Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bumper stickers

I don’t know why people feel compelled to paste stickers all over their car. They used to be called bumper stickers but some people put them all over their cars so that phrase is out the window. I guess people just like to make a statement. Well I would like to make comments when I see some of them. Unfortunately most of these people are in a hurry and won’t roll their windows down to hear me, so I will post them here. These are some of my least favorite stickers with the comments for the people that have them:

The fish sign

I am not sure what this means. I am guessing it means that they belong to some secret fish society or something like that. When I see that one, I want to put a Nemo sticker on my car.

“My daughter is an honor roll student”

When I was in high school there was a girl that was always on the honor roll. She was very friendly with several of her male teachers. But then I am sure your daughter is just smart.

“Baby On Board”

This one always makes me drive safely. When I don’t see it, I drive like a maniac and see how dangerous I can be. This sign makes me take notice, especially when I don’t see the baby in the front or back seat. So where is the baby? In the trunk perhaps?

“Jesus is my copilot”

I have some bad news for you buddy. The copilot is supposed to be able to take over if something happens to the pilot. As far as I remember. There were no cars around in Jesus’ time. Perhaps this sticker would be better posted on your donkey.

“My other car is a BMW”

When I see this I have to wonder if the BMW has a sticker on it that says “My other car is a POS” That is usually where you find such a sticker…On a POS car.

“I (heart) Cats”

This makes me want to scream out “So do a billion Chinese but they aren’t advertising”

“No Fear”

I hate to tell these people that a little fear is a good thing. It should say “No Brains”

Well that's it for now. My pictures should be back soon. Have a wonderful day,



Bardouble29 said...

You crack me up...I hate bumper stickers too

Gardener Greg said...

Hey Barb, thanks for the visit. I am glad you liked it

Jenny! said...

I hate all bumper stickers...I find it trashy...the Honor Roll one's especially. I also hate the political will be over in less than 4 often do you buy a new car....after every presidential election so you can change you stickers???

dawn said...

Greg, I have a BMW and if my kid put a bumper sticker on it I would kick his butt. Liked the post

snowelf said...

I have a nine inch nails sticker on my car, but it's taped in the window on the glass because then I can remove it without damaging my car. I don't mind bumper stickers if it's one or two, but when it's 30 or so slathered all over the back--yuck!
(More proof that I hate clutter. ;))

That fish comment made me laugh SO hard. I am just as religious as most people, but I kinda dig the Darwin ones, you know, just because I am also VERY open minded and I hate having religion shoved down my throat. Usually the fish people have seven other I [heart] jesus things and I remember in SC it was very trendy to have a Jesus front license plate! That's just not for me.


just me said...

The fish thing has something to do with religion, I know that much. I like funny bumper stickers. Like, "You can't fire me! Slaves must be bought and sold."

What gets me is some of the personalized plates. I can drive myself bonkers just trying to figure out what the hell they mean.

Snow White said...

LOL Great post! You won't find a bumper sticker on my vehicle... but I do have a "Merry Christmas" magnet I put on the side during the Christmas season! :-D

dawn said...

Have a great weekend Bob

Kati said...

ROFLMBO!!! There is only one sticker I've ever seen (though not in person, other wise I'd have it) that I want to put on my car. It's the one that says "Freedom of Religion means ALL religions."

Dude, I DO love the sarcastic wit with which you respond to the presumptions of our fellow car owners. ;)

Anonymous said...


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