Monday, January 7, 2008

What's up Doc?

I am not sure what is going on but it is taking longer and longer for this blog to load. I really don't know much about the mechanics of blogs though so I dont' know what could be wrong. Is there such a thing as a blog virus? If so, what can be done to protect against it. I can open up my other blogs or everyone elses blog just fine but this one takes a long time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The cold is gone now for at least this week. Yesterday was great after that cold spell we had last week so we took advantage and went fishing. It was nice and warm (about 70) when we launched the boat and it ran great. We had only a little bait but we managed to catch several including 3 really nice sheepshead. The biggest was about 5 lbs. So last night we had fresh fish for supper. I cooked up sone shrimp too. I love fresh seafood.

Have a great day,


Kathy said...

Living near the ocean must be wonderful...we always enjoy our visits there. And fish is so healthy.

Celticspirit said...

I didn't have much of a problem loading your Blog Greg. I am however having a problem with the cable itself since yesterday and it's making evreything a bit slower.
The fish sounds yummy. I don't think I've ever had sheepshead fish. My favorite fish are catfish and salmon.

kirsten said...

Greg -- I am so jealous of your warm weather!! Winter around here feels balmy if it makes it into the 40s. :o)

I am a big seafood fan, too -- the fresher, the better!!

So ... how about sending some of that warm weather my way?? :o)

Have a great day!!

Wanda said...

Oh Greg, that sounds so so good!
My son-in-law in San Diego, fishes a lot in the ocean. When I was there last time he BBQ fresh yellow fin Albacore Tuna steaks!!!
I love fish! Have to get most of mine from Trader Joes... Unfortunately none of my family up here fish.

Angie said...

FYI, Your blog loaded quickly for me. Wonder why it's doing that to you?

I love seafood and fish in general. I grew up fishing with my dad in bass tournaments. You'll be surprised to hear that I once was known as the Spinnerbait Queen and threatened to have my own fishing show. I should have done it!

Annie said...

It sounds like you're living the good life there on the coast.

The salesclerk did seem to wonder why I took her photo. I didn't say anything, just took it. She didn't say anything either.

just me said...

I love me some seafood. We used to go fishing a lot, and I always had a huge fish fry, complete with hush puppies. Yummmmmmm. I think the more entrys you have in your blog the longer it takes to load. Been my experience anyway.


Anonymous said...