Thursday, September 6, 2007

Strange but true

This may all be a big coincidence with no meaning but for some reason I don't think so. It really has me spooked too so let me just throw it out and see what you all think.

This past Monday, I had the day off and planned on sleeping late but I woke up shortly after 5 am after having a terrible nightmare. In the dream, I was driving down a deserted interstate in the dark and came upon an accident site. It was right at an intersection which didn't make sense because there are no intersections on the interstate only on and off ramps. There were bodies laying all over the place and fires everywhere. It looked like a war zone too as trees were leveled everywhere like a bomb had gone off. As I drove along slowly, I noticed a young girl beside the road crying and asking for help, I drove back and forth beside her but I didn't know how I could help (in my dream) so I finally just drive on leaving her beside the road. At the next exit, I got off and parked right beside the road and just sat there. Another strange thing is I was driving a pickup pulling a very large sailboat. It was a really earie scene and quite real so I woke up with my heart pounding. It puzzled me that I couldn't help this young girl, why the trees were all down, where the fires came from and why I was pulling this big boat.

Tuesday when I got to work, one of the men that works for me had copied a news paper clipping that had to deal with emergency response. He printed it because it was a story about something that happened close to the plant where I work. The story was about an accident that happened on the interstate on Monday shortly after 5 am. It was a really bad accident and it involved a pickup trick that flipped and tossed several people out on the ground. It caught fire and they said the gas tank exploded throwing fire all over the place. One of the people that was thrown from the vehicle was a young girl. She was still alive and laying beside the road calling for help. A young couple stopped to try to help her but before they could get her to safety all three were hit by another passing car and the young girl died. OK I am really feeling funny about this now.

Thursday arrived and I can't get this out of my mind. My boss asked me to run an errand in town so I decided to take the interstate. On the way back to the plant, I passed the accident site. I could see where the fires were and they were similar to where they were in the dream. It was right at a very small over pass and there was a cross road that went under the interstate. Right beside the cross road sat a cross that someone placed where the young girl died and it was exactly where I saw the girl in my dream. They had recently clear cut the timber beside the interstate so all the trees were down and it looked like in my dream. OK now I am shaking as I head back to the plant. The next off ramp is the one I need to take so I get off. Right at the bottom of the ramp, parked beside the road is a small pickup truck that was pulling a very large sail boat. It is just sitting there with no driver.

Hmmmm what do you all think? Does it mean something?


Queenie said...

Oh! Greg how weired is that, I'm going to call my friend and ask her, she is really good at this sort of thing. If ever you dream about me only let me know if its all good.
I dreamt my dads death (car accident) three times before it happened just liked I had said, yet some say its usualy the oppisite of what you dream thats to happen. So glad it was a dream and your ok Greg, take care.

Kati said...

Dude Greg!!!! That's one trippy as hell dream, and definitely more than a little psychic meanderings going on during it. If you believe in a collective consciousness, it's possible to believe that your subconscious was tapping into that collective consciousness and you were seeing a mix of things that were happening (the accident itself) and would happen (seeing the truck with the boat as you took that road). Anyway, very trippy!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Whew...that is too much coincidence for me- I think it definitely means something.
(What is wrong with people when they drive up on an accident and DON'T slow down- good heavens! )

I think I'd have to find out something about the boat- who it belonged to and such. Seems to be the only clue left. Very weird.

I'm thinking of you- doesn't the new job start tomorrow? Hope things are going well :)
-Cora :)

Gardener Greg said...

Tomorow is my last day on this job so I am so excited. Wow you remembered. I am impressed.

Annie said...

You have the gift of aftersight, I'd say, which can be quite disturbing. But not as disturbing as the gift of foresight. I hope you weren't overly traumatized by this. Many don't ever say anything about these experiences but I think it's good to talk about them. It helps normalize the experience when others tell of their experiences. I've never had one quite like this though I have "heard" voices and have seen people out of the corner of my eye for a few days after deaths.

just me said...

Sounds to me like you've tapped into some pschic energy you were unaware of. Start reading up on it. And be careful babydoll. Don't know why, I just would. Amazing.

Lori said...

That's a very scary dream. Hopefully you won't have another one like it anytime soon! I hope things go well with the new job.
P.S. Thanks for trying to identify that flower. An Angel's Trumpet does make sense. I bet you are right.

dawn said...

Greg I am going to be honest, Holy Shit I would be totally freaking out. usually people get those preminitions when they know the person but thats what it was. Freaky
good luck with the new job!!!!
Have a great weekend

snowelf said...

Hey Greg, hope your new job is going well!! :)

I don't know if it "means" something, but I do think you experienced something very unique. Is this the first time something like this has happened to you?
This is the kind of stuff that happens to me a lot but on a lesser scale than yours, I just don't talk about it very often. It's a very odd feeling to say the least.

Huge hugs!!


Anonymous said...