Thursday, January 10, 2008

To C or not to C, That is the question.

I have decided to label Thursday as "Thinking Thursday". I will try to come up with some thought provoking subject to make you think a little and get your brains working again. Some of you work yours daily but others don't :). It seems the more I sink myself into deep thought, the more I see clearly if that makes any sense.

The C I mentioned in the header is Caucus so this post is actually titled, To Caucus or not to Caucus.

Several nights ago, there was a local talk segment focused on the caucus'. After discussing the outcome of a particular caucus, the discussion turned to the purpose of the caucus and what to do next. This "expert" said that the purpose was to show the American people who the most likely candidate to win was thereby allowing us to make an intelligent decision and not waste our vote. In his opinion, voting for a long shot was wasting out vote and we should vote for one of the front runners if we wanted. Well I don't agree. I plan on voting for my favorite candidate and so be it if he doesn't win. Oh no I just let the cat out of the bag. I said "he" OOPs.

Sorry people I had a lot more on this post this morning but something happened and I got blocked from blogger while I was writing this and most of it was lost. I will make up for it tomorrow.

Have a great night,


Gardener Greg said...

If I am not commenting in the morning don't worry. I am still reading your comments and your blogs.


Kathy said...

Maybe it's a government conspiracy...just as you start to give some political opinions, Blogger eats your words! lol Vote your heart, Greg...Vote your heart!!!

Janice Thomson said...

I love posts that get you thinking so I'll look forward to Thursdays a great deal.
So in a way even the voting is rigged...well that sounds like a yes for democracy.

Annie said...

You made me think but I didn't get to a conclusion :)

Kim S in SC said...

Thinking, thinking...we have a primary in less than two weeks here, don't we Greg! First in the south! I think my vote still counts. YAY!

Wanda said...

I too like your post that make us Thursday will be a day I will look forward too.

Christianne said...

I've been exploring the political scene lately (woefully behind . . . ) and just learned yesterday there there is both a preferential primary (happening right now) and the actual primaries (happening in August). And only something like 22 of the states get to have a preferential primary. (If I'm wrong in any of my facts here, anyone can feel free to correct me. Like I said, I'm a beginner at some aspects of this.)

(Sorry for all the parentheses. I added this one to acknowledge I knew I was using lots of them in the above paragraph and also to throw in another one for good measure. You can never have enough parentheses. They add a little kick, in my book.) :)

Thanks for sharing your point of view. I laughed when you said that you'd just outed yourself because you said "he" -- I guess this is the first time anyone could seriously say that this was creating a distinction of who they AREN'T voting for, huh? Pretty interesting times.

I just want to say for the record that I declared in the fifth grade my ambition to be the first woman president of the United States. I recanted that decision rather soon after -- what did I know or care abotu politics at age 10?? -- but I do remember feeling somewhat indignant at Hillary Clinton when I first got wind of her likely eventual presidential bid when Bill was in the White House. You know, back when people were saying that she was the one who really wanted the presidency and would someday probably go for it. What?! I thought that was supposed to be ME.

I wrote about politics on my blog tonight, too, in case you're interested.

Gardener Greg said...

I will try to visit everyone's blot today. I know I am able to get to them but can't read the comments that people write or link to others. I think I know most of the names of your blogs by heart.

This is yet another by the "man" AKA the big bosses. They have decided that blogging falls under the catigory of "friendship" so it must be blocked. The good news is we can still get to Victoria Secret home page, many civil rights pages and even Gay pages. I guess they know what they are doing. Who am I kidding they are crazy. If you don't hear from me today, that means I am still blocked and will post when I get home. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Sounds like a way of controlling votes if you ask me.

Anonymous said...