Thursday, March 20, 2008

Does anyone know what day it is?

I think my batteries are in need of a good charge. I have been working weekends now since mid February and I can tell it is taking its toll on me. I woke up this morning wondering what day it was. At first I thought it was Wednesday but then I changed my mind and thought it was Friday. After waking up a little, I realized that Friday is “Good Friday” so I knew it must be Thursday. If this sounds confusing, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I am confused as well.

I really do feel drained and need some quality rest time. I do have to work on Good Friday but I am supposed to have Saturday and Sunday off. My plans are to do a little garden work on Saturday and take the entire day off on Sunday. I will get everything ready for out Easter meal ready on Saturday so that all I have to do is pop it in the grill before church and we can eat when we get home. Sounds like a great plan to me now let’s see if I can stick to it. I use the grill like an oven because it keeps the heat out of our house.

Another indicator that I need some rest (besides not knowing what day it is) is that we got into an argument last night about vacations. This is one area where we have a difference of opinion. To me a vacation is time off from work where I get to totally rest, unwind from the day to day monotony and recharge my body. I prefer a quiet setting, somewhere in a beach or beside a pool just relaxing. My family however thinks of vacation as an adventure. They want to go someplace exciting and new and fill each minute of the day with excitement and fun.

Now I like excitement and fun, it is just that I don’t get to do much relaxing. My family suggested separate vacations but that doesn’t sound to me like a good idea either. I will just have to try to work in a little “me” time into our vacations. I am also coming up with a plan where everyone can chip in and help out with the vacation arrangements. Now that sounds like a plan.

I was curious how you all feel about vacations. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Well back to work for me. I will keep working and trying to improve myself and others. As Paul said in Colossians 1:29; "To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me." I feel some energy coming on.

Have a great day,


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

LOL! You crack me up. What day is it? I loved your deduction process. My dear hubby has been working alot lately too.

And BTW-Happy Birthday to your dear wife!

About vacations, well, you know me, adventure all the way, but in that adventure there are always rest stops!

Kathy said...

The only vacation my husband enjoys is one that revolves around fishing, so after 38 years of marriage, he goes to Canada with a fishing buddy and totally relaxes...I stay home and do what I want the entire time without having to get up at a certain time or go to bed at a certain time, eating what and when I want, and happy to know we are both having a good time!

Lori said...

I'm with your family on this one. I always like to go on an adventure for vacation and explore some place new. But I like your idea of going together and creating some time on your own to relax. A good idea! A belated happy birthday to your wife too!

Sian said...

I like going somewhere completely different with lots of interesting things to do. And as long as I don't have to cook and wash up then that is a break enough for me.

Hope you come up with an excellent vacation plan that covers all the bases for you :)

Mom23QTs said...

I dont know what day it is either. I've been very sick nd was at the ER all day Monday. The day I can keep food down is the day i can probably tell you what day it is. My vacation coming up will be meaningful. It will probably be the last time I see my grandfather until heaven!

Wanda said...

Oh Greg, I can see we were made from the same stuff!!
If you check out my other blog, Wanda's World you will see this in action ~~ better yet, I should say non-action.

Loved this post, as always.

Kati said...

I'm with you!! Vacations should be about relaxation & taking it easy. Nothing wrong with a little adventure or seeing & going new places, but dang.... A person shouldn't have to take a vacation from their vacation before they head back to work.

Hope y'all find a happy compromise!!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Welcome to my world! I never know what day it is!

And I like the adventure vacations like your family does as long as there is a couple days at the end to unwind and rest. I don't like having the constant go, go, go and then right back to work.

Annie said...

You might want to rethink that separate vacation idea just for yourself. You can still go along with the family on their adventure vacation, after all.

Greg II said...

Your children won't be young for long. One day they won't want to go on a vacation with you. Don't be a fool-enjoy your time with them!!!!!
Beth---Carolina Real Estate Connection

Washington D.C. isn't that bad!! I've been to worse places!

USAincognito said...

I forgot it was Good Friday until I read your blog!!

somebody said...