Monday, March 17, 2008

Bad start


I am under attack this morning. I spent most of the day on Sunday out in the yard and because of that I am suffering today. My allergies have flared up and I am miserable. The battle had already begun when I first got out of bed. My glands were swollen, my throat was scratchy, my eyes are puffy and burning and the inside of my ears itched. In fact my entire body is itchy. I don’t have bad allergies I have terrible allergies. I really don’t know anyone that has it as bad as I do. Let me tell you how bad they are.

To soothe my scratchy throat, I will eat potato chips and not chew them up all the way. That way when I swallow, they scrape their way down my throat and give me a little relief. I usually wash my face and eyes about every 15 minutes to try to relieve the burning. I pour alcohol into my ears to try to relieve some of that pain but it too is only temporary. This is the time of year when I start thinking about matches and how much pain I could inflict on a forest with only one little match. Yes I dream of burning down tree after tree and watching all that yellow pollen go up in smoke. I won’t actually do it but I do have this same fantasy each spring.

The only thing that keeps me going, is knowing that the worst is usually over In a week or two. After that it will only be mild pain. I know also that this is all necessary if we want to have trees and flowers but it still doesn’t make me feel better physically. Oh and I did take something for it but it only gives a little relief and I end up being a zombie at work.

I know better than to go outside this time of year but I had a lot of things that I wanted to do and they were all outside. First off, we had to clean up after the storms we had. We were under a tornado warning for about three hours on Saturday evening. They spotted several on the ground and one was heading our way. We ended up getting lots of wind and rain but no tornado. Our youngest was flipping out and he got out the flashlights, candles and blankets in case we needed to cover ourselves.

Next I wanted to finish working in the rose garden. Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday and I bought her a nice bird bath to go in the garden but I needed to get the weeds out first. That was a major project but it does look really nice if I do say so myself. She likes the birdbath much better than the cast net I got her one year. Before you shoot me for giving a woman a cast net, let me explain.

We had only been dating for about 6 months and I knew she liked fishing. The first time we went fishing together she had a very old cast net which was full of holes. Me being the thoughtful person I am went out and got her something she could really use: a brand new cast net. To this day, she has never let me forget that one but in my defense, she did use it and liked it at the time. When she brings it up, I just remind her that several months before, for our first Christmas, I got her emeralds. See I am not all bad.

I am feeling better now. The ice water compress I just had on my eyes did the trick.

I have more to say but I want to save some desert for tomorrow. :)
Have a wonderful St. Patricks day,



Sian said...

I'd forgive a catch net as long as I was given emeralds at some point.

It's a known fact that men always suffer the worst with everything. Allergies, flu, PMS...
You poor dab you.

Wanda said...

Oh you poor baby ~~~ I'm hurting for you !!!

Hope you are feeling much better by tomorrow. Even in your pain to give us great posts.

So glad the cards arrived and you are enjoying them. :)

Amrita said...

Oh feel so sirry for you Greg. Try ginger with honey for the thriat. I rub eucalyptus oil on my thriat, its gives refief.

Happy birthday Mrs Greg.

Angie said...

Bless your heart. Have you tried Astelin or a steroidal nose spray? I have good success with those. You can also go to the doc & get a steroid shot to knock it out if you are just too miserable to function. It can get you through a good part of the season, but be sure to boost your immunity with good food, vitamins, and rest because it will wear down your immune system & make you susceptible to bugs. Take care, friend. Good idea on the green font, btw.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my Greg, so sorry to hear about the allergy reaction. My oldest gets so bad in the spring, he usually misses at least a game or two for baseball because no matter how much allergy medicine and medicated eyedrops he uses, his eyes swell shut!

And oh my goodness about your potato chip treatment - lol! I'll have to tell my teen about that one!

