Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things that scare me

Here are my top three....

Number one in my list is going to the dentist. I have always hated going to the dentist because nothing good has ever happened to me in a dentist office. I mean there are needles, pain, blood, gagging and an occasional throwing up episode and I just can’t get past that sound of the drill. I know I am a grown man and shouldn’t be afraid of it but I am. By the way, I have an appointment this afternoon and am dreading it. I am claustrophobic too and I always feel like I am going to choke with all that stuff in my mouth. When I was young, my dentist was named Dr. Fang. The name alone says it all.

Number two on my list is spiders. There is something scary about a spider. I think they were created by the devil just to scare me. Once when I was very young, I got a big banana spider on my face and to this day I nave nightmares about it. They just look creepy to me and then there is that anticipation of the bite when they get on you.

Number three for me is heights but not just being high. I am afraid of being high and on the edge of something. I can climb to the top of the stack where I work and that doesn’t bother me but let me get on my roof and up to the edge and I get chills. I guess it is the falling that I am really afraid of. You know, the thought of knowing that it is going to hurt when I hit the ground.

The weird thing is I am not afraid of dying I just don’t’ want a lot of pain to go along with it. It is somewhere way down on my list of umpleasent things but way down there.

I associate those three things with pain and I just don’t like it. Any suggestions?

Three hours until my appointment. I am feeling nauseous. Does anyone have a Valium?


Lori said...

Dr. Fang! That is too funny! Don't worry about your appointment. Just think, tomorrow this time it will all be over!

Patty said...

Well by now your appointment should be over. How did it go?

I use to hate the dentist. In fact I told this one I would rather have a baby then come to see him, and he said, but look at it this way, a baby you have pain for the next 18 years at least, a tooth a couple of hours. Guess he was right. But I also only have eight of my own teeth left, so I don't have to see a dentist too often except for a cleaning.

Spiders, little ones don't bother me, but those big old hairy ones do, and I will hit, squash or what ever is necessary, unless they are outside and not bothering me. Anything inside is fair game.

Not too found of heights myself, when we went to the Biltmore House, I didn't even want to step out onto the balcony, it looked like it was just hanging in space.

Janice Thomson said...

I solved my fear of the dentist by realizing after years with infected teeth and awful pain that an hour at the dentist's would not kill me.

Spiders were once a problem too but as long as they stay away from my bed room, and specifically my bed, we can cohabit peacefully. However I would have a tough time living where there are ones that bite :)

The underlying basis of any fear, in the end, points towards pain which no human likes. Understanding the thought process, and memory, helps a great deal in eliminating a lot of pain.

Gardener Greg said...

Well I have good news and bad news. first the good news. I made it through the appointment without any pain. All he did was drill off the rough edges. The bad news is next week I have to go back for a crown. :(

Wanda said...

I agree, the Dentist is not favorite place. In fact when I was young I hated looking up into the big hairy nostrils of our Dentist...I don't remember his name, but he was probably Dr. Fangs brother.
Spiders don't bother me...but I hate snakes.
Heights I'm OK with to a point. Like the step ladder is OK>

Fun Post coming here for a smile or two.

T said...

okay confession time.... I have a whole in my tooth where a filling came out..... oh yah not going in!
nope not me
and what is a bannana spider? it sounds scary
not going up in a hot air balloon either!
thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

Glad it's over for now at least. I used to have a hygenist that I called the Tooth Nazi. I dread that place too. Spiders--I can stomp on, but don't come near me with a snake. I have a whole list of "what-ifs" if you get me started, but I constantly work to bring them captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor 10:5). It's the only way I find peace.

Kim S in SC said...

I'm still giggling about Dr. Fang! WEll, glad to hear it went well today. Fear was my middle name. I can probably name fewer things that I was not afraid of, but remarkably it was the pure exhaustion from fear that lead me to Christ! So in a way, I say thank you to fear! Have a great day Greg!
Praise Him! Kim

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks everyone for the pep talks. I will try not to be afraid and also focus on more positive things today. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I know mine will be like that. Oh and long time no see T. Welcome back.

Kati said...

LOL You and I share some fears. Namely spiders & heights (or, more precisely, the fear of falling from heights). Personally I don't mind the dentist till she pulls out the big needles, but then she doses me with laughing gas and I like her again. *grin* It's the needles I don't like, not the dentist in particular.

I hope your dentist appointment went well, and that you were able to get fixed what needed to be fixed, or at the very least, painlessly cleaned what needed to be cleaned.

Christianne said...

We share the same fears! My fear of heights has increased since my early 20s (never was afraid of heights before), but the fear of spiders has always been there. And the dentist is one of the worst places to visit.

Funny you mention banana spiders . . . I didn't even know they existed until earlier this month, when my hub and I tried to go for a hike on a Florida trail. You can read about it in my November archives -- I believe the post is titled "Outdoor Explorers."

Anyway, now that I know what a banana spider is, I can totally appreciate the TERROR you must have felt to have one on your FACE!!!! Oh my gosh, I think my heart would have literally stopped if that had been me. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(

Gardener Greg said...

I grew up in Florida and yes there were a lot of banana spiders down there. We have them here too but not as many.

somebody said...