Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Monday

I had a great weekend. The weather was wonderful and I got a lot accomplished. I did however eat way too much and am feeling bloated and heavy this morning. Over doing it is never a good thing. I am starting a fast this morning though which should help me cleanse myself. I don't know how long it will last. My stomach is already growling but I know I need it. Wish me luck. I am already thinking about a Tuesday and Thursday post and I hope you enjoy them. They will both touch on the subject of overindulgence.

Have a great Monday,

Oh By the way, is the spell check on blogger working for anyone? Mine no longer works.


Lisa said...

Good luck on the fast!

And no, my Blogger spell check hasn't worked in a few days! Arg!

Sian said...

Don't do too much when you are fasting, fainting is just not macho :D
and my spell check is AWOL too, guess it is dictionary time. How do you spell macho anyway?

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Ah, now did that have anything to do with SuperBowl treats? (smile) I had way too much fresh salsa and chips... oh, my tummy!

Kristen said...

I hate that feeling when I've overdone it. I wish I could remember that feeling the next time I'm faced with a huge piece of cake or some other treat! Good luck with your fast today, but be careful, too.

I'm looking forward to your posts these week. I really enjoy everything you write!

Mom23QTs said...

Dad, I dont know how you do it! I have a hard time thinking about today's blog let alone tuesday and thursday! LOL Happy Monday to you too!

Wanda said...

Fasting is a good thing. For years I fasted one day a week, Wednesday. Now I do it on occasion. It does cleanse the body. a juice fast is a good thing too.
Will be looking forward to your next posts.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Yep my spell check is gone too! And I ate to many Super Bowl snacks, too!

And I tagged you, Greg!

Kim S in SC said...

Hey Greg: So it is 8:15pm, is the fast over? Hope it went well! I have certainly suffered that same bloated feeling after overindulging..I just wish I could remember before I begin overeating how bad it makes me feel. Have a great week. Look forward to your next posts!

kirsten said...

Hi Greg!! I just noticed that today too ... I did spellcheck & nothing happened. Nada. Hmm.

It's been awhile since I checked, but I like the new profile pic! Very handsome. :o)

Have a great week in Florida!! I hope I left plenty of sunshine & warmth for you to soak up. :o)

Anonymous said...