Thursday, November 1, 2007

My predictions

First of all, my sympathy goes out to all those that lost their houses in the California fires, but the biggest hurdle is still in front of them. As was the case with the hurricane in New Orleans and the one in Charleston, we can expect some changes in insurance coverage. After these hurricanes, the three major insurance companies got together and changed some definitions. For instance now there is a difference between flooding and rain damage. If your roof blows off and rain ruins everything you own that is hurricane damage and not flood damage. If wind damage associated with a major storm is determined to be wind shear then you better have wind damage coverage along with hurricane damage. There are so many loopholes that one really doesn't know what will be covered.

Now that all these wild fires have destroyed so many expensive houses, I see the major insurance companies changing the policies to say that a house fire must start from within the house. In the future you will have to have wildfire coverage in addition to fire coverage to be fully covered. I can also see the policies changing to say that if you live next to a forest you must pay a premium for your insurance because you are in a high risk zone.

I have no evidence to back these theories up except past performance, but I dare to wager that as I write this, corporate executives are working on these changes. I will be amazed if none of this comes true but I would bet money that it does.

They tell you that the purpose of insurance is to protect you if something happens, but the real purpose of insurance is to make money for the insurance executives. Just remember that you heard it here first. Have a nice day,



Wanda said...

I'm sad to say I believe your predictions will come true! My friend's brother lost a home in that fire.

Queenie said...

It looks a nightmare on TV, its all so sad. What with our floods this side of the pond, mother nature eh!!!!!

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I totally agree with your theory!

snowelf said...

I totally agree. Insurance is such a crazy thing--you pay good money for a "what if" and then if it actually happens, they make it practically impossible to get any help. It's very sad.


USAincognito said...

Very true. I remember hurricane Hugo and what it did to change insurance there in Charleston, SC.

somebody said...