Thursday, January 24, 2008

How bad do you want it?

Breaking news:

South Carolina is under attack. We survived the first surge of attackers but a second wave is now upon us. No it’s not a foreign country with weapons of mass destruction. This is something more deadly and underhanded. Yes I am talking about politicians and special interest groups. They are invading our homes and lives with a barrage of advertising in hopes of swaying our vote. Fortunatly, in a few days the Democrats will back off just as the Republicans did but be ready. There will be a third round.

The first problem I have with all these ads is the way they say them. “The American people want……” or “We want…….”. They presume that because a group got together with a common interest, all Americans feel the same way. Bad assumption! “We” often don’t agree with their opinion. In many cases “they” are a minority but want you to believe that joining their cause makes you part of a majority so you should jump on the wagon or be left out in the cold. Think for yourselves people and look a little deeper into the issues.

The other night there was an ad saying that “We need to stop the building of all nuclear power plants in the US. There’s that “We” again. The ad said that we should find out which candidate supported this view and vote accordingly. Another ad said that “we no longer need coal plants and should go to renewable energy sources like wind and solar power” Again the ad said to vote accordingly. A third ad said that “we need to cut our dependency on foreign oil” and also mentioned one candidate’s stance on the issue. All these ads centered on saving the environment and making this world a better place to live.

We all want that but how bad do we want it? The only reason the power companies keep making power plants is because people want power. If we cut back on our power usage, then there will be no need to make more plants. The power companies are not going to spend billions of dollars on a new plant if they can’t sell the power. Are you willing to cut back? Would you give up hot showers and substitute a lukewarm shower? Will you push the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter and live with being a little cold or hot? Will you give up your clothes dryer and hang your clothes on a line to dry them? These things alone would drastically cut back on power consumption.

Does your car get over 35 miles per gallon? If not maybe you should trade it in on an economical small sized car or do you want to keep that SUV because you like the space? Do you have solar panels on your house and a wind turbine in your back yard? Why not? Aren’t you concerned about the environment? These are all things we can do right now. Any of us can do them today. We don’t have to wait for the election to make a change. And you can control these things in your life.

Several candidates say they will “force” the power companies to go to renewable energy sources and do away with coal and nuclear. Who do you think is going to pay for this? That’s right the power companies will have to pass the savings along to the consumer and you can expect your power bill to double. Can you afford that? The candidates can, they are all wealthy. And do you really think a candidate that has ties to the oil industry is really going vote against their personal fortune and cut back? Would you?

So how far are you willing to go to save mother earth? You can act today or wait for the election and hope the new President does the right thing. After all they haven’t let you down in the past…or have they? If you put your faith in the future President you will surely be let down, Instead, put your faith in God and take action yourself.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.

Psalm 118:8

Have a great day,

PS I am Greg C and I approved this message. :)


Celticspirit said...

I aleady do as much as possible to live Green as they say...hang out laundry, keep heat down in the winter, air up in the on water etc. Lots of little things that add up.I know there is more than I can do as we all can do more...

Mom23QTs said...

Great Blog dad! I am moved that you feel so green. :-) I have tried to do things in my life to make me a little "mint" green so to speak, I'm not sure I'll ever be hunter green. I enjoy a scalding hot shower too much LOL. I've been very impressed with the integrity in my candidates ads so far, but you're right, they all need to chill out....FL is under attack now!

Kim S in SC said...

I love the post! You are right, we don't have to wait for someone to be President to make the changes in our own lives! SO , is this a "paid political announcement"? :)

Wanda said...

Greg if you were running for office...I would consider voting for you. ((smile))

You posts always make me "think" and thats good.

I believe you are right, we each of us did our part...what a big difference that would make!

ChrisJ said...

I say Amen to that verse. I wonder why it takes us so long to realize that only God can be fully trusted.

Angie said...

Greg C for President! You are so right about the underhanded methods of trying to influence the "sheeple".

There is a shaking going on that I believe is God-ordained. We can't put our hope in the economy, the president, even the earth that is passing away. Amen to that verse!

One day (soon I think) there will be a new heaven and a new earth. He makes all things new!

Lori said...

In some countries they don't allow political ads on TV. I wish that were the case here!

Christianne said...

You make a good point, Greg, about the danger of lumping everyone under the same banner. Made me think. Thanks!

PS: I'm glad I'm not privy to all those ads all the time since we don't own a TV. However, I do wish I could catch the full length of debates instead of watching clips of them on the internet the morning after.

Bina said...

You work for an electric company? Where at? I'm in Clarksville, TN, and we service five counties. I'm in the SCADA department and supervise the ten dispatchers and a SCADA clerk. We are moving into new offices today and we have a BIG screen that will display our mapping system, our new weather system which is really cool, and instead of these two big old radio consoles, we now have our radios on the computer. We are also leaving our Real Flex software behind and are switching to Survelient. A lot of changes in a little bit of time, but I've been in this room for 13 years and I'm ready for a change of scenery!

Barbara said...

We heard about the Carolinas being next on the list over here. Who do you wlant to win?

I'm thinking from my comments that very few people use their garage for cars.

Kati said...

LOL Personally, I think we're going to be screwed no matter who we vote for, at this rate. They're all bought & paid for by big business & various lobbies, and no matter WHAT they say about what "we the people" want, they'll go on about doing their own darned thing anyway. Personally, I'm all for razing the current political parties to the base and starting very literally from the ground up, putting unknowns & everyday citizens in office. And I think anybody who WANTS to be president, should be avoided at all cost. (After all, anybody who REALLY looks forward to running our country is not keeping the serious problems facing us in mind.)

Keep on preachin', Brother Greg. Even if I don't believe as you spiritually, you're sayin' a lot of truth! Many Blessings to you & yours this weekend!

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I have been a little busy these past few days. Work was hectic on Friday and I kept busy today as well. I do have two positive pieces of information to pass along. First, I got my boat back together and saved a bunch of money doing it myself. Second, today, we got DSS. No more slow dial up for us. We got a great deal by bundling our services with A T and T. I will post a new topic in the morning. See you then.


Margie said...

Hi Greg
I have a hybird, and I love it!
As far as the politicians go....I'm kind of sick of all the ads too!

I enjoyed this post!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...