Thursday, July 19, 2007

CAR For Sale.

Why is it that whenever I hear a commercial for an automobile dealership, the hair stands up on the back of my neck and I begin foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog? To say the least they are annoying, aggravating and usually down right insulting.

Some of them try to be funny but usually they fall short of causing me to even think about cracking a smile. Who writes that crap? Definitely not a comedian I can tell you that. Those cute little skits they do make me want to puke. Some of them go on and on like a continuing story and really bore me. Does anyone out there think they are really funny or even go there to buy a car because of the humor?

And why do they feel they need to shout? I absolutely hate those commercials that the announcer shouts in your face. You know the ones that make you turn the volume down on your radio or television. Something like: “FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS ONLY WE WILL SELL ANY CAR AT ANY PRICE, YOU NAME THE PRICE…..DON’T ……PASS ……THIS……….UP.”

And that brings me to the next thing that I hate about them. Have you ever stopped and listened to what they are saying. Here are some examples:

“If you find a car anywhere for less, buy it”……Well duh if I know it is less somewhere else I am not going to buy it here.

“We will stay open until the last customer is served.”……That is good to know because I was afraid you would close up with me still in the shop.

“All credit applications will be accepted.” ….Oh they will accept them all they just won’t approve them all. Do they think we were born last night?

The final thing that really ticks me off is the disclaimer at the end of the commercial. They always complain about having a bad reputation as car salesmen but they always put the really fast talking guy at the end. If you listen closely you will find out that nothing they just said is for real and basically it was all said to get you into the dealership and you are on your own when you get there. So be ready.

Here are some tips to help you out and I guarantee will get you the best deal possible. . When you first get there let them know up front that you don’t go for that little “good guy/bad guy” routine between sales man and floor manager. Right up front, let them know that he needs to make all deals with you there with him. Of course he will refuse and then you need to cause a scene right there in the showroom. This works best with lots of people around. If they try to quiet you, get louder and start accusing them of trickery. Try to get others involved. If they get mad and refuse to deal with you, ask for a comment card and also the address of their corporate office. Usually they will give in around this time and you should ask for a really good deal on a car. If all goes well, they will give you a great deal just to shut you up and get you out of the office.

Good luck,


just me said...

Excellent advice. I can cause a scene as good as the next person. My son refuses to go to any complaint department with me. Tears are good too. Maybe not if your a guy, I don't know, but, for me, it really worked one time, but then they really upset me so much I was in tears. All about some ex-tended warranty plan.

Usually they have some sexy blonde standing beside the car, like they're saying if you buy the car she comes with it.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Or walk out. It's funny to watch the manager come chase you down and tell you that they just "realized" they are able to make that deal.

Or just buy a Saturn. No negotiations. It is what it is.

dawn said...

I hate car dealers I don't know how some of these people sleep at night. My oldest is the most knowledgable person on cars. He would make a great saleman but his one problem is he's too honest.Ironic huh, Have a great weekend Greg

Jenny! said...

You crack my ass up! I usually change teh station when those commercials come on...any comnercial for that matter!

Kati said...

*snickers* The hubby and I went in to look at a truck a couple of years back, and we played "good cop/bad cop" with the sales guy. The hubby being the one who was just in awe over this truck, and me the one who KNEW we couldn't afford it for nearly what they were asking. The real irony was that we didn't go in intending to buy the truck, we really couldn't afford it, but the hubby wanted to look, and got suckered into sitting down for negotiations. I wasn't TRYING to play "bad cop" to the hubby's god cop. They kept asking what it would take for us to walk out the door with that truck, and I was insistent that at most we could afford $1000 down, with trade-in, but that we couldn't afford more than $250 a month in payments. And I was of the opinion at that point that we didn't need THAT truck anyway (it did turn out to be a lemon, too, but the engine on DH's old truck was also about ready to go, and we did want to get rid of it before it became unsalable). The sales-guy kept trying to get me to go up by $100 a month, and I must've said a dozen times that no, there's no sense in us bothering with this truck because we can't afford it at your price anyway, and you won't come down as much as we need you to, so let's just go home. We ended up getting the truck at $260 a month, instead of the $350 a month they dealership origionally wanted. 2 years later, it was totaled as this HS-er pulled out in front of my husband at an intersection as DH was pulling past the stop-sign that the kid didn't stop for. Both cars were totaled, it was the kid's fault, and we ended up with a much better truck in the bargain. *grin*

Some VERY good advice there, Greg. You'd have hated some of the commercials we've had from one dealership in our town. The owner was of the opinion that he was one of the best-looking guys in town, and kept doing these cheesy commercial knock-offs of current movies. (Robin Hood, when Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was a brand-new movie; Matrix; and so many others I can't recall.) It was horrid, and the guy had to play the lead in each of the commercials, and he was BAD! (Not good bad, just BAD!) LOL It's funny now, but dang we all hated them. Thanks for the funny post!

gregra&gar said...

I'm not sure who is more irritating, car salesmen or car buyers. I'm sure the loud mouthed comedian salesmen think they are as funny as you think this post is. What is really bothering automobile worshipers is knowing they are choosing a model of death wish, environment polluting, isolation chamber transportation that costs more than a child and a half to maintain rather than support and use public transportation. It is so much easer to bitch about the addiction than cure it.

just me said...

gregra&gar, you sound like a really fun guy! maybe we can hang out sometime, go look at some used trucks or something, I've been checking out this hummer thing, gets about 2 miles to the gallon, but boy is it loaded!!

Gardener Greg said...

I am sorry you don't like my blog gregra. Thats the great thing about life, you can chose to like or dislike what ever you want. You can also chose to be negative or postive about life. I could spend all day finding things wrong with the world or I can look for the beauty around me. I chose to be positive and live my life with a smile on my face while I still can. I pitty anyone that can't smile.

Anonymous said...