Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got it.

"It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood".....but I got the blues. It's just going to be one of those days. I guess they can't all be wonderful. Maybe things will turn around for me soon. I am hoping they do anyway.

I woke up with another allergy attack last night. It was right at the stroke of midnight. It took me over an hour to get back to sleep and I had to take more medicine. This caused me to wake up tired and groggy. This should tell you how sleepy I was: After I got cleaned up, I was drying my hair and realized that it wasn't wet. I forgot to wash it, so I had to start over. When I got to my coffee stop, the lights were off. They are installing a new computer today and so they were closed. I had to stop someplace else for coffee and it put me behind schedule. All the way to work, people were cutting me off and driving behind me with their high beams on. When I got to work, my ID badge wouldn't work so I had to take a long way in and now I need a new badge. My co-worker brought me a sausage biscuit. When I opened it, they had covered it in mayonaise. Yuck!!!

I know all this seems trivial but I also have a lot of things on my mind. They are mostly little things but they are never the less there. And lots of little things make one big thing.....Stress. I just want to go back to bed.

Have a great day,
Someone needs to. :(


I am finally awake and yes today has gotten better. I think I shook off the funk that had me by the throat. Some days are just like that I guess. That groggy feeling has gone away and my allergies aren't bothering me at the moment. I had a vending machine burger for lunch but it was actually good. Time to put on some upbeat music and get happy. Thanks for all the concern. See my new face below. I used to have a big picture like that in my old office and it would drive people crazy. I think I will put it up in my new office.

Have a great day,


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope you have a very relaxing ride home today after work.

Hope you have one of your favorite meals for dinner waiting for you when you get home.

Hope your allergies calm down.

Hope you sleep well tonight

Sian said...

Oh dear, this doesn't sound like you. Perhaps you need to take a day off from work an just chill out for a while.
Plus all that Lady Lincoln said :)

Kathy said...

AHH! It'll get better!

Lori said...

That is awful! I sure will be praying for you.

I had to start taking Alergia D. That is the only thing that would help me. The regular Alergia did nothing.

Sorry your under the weather.


Lori said...

It sounds like things can only get better today. I hope things are looking up now for you. I like what Mrs. Lincoln said too!

Angie said...

I'm so sorry. Who in their right mind would put mayo on a sausage and biscuit? Blech. Praying God will show you how to redeem the rest of the day. I know His word says he restores the years that the locust has stolen so surely He can do that for a day go wrong. Take care, friend. I want my chipper Greg back!

Janice Thomson said...

Ah Greg - hopefully as the day wears on you'll be feeling better. Sending out happy vibes to you :)

Anonymous said...
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Ryan said...

Glad your feeling better now. Strange how a happy face will drive people crazy!

Did you get in touch with Rebecca?

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Argggh! My hubby was signed in to his blogger account again! Sorry! Previous message was of course from me!

Angie said...

I was glad to hear the update and see the smiley face. We've all had them. Now stay away from those vending machine burgers!

Anonymous said...