Monday, November 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

There I said it. I will say it again "Merry Christmas". How could anyone be offended with that statement? I saw on the news the other day that some town in Colorado is putting some restrictions on Christmas this year so as not to offend anyone. Things like only white lights and no tree visible from the street. I just don't get how it could. I mean the whole reason we celebrate Christmas is the birth of Christ right? So how could someone even think of separating Christmas from religion. This world has gotten so crazy.

In protest, I am putting up extra lights this year. I have my whole driveway lined with lights and a big star up in the air. And none of those silly decorations either like Snoopy or Charley brown holding a candle. I do however have a big frosty the snow man up on the roof. (remember free frosty) If any of the offends anyone, I suggest you drive by quickly and close your eyes.

Pretty soon the churches will have to take down their signs and crosses so that non believers aren't intimidated when they drive by. I can see it now, just a small sign that says "place of worship inside."


Janice Thomson said...

I so agree with you Greg! Even cards are saying Season's Greetings or Happy Holidays so as to not offend anyone - uh - offend who? This is the whole problem in the first place - taking religion out of our daily lives and only thinking of it on say Easter. No wonder the world is falling apart.

Kati said...

What gets me is NOT the fact that people want to say Merry Christmas, but that some people DON'T want to hear "Happy Holidays". Not that they're completely interchangable, of course, but when a person wishes you (in the general sense, not YOU in particular, necessarly) "Happy Holidays" can't you (again, general) just take it as inclusive of your Christmas and wish them good tidings in return???? I've wished people "Happy Holidays" only to have folks snap at me "Christmas IS NOT a 'Holiday'"!!!!! *shock* Well, if Christmas isn't a "Holiday/Holy day" then what the heck is it?????

Anyway, I wish folks "Happy Holidays" figuring that if they celebrate Christmas, great. Kwanza, just peachy. Hannukah, grand. Yule, fantastic. Ramadan, sounds nice. Christmakwanzakah or Festivus.... Sounds like fun. And New Year's as well. I just want folks to have a great time, whatever it is their celebrating, or even if they're NOT celebrating any holiday that has a name. "Happy Holidays" says it ALL, for me!"

So, if I wish you a Happy Holidays, please don't take it as me excluding Christmas or trying not to offend. I want you to have a great time, no matter WHAT you decide to celebrate! (Hell, personally, if I was going to go with what _I_ celebrate, I'd be wishing everyone a "Blessed Yule"!)

Patty said...

I agree, and Merry Christmas to you and your family, let the ones who want to say Happy Holidays do so, but don't tell me what I have to say. Just like the one article I read about Santas in Australia, they aren't suppose to say Ho Ho Ho, might offend someone, they should say Ha Ha Ha. Have you ever heard a Santa say Ha Ha Ha?

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks for the comments.

I agree with you Janice. Some people are only holy on Christmas and Easter.

Kati, Happy Fettivus to you too :)I love that one. But you have to wrestle me if you want to lead the celebration. :)

Patty, I heard about that. I tell you if my son sits on santa's lap and he starts in saying he he he he, I am calling the cops.

Wanda said...

Yeah Greg!!!! I'm putting out all four of my Nativity Scenes!! One on every coffee table!!! And in front of our Church...We have a large Cross, and at the foot of it will be the Manger with Baby Jesus, King of King, Lord of Lords and my personal Savior. That sermon was offering will be taken at this time!!

Merry CHRISTmas to All!!

Suz said...

Well said, Greg!

Kim S in SC said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I love all the lights, what better way to announce the "Light of the World" has come! Great post!
Praise Him!

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