Monday, March 24, 2008

Promise of a new day

I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I did although I was miserable with a massive allergy attack. I somehow managed to function yesterday even though I was heavily medicated. Today is a new day and although I am still somewhat groggy from the medicine, I am feeling much better. I am going to put yesterday behind me and get started with the rest of my life. The pain I suffered yesterday was my fault. I know better than to spend so much time outside in the spring. There was so much I wanted to get done on Saturday though so I forced myself to go outside.

There are tons of new allergy medications on the market. Some block histamines some deaden your senses while others just make you so groggy that you don’t care. I have tried everything on the market. Nothing seems to totally work for me. I get the most relief my just washing the pollen away. I found out by trial and error that the best thing I can do when I am being attacked is to wash my face and then sit quietly in a cool place and relax. It gives me instant relief and nothing works like clean cool water when it comes to getting relief.

Coincidently, that same thing happens to a lot of us spiritually. We find ourselves getting attacked with day to day troubles. We find our energy draining away. It gets difficult just to get up in the morning. We can try as we may all kinds of new remedies but nothing soothes like good cool water. So when life gets you down, try going back to the basics to find relief. Cool water and quiet meditation. That’s the answer.

This time of year, I often think about just getting away. I know if I were someplace dry and arid, I wouldn’t have to put up with all this pollen. But then I remember that; If I want to see flowers, there has to be pollen. Besides running away isn’t always the best answer. Sometimes you have to face some pain to get where you want to be. I thought about that yesterday being that it was Easter. I thought about how easy it would have been for Jesus to say “enough is enough” and defeat those wanted to kill him. Instead he remained and died for us. I guess I don’t have it so bad after all. I can handle a little discomfort. It really is just discomfort. Nothing really compared to what He endured.

Have a Blessed day,

PS here are some of our azaleas:


Kati said...

Greg, sorry to hear that your allergies were making you so miserable yesterday. I hope the rest of your Easter was a great one, though.

One thought on allergy-prevention/treatment... Have you tried consuming local honey???? From what I've heard, this natural "remedy" for pollen-related allergies requires consuming a small amount of locally-produced honey because it will contain pollens from the very plants that are causing you such trouble, it acclimates your body to those pollens in a natural form. (Of course, when I say "locally produced" I mean honey from local bees, not honey that's shipped to your area for processing from a distant area.) It may be something to check into! If something so simple as a Tbsp of local honey every day could bring you some relief, you certainly owe it to yourself to check it out.

I hope the pollen-season passes as quickly as is possible (and ok for the plants, at the same time) so you can get back to feeling good again.

Lori said...

What a great post Greg. Yes, I guess sometimes we have to endure some pain to get where we want to be. Your azaleas are gorgeous, by the way. I can't wait to see our flowers. Hope your allergies subside soon!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

And what beautiful flowers indeed. I love azaela bushes :)

Hope you feel better soon.

Praise God for the beauty He has created and for the beauty of what He has done for us through His death and rising again from the dead. We serve a living Savior!

Kim S in SC said...

Beautiful post! It puts everything in perspective.
Beautiful flowers too!

Annie said...

I have little tiny buds, not open yet, on my azaleas but soon I'll have a sight for my sore eyes. Yes, allergies.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Gorgeous! No flowers yet here, and it actually snowed on Easter!

Lori said...

For some reason I missed that you were from Charleston S.C. We visit their last summer. My step-mom grew up in Charleston. I loved the beach! We stayed right around Foley Beach.



Angie said...

I needed to remember some of these truths. Thanks. Reminds me of the thorns on the rose. So sorry you're suffering so. Your azaleas are gorgeous!

Jotter Jan said...

Hi Gregg...I spent Easter at work...had two 12 hours shifts this weekend. My hectic schedule keeps me from posting or visiting other blogs as much as I would like to...but...enjoyed your lovely flowers. You truley have a gift from God. BTW...had my own little church at work. Listened to Christian podcasts while I did my mountain of paperwork. Glad you enjoy my birds...looking forward to seeing more of your flowers.

Have a Blessed Day,

Jan from North Carolina

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