Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Report

“A good day at the Farmers Market”
"Who let the freaks out, who who who who"

I enjoy going to the Charleston Farmers Market, I really do. What I enjoy the most is meeting and getting to know different people. I also enjoy studying people because I find them very interesting. I have met people from almost every state in the USA and also from many far away countries. However using the adjective “interesting” to describe some of the people I saw this past Saturday is an understatement.

Let’s start with the obvious. Well it should be obvious but obviously this isn’t obvious to the person I am talking about. After age 70, wearing a cheerleader outfit is not considered “HOT”. It may just be me but something about grey hair, varicose veins and sagging skin combined with a cheerleader outfit just doesn’t say “sexy” to me. If that is your thing and you want to wear something like that at home, have at it. But come on, in a public market? This person needed a reality check.

And speaking of reality check, there were two girls that came in to the market doing some kind of mime thing. They were dressed in dance outfits. You know, tights with dance slippers, and they had these black masks over their faces. Not over their heads mind you, just covering their faces. They were moving very slowly like they were acting something out. One began crawling for a while like she was trying to get away from the other one. This continued for a few minutes then they both stood up and skipped away. I told the girl next to me if they started making that high pitched lalalalalalalala sound, we were all going to hit the ground.

I thought all that was strange enough but then along comes this guy. He was wearing a shirt, a floor length skirt and sneakers. You heard it right, a guy wearing a skirt. And it wasn’t a manly skirt either. (not like a kilt) It was a pleated silk skirt with bright flowers on it. We knew it was a guy too because no self respecting woman would wear a skirt like that with tennis shoes. And the color scheme was all wrong. The shirt was orange and it clashed terribly with the dress. Where are the fashion police when you need them? People if you are going to cross dress at least wear something that matches.

And finally we have the flasher. What is it with these girls that like to flash in public? And what is with the guys that like their women to flash? This young couple (in their 20’s) sits down across from us, right where there are lots of people who can see them. They sat on a wall right by a crowded passageway. She has on a very short skirt that in itself was obscene. She then proceeds to sit in a very unlady like fashion letting everyone who wants to get an eyeful. All the while they are carrying on a conversation and pretending to be unaware what is going on. After a while they laugh, kiss passionately (he does something obscene) and then run off. I just don’t get it.

We think they left the door to the funny farm unlocked and everyone escaped. Let’s hope they recaptured everyone by now. Well that’s it for the market report for the week. I will try to make it a weekly report on my blog. And for those who I promised some presents, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have the presents ready, got the boxes and now just have to address them and get them in the mail.
Unfortunatly, I left my camera in my car. I ran and got it but all the freaks were gone. I didn't think taking a picture of the flasher would be appropriate. Sorry guys.

Have a wonderful day and week.


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

A funny farm market... wow! And I thought growing up on Byberry Road and our house/parsonage being called Byberry Baptist church, and there being a mental hospital 5 miles away, affectionately nicknamed, "Byberry" by neighborhood people, and our family fielding phone calls and "walk-ins" to the church thinking it was part of the mental hospital, well I thought that was wacky!

Anyhow, it wasn't long before my dad changed the church name to Berean Bible Church. (Check out Acts 17 for more on the Berean thing... it's not too wacky, just sounds alittle wierd at first.)

happyone said...

Lots of strange people about this weekend but if it makes them happy all the best to them. :-)

Beth said...

um...this farmer's market is where?..not that I want to go, mind, never....just wonderin is all.....

the freaks come out at night...or day

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, Greg ~~~ where was the camera ~~ not that I wanted to see "everything" but the skirt and shirt fashion would have been interesting.

People watching is one of those interesing things you can do that doesn't cost a penny.

Great post, as always enjoyed reading your tour report.

Janice Thomson said...

It takes all kinds to make our world doesn't it - you just happened to get them all in one weekend LOL

ChrisJ said...

Wow! That's some strange Farmer's Market. We have one but I've never been. Maybe I should make a point of it ...or not. This IS Southern California after all. Who knows what I'd see.

Lori said...

You are to funny Greg! The lady in the cheerleading outfit sound a bit frightening or how did you put it? "Hot". Hee, hee

You have a great sense of humor. I sure enjoyed my visit here this morning.


USAincognito said...

Wow!!! Some people need some serious help!!! lol. Sounds like a very interesting day, to say the least....*Scratching my head in amazement*

Kati said...

*snort & chuckle* Oooooh, I'm glad my visit to the local farmer's market this weekend was less eventful with less "wierdness" going on. Sorry you had to endure some of the fashion faux pas, and the extreme lack of manners by the amorous couple though, Greg!

Hope you had an otherwise good time, though, and got to pick up some fresh garden goodies in the process.

Bina said...

Lord! Really? See, I never get to see freaks and I would really to, just once in my life, be somewhere to watch them. I think I need to get out more.

somebody said...