Friday, February 8, 2008

Going solo

Well I am off to sunny Florida this afternoon to visit my Daughter and her Family. I will be driving alone which will give me some time to think and also lets me stop or not stop whenever the urge hits me. (no pun intended) I will make one stop in Georgia for food and then stop for the night around Jacksonville. Normally I could make it without stopping but something came up and I can't leave until this afternoon.

A dear friend of ours whom we consider family passed away this week. Beverly Kornahens died after a long battle but is now resting peacefully in Heaven. It was a rough year for her but now she is seated beside God and happy again. She is my brother in law's mother in law if that makes any sense. She was a wonderful person and treated my children like they were her own. At Christmas she would buy them presents and never expect more than a big hug in return. We will miss her but she is in a much better place now. No need for sorrow, she is without pain and suffering.

Have a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Sunday,

Ps, I will reach my destination in time for breakfast, hint nint, jess. :)


Patty said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful visit. Always nice to see family you don't see everyday.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Hope you have a nice trip. Sorry to hear about your loss. It's another reminder that for me to live is Christ, to die is gain. One day for all those who know Jesus as their personal Savior, we'll have a grand family reunion in Heaven, won't we? Praise God!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I hope you have a great trip! Say Hi to my mom while your down there!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Have a great trip! Be safe!

Kristen said...

Have a safe trip, Greg! I hope you have a very nice visit with your daughter and her family. :-)

Wanda said...

Yes, drive safe, and enjoy the trip. How nice to see your daughter and family.

Sorry for your loss, but soon my Aunt Cassie will join her!

LOL :)

Greg II said...

Hey, You were right. Those plants look great. Should give us a boost as far as being one of the 1st to have plants out this season.
Greg II

Anonymous said...