Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Happy Hour"

The whole concept of Happy hour amazes me. First off, most of them are more than an hour long so it should be Happy Time or Happy Hours. And just why is it so happy? It is a time when you can get drinks for a reduced rate. Half price in some cases. Yes you can also get food and snacks for less sometimes but it is always centered on drinking. And you aren’t supposed to drink too much so is it because you are getting something for less that everyone is so happy?

The timing is such that most people would go to a happy hour right after work. After a long hard day at the office, putting up with people you don’t particularly care for, you head to the local bar and meet the same people and somehow you are magically transported to “happy land”. I know the consumption of alcohol has nothing to do with it. Otherwise it would be illegal just like the smoking in bars is. Our government has our best interest at heart and would never let us do anything that was bad for us. Cough cough. Maybe they should ban drinking during happy hour. Now that would be ironic.

A long time ago, I went to a happy hour at a bar called The Top Deck in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. They were offering 25 cent mixed drinks that afternoon. The lines were so long that most people just bought an entire tray of drinks when they made it to the bar. Each group had a designated line person who stood in the line all the time and ordered for the group. The band playing that night was Gary Lewis and the Playboys . They sang songs like This Diamond Ring and Everybody Loves a Clown. Wow if that doesn’t date me nothing will.

I am not a big fan of bars anyway. I am not saying I don’t like to drink but the whole bar scene doesn’t do much for me. All those women falling all over me is embarrassing. (Just kidding, I just wanted to see if you were really reading this) I really don’t like all the tall tales that people then to tell in bars. People are always apologizing for things they do when they drink too much. They blame it on the booze but the truth is that someone that is obnoxious when they are drinking is usually obnoxious when sober. And why do they say that someone drinks like a fish? Do fish drink a lot? I really don’t know. It should be drink like an elephant. I know they can do some serious guzzling. That would make more sense.

Lately I have been going to Happy Hour every weekend. The drinks and everything else there is free. The people where I go are very friendly and happy. Some come that way and most leave that way. It only lasts an hour too so it really is a Happy Hour. The really nice thing is there are no hangovers the next day. And like I said it is totally free. You won’t find a deal like that at any bar in town. Check it out if you don’t believe me. See you in Church at Happy Hour.

Have a wonderful day,

PS notice how this topic followed Mondays so well. :) Wait till you see how I work in Thursdays topic.


Mom23QTs said...

Went to Outback last night for my birthday and had a couple drinks at the bar. Definately wasn't free, even though it was my birthday, and the drunk guys were aggrevating. BUT the drinks were good and no hang over today. Church, I think, is still a much more happy experience. We didn't get to the bar for happy hour, although I don't think it would have made me happier! LOL

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Yes, I'd much rather go to the free happy hour... MUCH less chance of getting puked on there... except by my 9 month old, but that I can handle!

Lori said...

Those are some good observations, Greg. Happy Hour at church makes much more sense!

Angie said...

So true! I've been to many bars and "happy" hours (in my wilderness days). It's all a lie. I only have negative memories and regrets attached to those times. Keep preachin it bro!

Kati said...

LOL Good point, Greg. You've got an award to come pick up. It's over at my blog.

Kim S in SC said...

Now that is a Happy Hour! Great post! Great thoughts!

Wanda said...

"I'm sorry I'm hanging all over your Greg...buy Guy....it was such a great post, and I'm so happy!!!"

You have such a way with words!! I love your twist and turns and how you always make us think!!!

Yes, I love my "Happy Hour" at church. But since my hubby is the preacher and we have two services...I love my Happy Hours!!!
LOL Wanda

Annie said...

I haven't been to a Happy Hour in years. But that's not because I didn't enjoy it when I did go. It was fun while it lasted.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Another great post Greg! You are such a funny guy, too!

Also add an award to that meme. Go check it out, it a cute elephant one. It worked out perfect since you just made an elephant reference in this post.

just me said...

A wonderfully inspirational post. It made me happy to read it. I truly admire those who are willing to stand up for their faith.

I used to at one time in my life drink like every minute was happy hour. Then I stopped. Haven't drank since. (Well, I am a diet soda fanatic) There are better ways to be happy as you have pointed out.

Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...