Monday, January 21, 2008

It's official

That's right. It's official. No doubt about it. It's cold. Really cold. Being From Florida, anything less than freezing is cold but this is really cold. The thermometer said 23 this morning. This was verified when I went out to the greenhouse and the wet grass crunched below my feet. I had to light the heater in the greenhouse this morning because I knew the kids would be sleeping in and the fire would go out completely.

The kids have the day off. It is MLK day. We have to work here at this company as many people do. I hope UPS is working. I am expecting a package. I am posting about willpower tomorrow so please tune it. See you then.

Have a great day,


Celticspirit said...

It sure is cold! We had no water this morning since something froze in the wellhouse. We keep a light in there which prevents it from freezing, but I think this cold is too much for it.

Mom23QTs said...

Yea, the only cold day in FL will be when my boss lets us off for MLK day! LOL

Felicia said...

HA we have you beat. Try -8 this morning at 7am EWWWWW. That doesnt even count the -30 wind chill *shivers* And YUP UPS is trucking along today. Or so hubby says since they just stopped at where he works to pick up a load!

Have a SUPER week!

Kristen said...

Yikes! I think that was our high temp today up in Boston. I hate being cold! Hope you had a good day and were able to warm up. :-)

Wanda said...

Well, I'll have to use my will power and wait for your post tomorrow.....!!!

Today is was warmer, but it rained.

Anonymous said...