Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I want to help but.......

This morning on my way to work, I stopped for a cup of coffee at a local convenience store. I always stop there as it gives me a few moments to wake up fully before hitting the heavy traffic and they do have great coffee. The place is very clean and bright inside but outside things are not so good. There are usually a few people hanging around having their last few beers for the night or possibly their first few for the day. This is at 5:30 in the morning mind you.

Today I was approached by a woman asking for some change to buy a soda. I would dare say that she has approached me over a hundred times asking for the same thing. She really doesn't want a soda. She just wants money. She probably doesn't even know that she has asked me before. Once she gets enough she heads back to the closest crack house and gets her fix. Soon she is back on the street asking for money again.

A year or so ago in that same general location a man came up and asked me for money. He said he had run out of gas and had no money on him and needed to get home from work. He showed me his ID which showed that he indeed lived a long ways away and he sounded genuine so I gave him the only two dollars I had. Not two weeks later at a different location, the same man came up with the same story and I just said NO.

When I was young, I would help deliver Christmas baskets to the poor with my church group. On one occasion, we left the food with the children in a home because the parents were gone. After we left, we realized that we forgot one bag of groceries so we went back. When we got there, the neighbors had gone in and were taking the food. Stealing from your own neighbors. What a shame.

The other night, we had a discussion about taxes. My son asked why we paid so much and who decided what we had to pay and where it went. I started thinking about all we do pay and all that is waisted on special projects. I wish there was some way to dictate where the taxes I pay go. It is hard for me to understand why we spend billions on things like the space shuttle or other countries when there are people HERE that need help. I don't recall saying that is where I wanted the money to go. What can we do? Where do you want your tax money going? Am I alone?


mystic rose said...

No, you are not alone, the govt, I guess, is made up of men with big egos and little touch with everyday reality. Really..when we cant fix whats here in our countries and on earth, why bother with space? I can understand the future potential of such programs, but besides looking good in terms of scientific and technological advances of the countries, and the bureaucrats' dossiers... ,what else does it do right now?

And true, what you say about when to help and who. And it seems that sometimes someone who is in genuine need might be turned away.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, yeah, I understand what you said that it could very well be the US of A, ( including irrelevant coverage and hype by media) . This is where Ive seen corruption and bribery legalised. and saying that is just a scratch .. to dig deeper, I think people have just given up on raising their voice.

Gardener Greg said...

I haven't given up yet but I am not sure what to do next. I really don't think that politicians listen once they are elected. If only there was a way to make them listen.

Lori said...

I agree that out politicians seem to be getting completely out of touch with reality these days. There are so many problems in our country that are spiralling out of control. I can relate to your frustration. At least people like you are wondering what can be done.

Patty said...

To help the starving and hungry people right here in the USA, and for medical help for children who have no medical insurance.

Around here, the real estate taxes is terrible, and the more you try to keep your home repaired and fixed, the more taxes you seem to pay. Makes no sense to me.

I also don't think the wealthy should be able to get so many tax breaks, the middle class people don't get the same thing.

snowelf said...

Whoa--that's a big fish you've got there. :)

My only gripe about taxes are this--and a bumper sticker at my school sums up my feelings. It says "It will be a great day when the schools have all the money they need and the military has to have a bake sale to buy a bomber."

Now, I am not against defense or the military--obviously I am a navy brat, but I think WAY more money should go into education than into all the other special projects. I also think we should be putting money into the systems that are working and need help, versus creating new ones.

that's my soapbox vent for the day. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Greg!

Janice Thomson said...

I agree too Greg. Here in Canada our education system and health care are the first to be affected by cut backs. To me education is the number one area that should be of concern and take up a good part of the tax dollar.
I so agree with Mystic, and have for many a year, that all the money spent on space is sickening when so much is wrong with earth. It's the same story the world over - politicians promise much before the elections and deliver little afterwards.
I wonder what would happen if the public 'went on strike' and refused to vote till the promises came true...

Kim S in SC said...

Thank you for making me stop and think! I am thankful that I can give my two cents worth next November. I hope I learn a lot more about each candidate so I can make a good decision.
Praying you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Praise Him! Kim

Kati said...

Certainly not alone in that, Greg!!! I'm totally agreeing with what Mystic rose said in her first sentence.

Anyway, wanted to stop & wish you & yours a very Blessed Thanksgiving!

Queenie said...

Its the same here Greg, like you I will help anyone but take objection to being lied to.

Wanda said...

No you are not alone...very insightful post.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

just me said...

Love the new look. Sorry I've been away so long. I agree with what you are saying. Too many people in this country are living from day to day, wondering whether they're going to be out on the street. It's crazy.

somebody said...