Friday, December 7, 2007

Life isn't Fair !!!

I hear that a lot these days, especially at Christmas time. Life just isn’t fair. So what does it mean when someone says that? For starters you never hear people at the top saying that. I doubt if any corporate executive ever looked at their lowest paid employee and said that. No, it is usually said when someone sees that another person has something that they want. So in essence, they are saying “Hey, he got more than I did.”

So fair isn’t even the right word to be using. If you truly feel that way, then what you should actually be saying is “life isn’t equal”. I know you have heard the saying “No one said life was supposed to be fair.“ But just so that no one can ever say that again, I am saying it now. Life should be fair. So there you have it. I said it and you may quote me on that. Greg said “Life is fair” Notice I didn’t say life is equal, because it isn’t.

So who out there wants less? Not many of us I am afraid so what we need to change our statement again. Admit it, we don’t want equality, we want what they have. We want more. Now that that is out in the open, maybe we can find out why. Is it something we are born with or something that we learn?

Lately all you hear about on TV or Radio or around the office is Christmas. And what do most people ask? What are you getting for Christmas or what do you want for Christmas? We have all asked our children what they want for Christmas too and have gone as far as to have them make a list and tell Santa what they want. It’s all about want, want, want, want. It would be different if it were need and not want.

Can you imagine if you weren’t allowed to ask that question? What if no one was allowed to ask for presents at Christmas? What if all you could do was give gifts and not ask for any in return. That’s an interesting idea. What if this season was all about giving and not about getting? What if you could only give gifts to someone you didn’t know or to someone who couldn’t give you anything in return? Maybe give gifts only to someone that has nothing, just because you want to make them feel special.

Wow it would be kind of like giving gifts to someone else’s baby that you didn’t even know. Talk about not fair.


Janice Thomson said...

An excellent thought-provoking post Greg.
I concur with your thought - life is fair. How we act/react is what makes it unfair though many don't get that.
By personal choice I live an extremely simple life with none of the gadgets and doodads others have. Consequently whenever my children ask what do I want I ask them to give to the poor as I have everything I need and the few things I do wish for are not of a material substance. Thanks Greg for this wonderful reminder of what Christmas truly means.

Wanda said...

The Little Drummer Boy gave himself!! Greg this post makes you my hero today!!

Kim S in SC said...

Hey Greg. Great post, as always~! Thanks. Praying for you..In our weakness, He is strong! Praise Him,

Annie said...

I like the way you think, Greg. It would be a better world if we were more interested in giving. Did you ever read Magnificent Obsession? There's a story about giving, not getting, for you.

Kati said...

Tag!!!! You're "IT" Greg!!!! You've been "nominated" to answer a Meme. *grin*

Anonymous said...