Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Welcome 2008. I slept late this morning, the sun is almost up and I am still not dressed. I am enjoying my coffee and doing some blog reading though so I am not totally wasting my day. :) Before I get to today's announcement, let me tell you about last night. We got some fireworks and set them off in the front yard. My boys love them and they are legal in this state so not to worry. It was the last day of hunting season so the hunters were out in force. It was way past sundown and the hunters were looking for their dogs across from our house with loaded guns and whiskey on their breath. I think we might have disrupted their last chance to shoot a deer in the dark but then that is illegal anyway so I am not upset. When the first aerial bomb went off, trucks came screaming down the road toward us as the other hunters came to see what they got. OOPs sorry.

Ok here it is. After struggling with my 2008 resolution, it finally hit me. In my work, I write procedures to perform maintenance. Its funny, whenever something goes wrong on a job, it is usually because someone didn't follow the procedure or the instructions. I tell them: "Just follow the instructions written for you" If they had, chances are, things would have gone right. I put a lot of time in writing them and they are there to help and guide them through the job.

In my life, a lot of things are going wrong. Nothing big mind you, but little things that aggravate me and keep me on edge. There are people at work that are annoying, my weight problem, blood pressure due to weight, my health, loosing my temper over little things, etc etc. Then it hit me. I am not following the procedure. I have read it and used to know it quite well but to tell the truth, I have lost track of many things. Many of you blogger friends have reminded me of some things that I had forgotten. Thank you all. So in 2008, my goal is to read "The Bible" from cover to cover and not only that, memorize passages to strengthen me and improve my life.

That's it. I hope it was everything you imagined.

On a side note, I think I know which copy I will read. Years ago, I worked for a summer at a packing shed. On a slow day, the owner asked me to take some boxes of books to the dump for him and throw them away. Curiosity got the best of me and I glanced through the books before tossing them in the dumpster. First I found a "sailors companion" which was a book written in the 40's telling sailors about ports of call. It was quite rare. Next I found several navy books that I knew my son would love. There was one telling you what to expect on returning home from war and another on identifying enemy aircraft. I will share some of them one day. Finally deep down in the book was a Bible. I couldn't possibly throw these treasures away so I kept them.

Now let me tell you something about the owner of the packing shed. His wife's maiden name was Kennedy. She was somehow closely related to JFK. The Bible was originally given to one of the Kennedy's and had a name in it and the date. In several pages there were prayers that the owner was studding. Several were prayers devoted to JFK asking for strength and guidance for him as President. That tells you how old this copy is, I think it would be fitting that I read this copy. What do you think.

Happy 2008!!!!


Kathy said...

What a remarkable discovery! We frequent yard sales and you never know what you will find in the way of treasures. Hubby would have salivated over those books.
And if you are seeking peace, wisdom, and a path built on solid ground, I can think of no better guide book. All the best to you in the new year.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Hi Greg,

What a nice blog you have :) Thank you for stopping by mine. I enjoyed your post. Most interesting.

That's a great picture on your sidebar of you fishing. We had friends of our family that had a small summer cottage at the New Jersey Shore and we grew up fishing, although I don't know much about how to rig things, I sure enjoyed eating our Flounder catch with some tender Jersey corn.

And what a discovery you made with the books! The Bible certainly is the best book ever written because its author is the One who created this world and everything in it. I am amazed at the things God shows me about Himself through His precious Word.

One of the things He's impressed on me this last year is the truth that He always keeps His promises. I'm so glad God's Son, Jesus Christ, came into this world to seek at to save the lost. I am so glad to be found by Him. His love is everlasting and His blood cleanses from all sin.

May you have a wonderful New Year as you seek God's Word and His ways :)

Kim S in SC said...

Greg: Happy New Year! I can't think of a greater gift to yourself than to spend this next year reading HIS word. Isn't it cool that in someone elses throw-aways you found great treasure, but the treasures stored up for YOU in His word will be even greater! Thank you for sharing your goal! What a great one! I just know that God will bless you greatly as you spend time with HIM.

Jen said...

That is a fabulous resolution!!

Wanda said...

Oh Greg. I can't think of a better plan and what a great discovery you have made. It looks like you will be on track as you read your "Instruction Book"!
It been such a treat to meet you this year...look forward to lots of good conversations in 2008!

snowelf said...

I think it's a beautiful goal. And what a treasure you have to obtain it with.

Happy 2008

(who is not dressed either :D )

Janice Thomson said...

I love your honesty in realizing the very advice you hand out was the very advice you needed yourself - that is true humility Greg.
What a delight it must have been to find all those treasures - neat how things work out isn't it.
The best to you in 2008 Greg.

Christianne said...

I love your stories. They just keep getting better and better, in the way you tell them. And I'm glad you found a resolution for the New Year that rings most true for you.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

What a treasure you have there. And you can't have a better goal than that.

Suz said...

Greg, what a pleasure to meet you through your blog this year. May you find sweet times with God chewing on his word in 2008.

Kerri said...

Fantastic Goal Greg!!

Anonymous said...