Monday, June 2, 2008

Bring home the Gold

***** Contest Alert *****
It's time for a contest here at Greg's General Store and there will be a prize involved. No it won't be gold but it will be something special. It also won't be small potatoes like the ones in this picture. It will however be something magical like these red white and blue potatoes. When was the last time you saw potatoes like this?

They were even red, white and blue inside and man did they taste good. They were a gift from a really nice person named Celeste Albers. She is one of our island neighbors and our nextdoor neighbor at the Charleston Farmers Market. She sells naturally grown veggies, free range eggs, raw milk, and local shrimp right off of their family boat. We usually get to the market early to avoid the traffic so we help the other vendors unload when they arrive. From time to time they give us free stuff like these potatoes. The taste was great and I had forgotten how good real potatoes taste.

Ok now for the contest. Several years ago, we got this really pretty plant. It had large light green ribbed leaves and it was about 3 feet tall. If I remember right, it had a white flower somewhere near the top but I may be thinking of another plant. Ok so I have this plant and it looks really pretty, that part I do know. Every winter, it dies back to the ground. This year, I was cleaning out some of my old plant pots (not to be confused with pot plants hahahaha) and I came across this plant/pot. It looked empty except for two small sprouts coming up. I didn't notice them at first and almost threw the dirt out. The sprouts turned into flowers and then the ribbed leaves I spoke about came up. See the following pictures.

As you can see, the main flower is purple and there are little yellow flowers under the main flower. So here is how the contest works. "Name that flower". The first person who can tell me the name this flower gets a prize. Like I said it won't be silver or gold but it will be something nice. It could be some kind of plant, I am not saying. To play, just give me your best guess or guesses and let me know that you want a prize. There is no limit on entries and there will be some other prizes too so even if you are not sure, just take a guess.

Have a great day,



Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Curcuma amada


Mango Ginger


Beth said...

?????? it looks like some kind of orchid to me...but then I'm no expert!

USAincognito said...

I would like to name it the Yellow-Purple Peek A Boo plant! :) lol

happyone said...

Such a pretty flower, but I haven't a clue to what it is.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my, I have nooooo idea :)(smile)

But you did say take a guess, so, how about "Purple Passion Flower". It looks tropical!

Wanda said...

I will be honest ~~~ I don't have a clue....but if you want to get rid of the plant...I'll take it!!

Anonymous said...

whoa, i never knew there are red and purple potatoes.

University Place flowers

Lori said...

How unusual. I've never seen a plant with different colored flowers like that. I have absolutely no clue what it is, but I agree with Beth that it looks like some sort of orchid. I'll have to give it some thought! (The potatoes must have been delicious!)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

My guess was a type of orchid, too! I should've known you'd have a tough contest.

Sandy said...

I would NOT have been able to guess, so congrats to the winner.


SeansArt said...

love the pictures, especlie the potatoes
ps visit my site!!

Anonymous said...