Thursday, March 6, 2008


No, it's not another game. It is how my brain is functioning this morning. :)It seems to be jumping from one subject to the next like a little honey bee.

Great meeting:

We had a great meeting last night at our real estate office. For those that didn’t know it, my wife and I are both real estate agents. It is another one of our many talents. We work for “Carolina Real Estate Connection” in case anyone wants to buy or sell homes or property in the Charleston area. We are only an email away. My email is listed on my blog. Also you can visit our site at: I had nothing great to report at the meeting though only because everything is going so well for me now that nothing stands out. This is a good thing. Now don’t quit coming to my blog just because I said I am an agent. For some reason that tends to scare people away. We don't bite, really. Well some do but my wife and I don't.

We need change!

That seems to be the focus of this year’s presidential campaign. At least the candidates left seem to like that phrase. I guess it is now down to three candidates and I am saddened to say, none of the three fit the mold of what I think a president should be and none of them have values close to mine. I have noticed some “change” in the two democratic hopefuls though. Have you noticed that Obama is losing weight and Clinton is gaining. Not that it makes any difference but I know from experience that stress causes weight fluctuations so both must be stressing out. Stress also causes grey hair which I know TOO well so McCain is stressing too. I wonder how any of these will hold up when they are under real stress and take office.

I started wondering if Obama keeps losing weight will his voice turn squeaky and start to sound like Ross Perot. I fear that soon he will take out the charts and start drawing. They say that Clinton is gaining momentum. The equation for momentum is P=MV where P (momentum) equals Mass times Velocity. Since she doesn’t appear to be moving faster one can only assume……… You do the math. Another report said that Obama’s supporters were disappearing. Could it be that Clinton and her supporters are eating them? Talk about a dog eat dog strategy. No pun intended. McCain is still my candidate of choice only because he is eligible for Social Security so we may not have to pay him if he gets elected. Think about it.

Spring has sprung.

Spring is officially here. Not according to the calendar but the plants know. My pear tree is in full bloom and so is the big maple tree in our front yard. They are predicting temperatures in the thirties this weekend though so let’s hope we don’t get a freeze. I would hate to lose all these pears. Not that I get to eat them because the deer love them. I have never seen so many blooms on my tree. Most likely the limbs will break under the strain.

Sound of silence.

I have grown tired of all the radio shouting that seems to be the norm these days. For some reason DJ’s or whatever they are presently called like to scream and shout. The DJ’s do it, the advertisers do it and even the singers do it. I like it calm in the morning though so I quit listening to the scream and shout radio. I now drive with my radio off and listen to the quiet. I have found a great radio station to listen to when I want music and they don’t need to scream to get their message across. I still surf through the other channels to try and find something calming but I usually end up back at "His Radio". You can also listen live at
By the way, they are having a fund raiser now so that we don’t have to listen to the shouting. Check it out if you have the time.

Happy Thursday everyone.
Have a great day,


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Your post sounds like mine today. I usually label those posts "this and that."

I think it's cool that you are a realtor agent! I actually used of those when we bought our house!

Your tree is beautiful! I just posted a problem about my tulips, maybe you can help me out.

I always love radio about Him! Take care and have a Blessed Day!

Janice Thomson said...

You are definitely ahead of us in the season. Buds of any kind are just beginning to show. I can't wait for the cherry blossoms to arrive :)

Kathy said...

1. Agents only scare me when I am buying or selling and I'm doing neither so I won't run away from your site.

2. Politics can break your heart if you really care. I have to step away once in awhile just to keep my equilibrium...but we do have to participate. As bad as it is now, imagine how much worse it would be if our voices weren't heard at all!!!

3. Love the picture...there's nothing prettier than Spring blooms!

4. Silence is so underrated...I enjoy it whenever possible.

5. Thanks for another post.

Mom23QTs said...

If my brain wasn't jumbled enough, I had to read dad's post LOL. Hope things are going well for you. Looking forward to my dinner party tomorrow night.

Lori said...

Your pear tree is gorgeous! I hope you get lots of delicious pears this year and the deer don't eat all of them!

Jessica said...

You're too funny, Greg......I'm so with you on the presidential candidates......I mean who do you vote for when you don't like any of them>!?!?!? ARGH.....

Sian said...

American politics are just too confusing but I loved the quip about Hilary eating people.

Hope your garden remains frost free :)

Connie Pombo said...

Politics and favorite topics (smile). This I know for sure...we'll have a new President and spring is around the corner. My tulips are trying to push themselves out of the cold hard earth and there are buds on the trees (a sure sign of spring). I'm going to make it to Washington DC this year for the Cherry Blossom Festival (absolutely gorgeous!).

Enjoy the day!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a funny post Greg.

And no, you and your wife do not scare me. I always thought it would be cool to be a real estate agent in a way. I love Home and Garden shows, especially the real estate shows, touring homes, etc. I helped sell my own home once when my real estate agent couldn't make the appt. The people showed up and I gave them "the tour". I ran into a girl at the gym who said there are people who can just be showing agents. Is that correct because that sounds like something I'd love to do! The only bummer would be working around my hubby's schedule. He has a crazy work schedule that includes late hours and weekends...

As for change, I like your thoughts on the campaign. "Could it be that Clinton and her supporters are eating them?" Too funny!

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

You have been thinking again, Greg. Danger, danger, that's what my dad always said when I told him I'd been thinking.

Angie said...

These "scatterbrained" posts are my favorites. You made me laugh out loud. I'll check out the link. Sounds good.

Wanda said...

I love the "topical" approach to your blog~~ so many different interesting things to read!

The tree blossoms are beautiful ~ Enjoyed your political summary -

I thought you looked like an Agent - 007

I like silence too in my car - when I do listen to music it's one of my tapes ~~ Also I enjoy listening to book on tape in my car if I'm taking a trip by myself to LA to see the kids.

USAincognito said...

You are a realtor in Charleston?!? Sweet because I am planning on moving back there really, really soon!!!!
Got anything in the Mount Pleasant area for around $150,000? Something with style and not in a bad location?

Amrita said...

Pretty pear flowers.Its too hot to grow them in my part of the country

Anonymous said...