Monday, July 2, 2007

M is for Monday???

Why is it we always dread Mondays? I know I do. I guess it is the whole work week thing and I also never know if I will have the weekend off. For me it is no different than Friday except that on Friday there is the "possibility" that I will have the next two days off. Nothing is ever written in stone around here. So to lighten up my Monday, I am going to come up with an acronym for M O N D A Y. Please sing along with me.

M is for the tons of Money I am making.

O is for the Others I love around here.

N is for the nice people I work with.

D is for the dedication my fellow workers have.

A is for the ample smiles on their faces.

Y is for the yearning they have to help me with my job.

Put them all together they spell Monday. Now don’t you feel better too?

What does your “M” stand for? Should I shut my door when I read this?



Jenny! said...

M-orons that make more money.
O-gres and trolls that walk the halls.
N-erdy tech guys that still can't fix my computer.
D-ickheads that stare at my tits.
A-ggrivation b/c everyones stupid.
Y-ack at horrible coffe in the breakroom.

Gardener Greg said...

lol good one Jenny, we must work in the same office. But I wasnt' staring at them, really I wasn't. :)

snowelf said...

Mad dash to get everyone ready in the morning

Oh! Yay! There's enough gas in the car!

New day, new opportunities!

Damn! I forgot to save my assignment to my flash drive! (okay, that was just today)

A chance to converse with real adults!

Yay! At least they go by fast! :)

And lucky me I don't have classes on Monday next semester! It's a nice little break until I'm back in the real world. :)


Jenny! said...

Then Tuesdays will be like your Mondays!

Jenny! said...

Sure you weren't staring Greg! Sure, I believe you!

Bardouble29 said...

I look at it this way...Monday puts me one day closer to finally having a day off.

Superstar said...

I worked in HR for a number of years and often we would start employee's mid-week. People would look at me funny...I would just say, "hey, there is nothing magical about a Monday"...I have been corrected...

Monday is not a good day typically because people are on a 24 hour rhythm...and stayin up late on Sat makes us tierd on Monday....

oldmanemu said...

Marvellous start to week
One more day
Naughty day for some
Dirty day for some
Another day for some
Your choice for this one

somebody said...