Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Message: “The KING”

“We’re Caught in a Trap”

My Sunday morning started out with a meeting at work to discuss the day’s schedule. Everyone was either in a good mood or kind of average (due to lack of sleep), engaging in light chit chat. Then one person came in late with a frown on his face and began complaining about this and that and before I knew it the whole room was in an uproar. Isn’t amazing how no one wants to jump on the happy bandwagon but everyone quickly gets on the downer train. Hatred, evil and violence really do breed the same. I truly believe that humanity is caught in a trap. There IS however a way out. Whenever someone around us gets down we need to try to pick them up instead of letting them bring us down to their level. When someone around us is violent, it is up to us to break that chain and stop the violence. It is up to us to push evil aside and stomp out hatred whenever we can.

“Devil in Disguise”

I have come to the realization that although these “sour” people are not the devil they have the devil inside them. My mother used to say “if you lay with dogs you get up with fleas”. I took that to mean that you become like the people around you. I think that is what happens to a lot of people. They get down then start hanging with other down people and before you know it their attitude spreads to others around them. The devil loves it when people get like that. Once you get down, you start to feel bad about yourself and get even deeper in the pit of despair which makes you angry and that leads to more despair and it is an endless cycle.
Those of us who are trying to diet know that stress tends to make our diets fail. Think about it. We get stressed then lose focus on our diet or even worse eat to relieve stress. Then we see our diets failing so we get more depressed which leads to stress which leads to more eating. Etc etc etc.

“Return to Sender”

I have had enough grief and strife in my life. I am at a point when I only want harmony and peace and I intend to get it from here on out. When someone comes in pouting and trying to bring everyone else down I will from now on ask what is wrong and analyze the situation right there on the spot. I will do what I can to enlist the help of others (and God) to turn the situation around and return those bad feelings back to the sender. I am sure their (usually little) problem that has them upset won’t hold water in the light of day. It may sound like an impossible task but all things are possible through God.

“It’s Now or Never”

There is a popular song out right now called “Waiting on the World to Change”. The song insinuates that we can’t make change right now so all we can do Is wait for the world to change and hope that it changes in the ways we want. Gandhi once said;” You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. It’s time to stop letting other people around us make the changes. If the good people of the world sit quietly then change will be driven only by evil people. It’s time to stand up and fight for the things we believe in and the things we want for our children.

“Elvis has left the building”

Now for those Elvis fans that are with me, I am sorry but I have some bad news. First off Elvis HAS left the building. Secondly Elvis is dead. And finally the really bad news: Elvis is not the KING and never was. I know to some that comes as a great shock. There is only one KING and he still lives today. His body died but he rose again and unlike Elvis, he has never left the building. Elvis got what he got through the power of God but fell from grace and got caught up in the world of drugs and died because of it. As popular as Elvis was, just think where he would be today had he not gotten caught in the trap like so many entertainers do. Elvis was a great entertainer, don’t get me wrong. His love of money and drugs however became greater than his love of God and that is what ended his life. I hope this message hasn’t offended anyone.

Have a really great Monday, I know I am.


Janice Thomson said...

You are so right about Elvis, Greg. He was an ordinary human like any other with a tremendous gift that eventually ruined his life.
I really enjoyed the structure of this post today with all your timely thoughts and ideas on peace and harmony.

Kathy said...

Well said, Greg! Change always has to start with individuals. A workplace or a home can drift into a place of constant negativity, but sometimes it only takes the effort of one person to begin to turn things around. You are a good guy and your friends and family are lucky to have you!

Lori said...

You give us a good message today Greg. Being positive can make such a difference to the world around you. It's good you remind us of that!

Angel... said...

GREG, you are so cool I like your posts..and you are so genuine.

will be back

Celticspirit said...

That quote you mentiond by Ghandi is one of my favorite quotes of all time. And it's very true. We can't change other people either, we can only change ourselves and the way we respond to people. They've been talking about that in my church.

Mom23QTs said...

Great post today dad. I for one agree with grandma on the "sleeping ith dogs" quote which is why we kicked a certain person out of our house recently. The more negative he became, the more negative I became and even worse, the more negative the kids became! Love ya!

Kati said...

I DO like the John Mayer song "Waiting on the World to Change" but your point has been the primary thought that runs through my head every time I hear it, along with that exact Gandhi quote.

Depression, anger, violence and hatred really ARE an illness, and they're contagious just as the flu is. Fortunately the vaccine for these is a little easier (and more reliable) than is the flu vaccine. It requires deciding when you get up in the morning how you're going to face the day. Sick or well: how will you face the day? Rich or poor: how will you face the day? Sunny or Rainy: how will YOU face the day??? If we make the choice that we will face the day with a smile on our face & in our hearts, then almost nothing that comes our way can take that smile from our face & heart. (Barring, of course, extreme troubles like family death or nasty car accident or such, which rightly so can spoil a day.) Yesterday, I faced my Sunday at work with a smile on my face and in my heart, and no voice whatsoever. I cannot speak right now due to this danged cold. But it hasn't spoiled my mood. I'm tired, but I'm happy. The happiness comes from within, and however I'm feeling externally, it's the interan feelings I'm determined to pass on.

Have a Blessed Monday, Greg, and a very good start to your week!

Greg II said...

That quote sounded very familiar. Great Message. :)
Greg II

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Great post Greg! So true, and I love your mom's saying!

Wanda said...

This was a very interesting post, with many insights and truths. You are the kind of person I would like to get to know better...and through blogging we can!!

Excellent thoughts ....Yes MY King lives....!!
LOL :)

Kim S in SC said...

Elvis is dead??

Just kidding!
Love the thoughts! Our King reigns!

Angie said...

I hear the determination in your voice. We can do it with God's help. If I do it in my own strength I fail and get sucked into the negativism I have to admit.

Phi 4:13

I like the comments here too.

Jessica said...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.......I have this quote on a sticky note so that I can see it everyday......I know what you mean by other peoples moods reflecting off one another, I try not to be around those sorts of people....although, I'm a homebody and don't have a ton of friends here where I live least it keeps the drama to a minimum!

Kerri said...

Great post Greg!!!

Anonymous said...