Friday, April 4, 2008

Too much of a good thing

My checkup didn’t go well last night. My blood pressure is out the roof. I was forced to take some drastic measures. I have too much blood pressure, too much weight and too many medications. There really are only three steps that I have to take.

1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Quit taking everything.

The first two are bad enough but the third is what is killing me right now. When he said everything, he meant everything. That included my allergy medication and my coffee. I have to give my body several days to clean out and then I can slowly add things back in if they are something that I can’t live without. I know I can expect a caffeine-withdrawal headache in a few hours but so far so good. The doctor told me to take fish oil tablets. According to him, they may help with the allergies. I have been taking allergy medication for over thirty years now so I was expecting to wake up stuffed and congested.

I hate to say it but I actually feel pretty good right now. If I only had my coffee I could wake up but I know I can’t. I didn’t put much stock in the fish oil thing but like I said, I do feel pretty good right now. In fact, I feel better than I have all week. I will keep you posted on my progress in the next few days and let you know how my blood pressure reacts to these new changes. I only have until next week to start showing some improvment. If not, then I am on the BP meds which I really don't want to start taking.

My daughter had to spend another night in the hospital but is supposed to come home today. I think that was best anyway with three young kids at home. She wouldn’t have gotten any rest at all. Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers.

It’s Friday, yea!!! And I don’t have to work this weekend. I plan on resting and doing some work in my gardens. I have a few chores to get done but not too many. I really just need to relax. I may just sleep all weekend since I can't have any coffee. Maybe I will get some fishing in as well. So many possibilities, so little time. I will have to get some exercise in so "look out road." Time to start jogging again. I will be taking some pictures too so get ready for that.

And speaking of Freaky Friday.....

Did everyone see where the "guy" is pregnant? He/she/it is actually a transvestite so technically it is just a freaky woman having a baby. Great idea guys, Bring up a child in an already confusing world and throw that at her. It is going to be a baby girl by the way. The proud father said she will be his little princess. Maybe she will say the same about her father once/if she grows up. I swear if they start talking breasts feeding I am going to vomit. What is this world coming to?

Have a great weekend


Annie said...

Hi Greg, I'm so happy to read that you are taking the blood pressure problem seriously. It's nothing to ignore. If you need to take medication to keep it down, do it - you'll live longer and happier.

I don't envy you going through the caffeine withdrawal headache though. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a relaxing weekend ahead, headache free.

Angie said...

Praying for you, Greg. You take care of yourself.

BTW, I take fish oil. It'll also help your cholesterol.

I hear you on the Freaky Friday thing.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

You could always start off walking and slowly move into jogging.....

I can't wait to see your photos!!!

I heard that story about the "guy" which technically isn't really a man if he doesn't have the equipment....know what I mean....I mean if you can have a baby....then your a woman! haha I'm with you....what is the world coming to!!!

Lori said...

Glad you are feeling better Greg. Hope you don't get that caffeine withdrawl headache! Enjoy your gardening this weekend.

Lori said...

Hopefully the withdrawals aren't to bad. I'll keep praying for you and for your daughter.

Have a great weekend,


USAincognito said...

I about vomited when I saw that man pregnant on television this morning! Just disgusts me that he/she would dare to bring a child into THAT situation!! *shivers from creepy feeling*
So glad your daughter is doing better after her surgery and I will pray she manages to find time to rest at home despite the children! :)
I will also be praying for you as you begin a lifestyle change to fight the high blood pressure. It won't be easy at first but hang in there!! You can do it! :)

Kristen said...

I'll be praying for you and your blood pressure. I'm taking fish oil, too. Definitely get the kind that promises no yucky burping! (I use Nature's Way brand.) I'm glad your daughter is doing okay and heading home. God bless! Enjoy your weekend off!

Janice Thomson said...

Interesting you mention this Greg for am going through the same thing trying to cut back on heart pills which slow down the heart as well as control the BP. The side effects are that I freeze most of the time unless I'm really busy. Because of bone spurs exercise was cut back but now that spring is here I'm back to bike riding again so hopefully that will help. Good luck to you on following this regime - it's bound to make a good difference.

Kati said...

Hey Greg!!! Happy Friday!!! *grin* I hope you don't find yourself going through any MAJOR coffee withdrawls or with serious allergy issues, and that the fish-oil does the trick. Glad to hear that the stuff comes in caplets, and not out of a jug. *wink*

Stacey Huston said...

Hi Greg, Thanks for you visit and comments on my site. I hope this treatment works for you. and I am glad your daughters sugury went well. Take care of yourself, and i will keep you in my prayers.

Kim S in SC said...

Greg: Been in jury duty all week. I served on two juries so I haven't been checking the blogs. Sounds like you have had a full week with your health and your daughter's surgery. Praying for her continued recovery. Praying for rest and a return to normal BP for you. Take care!

Wanda said...

Oh my you do have your work cut out for you!! Glad you are taking serious step to improve your health. I would have so much trouble giving up my coffee ~~ I know you will be better for it.

I can't believe that Freaky Friday~~this world is in a mess!! \

Thoughts and prayers for you dear Greg!!! Sleeping all weekend sounds pretty good to me.

Celticspirit said...

So.....did you get some rest this weekend? I hope so. :) I hadn't heard about the he/she person who was pregnant. I believe that technically she's still a woman. Very strange though. Good luck with your healthy lifestyle changes you need to make. It seems like a never ending battle huh? Barb

Anonymous said...