Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Blame it on the Moon"

I woke up in a mood today. You know what mean. I woke up with something on my mind and I just knew I had to have it. I looked through the bathroom window and the moon was full and shining just above the trees. Maybe that is what caused my mood.

Looking at the bright round yellow moon reminded me of what I wanted and needed. I have been depriving myself lately which made this need even stronger. You know how it is when you do without something. You start to think about it all the time and thinking turns to fantasy and pretty soon it is all you can dream about. I knew if I didn’t satisfy my desire it would consume my thoughts all day.

So I set out to work early this morning, taking an alternate route. I drove down the dark streets with a purpose, looking for that beacon in the night. Imagine my disappointment when I got to my destination and saw that the “Hot N Now” sign was not lit. Oh nooooo The Krispy Kreme store was closed. I cruised silently through the drive in line only to discover that they had changed the hours and wouldn’t be open for another half hour. I left disappointed and frustrated.

Just down the road stood the Duncan Doughnut store and I quickly pulled in the drive. Yesssss! it was open. I had my heart set on a hot Krispy Kreme Doughnut though so the Duncan Doughnut just didn’t satisfy my hunger. Sometimes when I set my expectations too high, I end up disappointed and feeling let down. I do that with people a lot. I just expect people to do the right thing and when they don’t I get my feelings hurt. I think the doughnut I had was probably great but it wasn’t what I expected so it just didn’t taste good.

So do I need to set my expectations lower or do I keep hoping for a miracle. I know in a lot of situations I already know the outcome as I am waiting for someone to do the right thing. I know they will let me down but I just keep hoping and praying. I guess it is just my nature to expect better of people. If I set my sights lower I might feel better about others but I would feel worse about myself.

I know that God puts us in the same situations. He gives us choices and then waits to see what we do with them. Just like me, he already knows we will make bad choices and do wrong things. He hopes that we will do what is right but he knows we will let him down. Still he keeps trying no matter what. I have been reading about the Israelites and how no matter what God gave them they made the wrong choices. Even after given chance after chance they still made bad choices and were punished for it.

I have made a lot of bad choices in the past but I am trying to make some good ones now. Just as each doughnut is filled with something different, each day is filled with choices and my goal is to try to pick the right one. I can’t make up for the bad choices I made in the past but I can make good ones from now on. I will keep my expectations for myself and others high and keep praying that I don’t disappoint God and that others don’t disappoint me.

So would anyone care for a Duncan Doughnut? It was a bad choice to settle for them. I only want Krispy Kreme.

Have a Blessed Day,

PS The second one wasn't very good either. :( Should I try a third?


Celticspirit said...

When you're really craving something you should get it, if possible. I know that if I'm craving something and I don't eat it then I'll just keep on eating instead of eating that one thing I really wanted. Luckily I don't really care for donuts much. I do like Dunkin Donuts cranberry orange nut muffins. I have not had one of those in years and don't even know if they make them any more. Darn it, now I'm getting hungry.

Kathy said...

Hubby always laughs at me because I make no bones about the fact that a box of Krispy Kremes is not safe around me...they are just so easy to eat!

I had an older sister who enjoyed one doughnut every Saturday morning and was satisfied with it...I would rather do without them completely.

My Hubby tends to expect people to know what he wants and to be disappointed if they don't meet those expectations...maybe that's a "man" thing.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Know the feeling :) Those Krispy Kremes melt in your mouth.

And about our God? How gracious and good He is, patient and loving. In the past when I've read about Israel and their wanderings, I used to get mad and say, "How could they do that?"

But then all I have to do is look at myself and remember to take the log out of my own eye... I'm glad for God's forgiveness and the opportunity He gives us each day to make the right choices and follow Him!

Kristen said...

Up here in New England, Dunkin Donuts are the only donuts around. The Krispy Kreme stores that opened a couple of years ago ended up closing! (But I actually prefer a little, local shop that makes the most amazing donuts - you can tell they're so good because they are full of fat!)

What I'm learning is that human beings are always going to disappoint me at some point - because they're human, just like me. So I'm trying not to expect as much of my husband, my friends, and my family - instead, I put that expectation on God because he's the only one who can fulfill it. He's the only one who will never fail. And I'm realizing how unfair it is of me to expect the people in my life to live up to my expectations. I don't think it's wrong at all to have the expectations, but I just need to place them on the Lord instead. I do expect miracles, and I get them all the time!

And, I love that God is so loving and wonderful that, even though we continue to make bad choices in our lives, he still loves us and lets us try and try again. As one of my friends likes to say, God rocks!

Greg II said...

Krispy Kreme Rules!!!
Great Messsage. I've got the strangest craving for doughnuts now. You should save some for me.

Wanda said...

A tear is falling for you dear friend....there is NOTHING like a Krispy Kream....especially the custard filled, with chocolate glaze on top...Oh excuse me for drooling. Our Krispy Kream closed down this year...I don't know why, I spent a lot of time there!!!

Good post, good application, good job!!

Liv said...

Aw man, it deleted my comment! Anyway...Excellent post, Greg. I too have learned from the Israelites. We are a peculiar people, aren't we? So thankful for God's faithfulness even when mine is lacking.

Keep up the good writing. And did you know I sometimes dream about eating donuts?

Angie said...

oops, that was me (Angie) signed in as daughter, Olivia.

Gardener Greg said...

Yes I think that saying: "No one can eat just one" should be adopted by KK, :) Thyanks everyone for the coomments and the visit. I am going to try to get back with everyone today but we have another blogger block at work right now so I may be banned today. :( Just how am I supposed to get anything done at work without access to blogger? :) If you don't hear from me, have a wonderful day,


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Great message :o). I like KK WAY better too!

Kati said...

LOL I'll take the Dunkin Donuts! I've never cared for Krispy Kremes. I hope you finally get your Krispy Kremes, and that your able to satisfy that craving.

The message of your post, though, reminds me of what I tell DD sometimes. She'll gripe about how her friend's parents let the friends do such & such, so why don't I let DD do the same?!?! My response is that there are a lot of things in life that folks will do, but it doesn't make it right for them to do it. If her friends were MY kids, I wouldn't allow them to do these things either, the way I don't allow DD to do them. That I hold us to a different standard. Sometimes that standard seems high, other times I look & think my standards are right where they belong, it's the standards of others that aren't high enough. I think that's a big problem with the world.... Our standards are slipping, and too many don't see that as a problem.

Keep your standards up, Greg. Some of us see the difference, and appreciate it!

Anonymous said...