Friday, March 28, 2008

Where has all the love gone?

This morning on my way into work, I was happy to see that my coffee store was back open. Yea!!! They were however having trouble with the new computers so it was taking a while to check out. The manager announced; “Anyone who has just coffee, can have it for free” Several people left with their free coffee. Usually that would have included me but I needed gas today so I waited patiently. Several other people stormed off angry because they didn’t want to wait.

Several miles up the road, I stopped at a traffic light. In the intersection ahead there lay two large suitcases. They must have just fallen off of someone’s car. I put on my flashers, ran and got them and placed them on the side of the road in hopes that the owner would discover them missing and return. As I ran back to my car, a lady pulled into the other lane to go around my car, cursing at me as she passed. (by her hand signal she may have been telling me I was #1) I didn’t let it bother me because I not only saved the luggage but may have prevented an accident. As I was driving away I saw some construction workers taking the luggage and tossing it into their truck. Oh well I tried.

Last night was another hectic one. My grey hair generator, AKA youngest son hurt his foot and we had to go get it x-rayed. We opted to have it done at my wife’s chiropractor’s office instead of taking him into town to the emergency room. It meant paying for it ourselves but it was well worth it vice having to call our primary care doctor, getting a referral, going to the emergency room, waiting for hours, picking up all those germs, etc etc. Yes he has a slight fracture but it is so small that he just needs to stay off of it. I am sure he would have been put in a full leg cast at the emergency room.

After all that, I managed to get a good nights sleep. I think it was more like passing out from exhaustion than sleeping. But whatever you call it, I needed it. I had a vision too and may have come up with the idea of a lifetime. This idea is big. No, bigger than Big. No, more like huge.

It is bigger than:

It is bigger than:

How does this sound: Greg’s back yard Monastery. Now before you say “no way”, hear me out. First off, I think there are lots of tax advantages to the idea. I bet I could cash in my 401k and donate it to my Monastery and not have to pay a dime. I may even be able to get some extra tax breaks in the process

I still need to work out all the details and do some research but I think it has merit. So what would Greg the Monk do you ask? The answer is simple. Grow Goji berries. I read about them last night in the doctor’s office. I believe there is a huge market for them now and Tibetan Monks have been growing they for centuries.

Another positive aspect of this idea is clothing. I would save tons of money by only having to wear a robe. I think I would look pretty good as a monk. This is how I might look:

So what do you think? Pretty good idea isn’t it. Just think about it, peace and tranquility, free Goji berries, no taxes. I may even raise some llamas. Pretty soon you will all want to join me but you better hurry. I am sure there will be a waiting list. I have limited space. Oh and I haven’t cleared this with my wife yet but I am "sure" she will approve.

Have a great day,

Greg (soon to be Greg the Monk) Well Maybe


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

I am SOOOO cracking up out loud! I needed a good laugh this morning. You know what the Bible says about laughter being like a good medicine!

And oh, BTW, I'm glad you didn't get hurt moving that luggage out of the way. You're #1 for sure!

Sorry too about your little guy's foot. OUCH!

The Greg monk... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe your next job should be a stand up comedian!

Lori said...

(by her hand signal she may have been telling me I was #1)

I don't mean to pull one line out of this post but I love the way you described getting flipped off.

Blessings to you,


USAincognito said...

LOL!!! Couldn't help but laugh at the revolutionary dream you had. ;)

Kathy said...

The Goji Llama!!! But don't risk any Chinese delivery!

Kati said...

*grin* Greg the Monk.... Naw, can't quite picture you like that.

Glad you weren't hurt pulling the luggage out of the road, and I'm sorry to hear that your youngest boy IS hurt. I hope he can force himself to be as seditary as the chiropractor says is necessary. (Probably why the ER would just cast it, that way there's a definite reminder of exactly how sedetary a person must be for a break -even a fracture- to heal properly.)

What on earth are Goji berries???? Best of luck, Brother Greg!! (That's the closest you're gonna get to me saying you could pull off monk-hood. *grin*)

Angie said...

Greg, you're too much. You had me shaking my head at the beginning of your post, but before it was over I was laughing out loud. Now, that's our Greg!

Sorry about your little guy's foot.

I would like to come for some quiet time in your backyard, er monastery. We shall eat Goji berries together.

Annie said...

Dream on, Greg, but what a fine dream it is after all the stress of the day.

Janice Thomson said...

I think it sounds 'heavenly'! Go for it Greg LOL - you must be feeling better today to come up with this. But hey anyway you can get back at the government works for me :)

Katherine Aucoin said...

Greg, you have admirable character and a wonderful sense of humor.

Sorry to learn of your son's injury and hope he mends quickly.

Once again your post put a smile on my face :)

Jotter Jan said...

Oh Greg...that was a had me laughing right out loud!

Thanks for visiting my blog and BTW...the worm that the early bird had in its mouth was a mealworm. So far the Bluebirds haven't been coming for them this year. The others seem to be enjoying them immensely!!! That will all change if Mrs. Bluebird kindly chooses my Bluebird nesting box to nest in. Got my fingers crossed! haha

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I think your son gave you an ingrown grey hair this time! LOL!

Where were you when our stuff flew off of our van on I65? I was so afraid that there would have been an accident by the time we could have gone back for them. I think your #1, too! How sweet of her. *giggles*

I hope your son's fracture heals without any problems.

Celticspirit said...

Just remember you have to shave your head if you decided to become a monk. ;) I hope your son feels better soon. How sad that you took the time to set that luggage on the side of the road for the owners to find only to have it taken by construction wokers. Well maybe they looked in it for identification and returned it to the owners. I hope so anyhow.

Sandy said...

hahahahahah!!! good post.


somebody said...