How nice what you did for your wife, despite the cost to you. Lovely, really. And one time my hubby bought me a toaster for my birthday, now let me explain that this time I was actually thrilled. We had just completed a kitchen renovation and it was one of those cool retro style DuoLit's that you see in magazines! Of course for another birthday he did get me a diamond necklace :)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

I have a question about a little white flower that I found in the woods. Can't seem to find a name for it. I live in PA and it is small, kind of like a droopy little bell, with three white petals. Pretty, it was growing in a ground cover patch where the sun broke through the cover of the woods. Any thoughts about this wildflower since you are a gardener?

Greg C said...

2:00 update:

Well I was doing better. I kept up my routine of eating well and staying inside. I kept washing my eyes and using some nasal spray. Things were really looking up. Then after lunch, I decided to treat myself and have a chocolate bar. Did I mention that I have a slight allergy to to chocolate. Usually it isn't too bad. Anyway, It was like calling in reinforcements for the enemy. I am now suffereing again thanks to my stupidity.

I get it Sian, bad presents are ok as long as one compensates. :)

Thanks Wanda. I do love those cards.

Amrita, I have a garden full of ginger. I may just go gnaw on some tonight.

Angie, if only I had a shot of Prednisone, That would do the trick.

Susan, don't start talking about diamonds. That is a sore subject at my house. :) And the flower may be a wild violet. Maybe?

Thanks everyone for your support and caring.

Kati said...

Oh no, Greg!!! I'm sorry you're feeling so incredibly bad!!!! I hope the 2 worst weeks fly by, and you can get back to being your usual cheerful self again!

Sian said...

Might the wildflower be trillium? It doesn't grow in the UK so that is a complete guess but I know trillium is white with three petals...

Lori said...

Wow, the allergies hit you bad! I think you need some claritin. Hope you feel better soon!

Kathy said...

Poor thing! Feel better!

Celticspirit said...

I hope you feel better Greg. Allergies are awful. I see my son suffering with them and sometimes it's so bad he can't go to school.
I don't think that giving your wife a cast net is such a gift, as the matter of fact I think it's kind sweet that you put so much thought into getting her something she needed. But maybe you should have put a diamond bracelet in the net. ;)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Do you take any medications for your allergies? I use to take three shots a week, all at one time, one was for the different pollens, different molds and different dust. They were to build up my immunity to the stuff I wa allergic to. Have you thought of wearing a mask over the nose and mouth when you're outside during the worse part of the season? Do you take the allergy shots trying to build up your immunity? So far the past several years, I've been able to get by taking Benardyl and when my nose is acting up and the ears are itching, even though the Vick's jar says do not put into nose, I use some on a q-tip and put up into my nose, it seems to relieve some of the itching in my ears and helps that spot in the back of the throat that nothing else seems to help. I never found the alcohol to work, only seemed to make it worse for me. When all else fails, I go get a cortisone shot and that helps right away.

Kim S in SC said...

OK, I'm literally laughing out loud, not because you feel badly(I'm sorry about that) just about your potato chip remedy. OK, do hope you feel better soon! Flowers and trees are wonderful, but boy the pollen time is not so fun.
PS: Did you get my washington tips? Spy Museum is the best, a little costly. All the Smithsonians are free though..and great. If you like books, take a look at the Library of Congress...absolutely one of the most beautiful buildings in the USA I think. Have a great time!
PPS: Food is expensive. Metro is fabulous, get the day pass.
My email is only working part time so if you did get the recommendations then sorry for the repeat!
Take care! Happy Birthday to your wife!

Annie said...

In Walmart they are now selling Neti Pots, little pitchers that are used to wash out the nasal passages. I have found this to be a lifesaver in allergy season (which for me lasts much longer than one week).

My husband once bought me a screen door for Valentine's Day. Needless to say, our daughter has never let him live that down (but I liked it).

Anonymous said...

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Janice Thomson said...

Gosh Greg sorry to hear you are so miserable - hope some relief is right around the corner. Allergies are NOT a fun thing. Take care of yourself.

USAincognito said...

Allergies are killing me, too! Unfortunately, I suffer from them up here from March til November....I really do hate agriculture!!! (well, at least the stuff they got growing up here!)

Anonymous said...