Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just plain wrong

I have read the movie reviews but have to disagree with the masses on this one. Everyone is raving about the movie "Ratatouille". The critics are saying the animation is superb, the voices are wonderfully done and the plot is delightful. Wake up people. This is about a rat in the kitchen of a restaurant. Am I the only one that sees a problem here? This rodent came from the sewers below Paris and who knows what diseases it is carrying not to mention more bugs that one can imagine. Did everyone forget about the black plague that they say was carried by rats?

This is a Pixar film which is a division of Disney. I dare say that if Walt was alive today, he would agree with me. What started out as a cute little Mickey Mouse is now a disease carrying rat in a kitchen. What's next Pixar? Oh I know, how about a roach that wants to be a doctor so he lives in a hospital and crawls all over the medications and such. Yes that is hilarious and wholesome. Yea right. This is why I don't go to movies anymore.
You think this is all ridiculous? Just wait until you little one wants a rat for a pet. Have a nice day.


Beth said...

I just have no desire to see this just seems stupid to me., I DO want to see Fred Clause tho...that looks like a very deep, intelligent movie...doncha think?

Greg said...

it does sound funny to me :) I want to see it.

Queenie said...

I've not seen it so I can't comment, dislike rats though.

Wanda said...

You are one of the funnest men that I read...whether serious or are funny!

By the way...I've been there done that. Years ago, my daughers had two white rats. Ashley Ben, and Cleopatra.

Keep me smiling, Greg, keep me smiling!!

snowelf said...

I didn't like Ratatouille at all...
I took the chilis to see it and they loved it, but I just didn't find it appealing. I think Pixar could have done a lot better. The animation is well done, but the plot really bored me and there were not very many funny parts at all. I kept rewriting the script in my head as I was watching it and when I'm doing that in a movie instead of enjoying it, I don't consider it a good movie.


just me said...

I like mice. The few rats I have seen were vicious little rascals. I kinda think rats are like everything else, being they are as clean as their environment.

My cats would love a pet rat.

USAincognito said...

Not fond of rats of any kind! And if I ever have children, they will never, ever own them as pets!!
BTW, I really like the pictures on the side of your blogsite with the palmetto tree. :)
QUESTION: Can a palmetto tree survive in the northern Midwest? Indoors or outdoors? I really want one!!!!

Gardener Greg said...

Most people do Queenie.

Thanks Wanda, I am glad I made you smile. There are too many pouting people these days.

Snow I usually wait until a movie comes out on video. When I go to a theater to watch one, all I can think about is how much I spent to see it.

Just me, my cats prefer birds over rats. I guess they are too hard to catch.

USA, I think they would have to be inside out west. Then it may not get enough sun. The tree on my blog is a banana tree and I know it will freeze. Ours are starting to dye back now and the bananas aren't ripe yet. :(

Rosy said...


Sounds like that would be good funny movie to see.

somebody said...