudes!!!

Jenny! said...

I would be your oil girl, but only if you oiled me don't get without giving!

Lori said...

Greg, it's never to late to finish your degree! I saw on the news the other day a 90-something year-old woman getting her degree. You're never too old...
P.S. Thanks for inviting me to be in your fantasy house! We would all have a fun time, wouldn't we. And I like the idea of the cruise too. That would be something!
P.P.S. I'm actually not an artist, but I work for an arts organization. Maybe that means I don't get to be in the house after all...

And on a serious note, I was so sad to hear about those firefighters in Charleston. That's where you live right? What a terrible tragedy.

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks Barb. I am glad you liked the answers.

Jenny Darn If I have to oil you up first then so be it, I am a giver.

Lori you are still invited. You are an artist and take very beautiful pictures. Yes that was tragic about the firemen. I know several firemen on those squads and fortunatly none of them were intured or killed. It sounds bad that they risked their life in a furnature store but right next door is a gas station and they didn't want that to go up. I used to drive by that building about once a week. We bought some of our furnature there. It hit very close to home,

Jenny! said...

Well, I don't want to force you or anything! Geez!

Sian said...

Hey! Why wasn't I invited? :)

Mama en Fuego said...

Crazy and Wisconsin are just a given.

Gardener Greg said...

Jenny there was sarcasm in that statement. I want to go first :) Ok Sian you can come too. Ok everyone is invited. :)

dawn said...

Greg I like your answers and have decided if you would like to question me I'd be up for it . Let me know.

Gardener Greg said...

Ok Dawn let me come up with some good ones, :)

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Glad you survived your cliff-dive. Drunk or not, I don't think I would have had the guts to do it!

And cruise sounds nice!

dawn said...

Have a really great weekend

just me said...

I never get picked for anything, I'm so depressed now, I guess I'll go sit on my bed with my cats, and cry, and shit, and boy that Greg guy is so mean, just because I'm old like he is, ....Oh, did I write that...! I thought I was just brainstorming:) I really liked your answers. Great post! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...