Monday, May 19, 2008

Odds and ends

TGIM. It was a busy weekend for us but a great one. I took Friday off and got some Honey-Do’s done around our house. We started by taking my son’s car into the shop for some needed repairs. It is really running bad and it looks like a bad fuel pump is the culprit. After we dropped it off at the shop, my wife and I went to breakfast. Sitting down to breakfast is something we rarely do so it was a nice treat. We went to the Berry Patch. They have the best breakfast in town in my opinion. After we got home, I did some lawn mower tune-ups and then did a little work on our plants. I barely scratched the surface of our plant maintenance though.

Saturday was a busy day at the Farmers Market. The place was very crowded as there are lots of tourists in town. It was cool in the morning and never really got hot. But where were the fashion police when you need them. What is up with some people these days? We had more fun people watching that we have at a boat landing. Big floppy hats must be in style because lots of women were wearing them. You would have thought it was Easter. The Goth look is in at the Market as well. Nothing says “pretty woman” Like black leather clothes, facial piercings, and pasty white skin. It really turns me on. Yuck. There were also an abundance of dogs this week. Everyone wants to show off Fido. One guy even had one of those ugly dogs with only a little wispy hair in his face. This thing was pale grey with tiny dark brown spots all over his body. I seriously felt like the dog was ashamed to be out in public.

Sunday was rest day. We got started on weeding the flowers and ended up doing it all day. We weeded over 2 thousand day lilies though and they are all starting to bloom. I made BBQ chicken for lunch with fresh corn and beans. Sunday seems to be the only time I can get the whole family to sit down to dinner together. The only negative thing was that there were lots of spiders. I really hate spiders and think they are the Devil’s work. I even killed 3 black widows this weekend. They really freak me out seeing them and I normally don’t like killing things but I did kill them. They came back to haunt me in my dreams though so they got the last laugh.

Let me leave you on a positive note. One of the other places we visited in DC was the American Indian Museum. It is full of Indian artifacts and really interesting. There are also story tellers and a great gift shop where you can purchase Indian articles. It is pretty new and not too crowded. If you go, you just have to see the arrow heads and axes. I never knew this but Indians got the axes from the “white man”. To me this is funny since the old Indian movies depicted Indians as savages for killing people with the tomahawks. So we made them and gave them to the Indians. Then stole their land, but they are the savages for fighting back. What’s wrong with this picture? Here are some pictures I took at the museum.

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Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'll have to keep the Berry Patch in mind when we go to Charleston this summer.

Sounds like you had a pleasant weekend :o)

Flea said...

Very cool! Love the pictures of the clothing! And I love DC. It's where I met my husband, and lived for several years. Miss it terribly.

Thanks for popping by my blog with the encouraging comment!

Coffee Bean said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I'm sure your little friend's mom does NOT still have that purse!

I'm interested in gardening but with a 15 month old golden retriever TERROR, our yard is in pretty bad shape. I'll be back to check out this blog further, as well as your gardening blog.

God Bless You!

Mabunny said...

Hiyas Greg C! Saw your comment on Coffee Beans blog , thought I'd hop on over and check your blog out!
I don't know much about gardening but I do love the results of the people that know what they are doing! Nice pictures. I've never been to D.C, would love to go sometime.
Come on over and check out my blog and have a great day!
When I have more time I will come back and read some past posts.

Janice Thomson said...

You are so right about our native peoples - it is the same here in Canada - we took their land, relegated them to the worst areas in the country which cannot even produce a crop or feed cattle, pay them because we feel bad about that and then wonder why they dislike us so much...I enjoy Native crafts and art - that would be a great museum to visit.

Wanda said...

The Berry Patch sounds great. Wow, you did a lot of weeding. I just trying to get some plants in our back yard.

I really enjoyed your pictures of the Indian Museum

Good odds and ends...


Greg C said...

My appologies to the owners of the "Bear-E-Patch". As my son likes to say; "My Bad". In my defense, it is pronounced Berry Patch. However you spell it, they do have great breakfasts.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Thanks for the comment. Nice blog!

Beth said...

those pictures are amazing!!! what fun...sounds like a great weekend greg!

Sandy said...

Loved reading your newsy chat and had to laugh about the spiders getting the last laugh..!!

Anonymous said...