Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smile it's contagious

Lately, I have begun going out of my way to be nice as kind of a social experiment but also because I just like being nice. You would be amazed at the responses I have been getting. I am usually a nice person anyway and hold doors open for people and say please and thank you but I have started taking it further. I now hurry a little bit to open doors for people and ask if people need help. I complement people if they look nice or have a nice smile, I also make sure to speak to anyone I pass on the street even though they may be avoiding eye contact. So if a stranger passes you on the street and says hi, it may be me so please say hi back. I promise I am not trying to borrow money, :)

Have a great day. Smile it looks good on you,



Bardouble29 said...

I love it!! I am the same way! I say hi to everyone... I smile at people and hold open doors. There are so many people who look at me like I am crazy.

Superstar said...

The last social experiment I did, was the "elevator violation"...
I did not violate in the elevator
~shakes head~
OK here is what you do...
You stand at the front middle and face the back. Look and make eye contact with those in the elevator.
Watch them suffle look at you nervously, and keep lookin' up at the numbers.

I do enjoy it even today. ;o)

~makes peace sign~
Yo you Rawk on dude!

Kati said...

I do that at work, too.... (and try in my life outside of work) and I have started getting a lot of comments about what a pretty smile I have. I'm not used to hearing that. But it's amazing what a smile and a genuine "how are you doing today" does to people. And they usually leave me smiling themselves. LOVE that feeling!!!!

And what a nice way to put positive energy and a sense of common civility out into a world that's lacking in both!!!! Glad to see you & other people making the effort as well! It's nice to know that you're not the only one doing something, huh?

Sarah said...

you area brave soul. I have seen so many people get yelled at and even ignored for attempting such odd behavior like being nice. Maybe it is just because CHicago is big and usually when someone is being nice to you it is to distract you from the other guy stealing your wallet, but it seems like dangerous work!

Best Wishes!

dawn said...

I think you, I and bardouble are cut from the same cloth. Have a great weekend

Queenie said...

Ever since I was a child I've smiled and said hello to folks. I always my mother saying "who was that", I said I didn't know. I had a good ticking off, and was told not to speak to people I didn't know. Good job I took no notice or else I couldn't blog.
Thanks for popping over seems an age since you paid a visit. Hope everything is good for you have a brill weekend.

sAssY brOwn said...

Great advice!

Lori said...

We should all try to be nicer and smile more. Good advice!

Gardener Greg said...

I had a little trouble this morning. The girl where I stop for coffee had a shirt on that said dumb and dumber on it and pictures of Bush and Bush on it. I wanted to aske who's pictures they were because I am betting from the looks of her, she wouldn't know. lol I wasn't able to ask though because she was on the phone the whole time she was checking me out. Oh well. She did have a lovely eyebrow stud and nose ring. :)

Anonymous said...