Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Party....Everyone is invited.

Isn’t it funny how we view birthdays differently at different points in our lives? I have a birthday coming up this Sunday and I am really looking forward to it. I have plans for my day but before I get to them, let me tell you about some of my more memorable birthdays.

My earliest birthday memory: I used to have a picture of me in a high chair eating my birthday cake but I was sound asleep. It must have been no big deal for me when I was a baby. That picture tells it all. I ate, I drank and I slept. Kind of like I do now. Haha My favorite cake was, and still is German Chocolate. I don’t remember much about those early years. It may have been due to some kind of childhood trauma. I really don’t know. It must have been massive trauma now that I think about it.

My best birthday memory: My fondest birthday memory from my younger years was the time that my father took me out to a restaurant for my birthday. It was just he and I and I think I was about 11 or 12. We went to this little diner on A1A. I got to order whatever I wanted and I chose fried shrimp. Dad knew the waitress and had called ahead and told her it was my birthday. After I finished my dinner she brought out a small cake with a candle on it and everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to me. The waitress was very pretty and I was very shy. She gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek and I of course blushed.

My worst Birthday memory: When I was in my teens, all my friends were having birthday parties. They weren’t like the ones these days where you invite everyone in the phone book and the object is to see who can invite the most people. I never wanted one though because our house and yard were such a mess I was embarrassed to have my friends over. I remember one birthday when I made the mistake of telling some friends that our dog had just had puppies. I was out in the back yard which incidentally looked like scene out of Sanford and Son, and I heard voices beside the house. Before I could head them off at the pass, my friends were at the gate. They entered the junk yard, I mean back yard and I was totally humiliated. They came to see the puppies. As soon as I showed them the puppies, I did my best to get them to leave before they saw too much.

My craziest Birthday Memory: When I turned 21, I was in the Navy and going to school in Idaho Falls, Idaho. At the time, I was dating one of the secretaries who was (get this) 34. I know, I know you don’t have to say it. My sister hated it because she was older than her and my mother didn’t think much of it either. That day started out like any other day. At lunch I went to the plant lunch room like I usually did. When I opened the door, I was shocked. The entire lunch room was decorated with big signs saying Happy Birthday and there were ribbons and balloons all over the place. My friend and her friends served everyone cake and ice cream, and they gave me lots of presents. I wonder what ever happened to Karen. At her age, she may be in a nursing home somewhere.

Thirty came and went without much fanfare. Forty was a big one as was 50. Those years between 30 and 50 I really didn’t like birthdays. They were simply a reminder that I was getting older and my youthful days were gone. Now that I am past 50 and I am not saying how much, I am enjoying birthdays again. It isn’t the cake or presents that I look forward to, it’s the fact that I made it through another year. I think if I look back on all my accomplishments I have done pretty well. You would be hard pressed to find very many people that I have affected negatively and I have few enemies.

So here are my plans for my birthday. I am going to get up early and put some ribs on the grill and Get the BBQ going. I am also going to make tater salad and baked beans. I plan on staying home and spending some time by our pool just chilling and relaxing. As for presents, here is a list of the things I need:

Nothing. I really don’t need a thing.

And here is a list of the things I want:

How about a visit from all my blog friends. Since most of you live too far away to come for ribs you can just drop by my blog and say hi. Oh and I want this to be a big party so invite all your friends. The more the merrier. And if you happen to be in the area make sure and tell me and I will put more ribs on. I will be taking pictures of me in my birthday suit, just kidding. However, I will try to snap a few photo’s by the pool and share them with you.

Happy Birthday to me and thanks for coming to my party.



Tammy said...

Hi- thanks so much for stopping by!
A very happy birthday to you!
I really enjoyed reading about your memorable birthdays over the years.

I know what you mean...I'm 45, and each birthday I have serves to remind me that I'm just getting older.
But at least my husband will always be older than me...and having young children right now helps me forget my age just a bit!

Hope you have a great birthday this year!


Sandy said...

Greg I absolutely enjoyed reading all your memories, good and bad. I can relate to almost everything you said. absolutely.

And I would so love to stop by and wish you a happy birthday in person and have some fun would that be.

I will be by on Sunday though to wish you all the best...

happyone said...

Nice to remember past birthdays with you.
Hope this year you have a memorable one too.

ChrisJ said...

You know you are really lucky to have BIRTHDAY memories. My birthday is on Christmas Day. I remember Christmas events and getting twice as many presents as my sister and brother. Sadly that did not go over too well with them. But otherwise, strictly birthday memories are practically none. But don't feel sorry for me as firstly, since I never knew any other way of celebrating my birthday I didn't miss it and secondly, I always remember being so happy that my birthday was on such an important day.

Scarlet said...

Put more ribs on, I'm in the area! LOL (Just kidding...don't panic...I'm not stalking you!) :)

Well, happy birthday, Greg! You're over 50??

I love this post. It was a fun read. I love how you still eat, drink and sleep...but tomorrow is Sunday and that's when you'll also party. Enjoy those ribs!!

USAincognito said...

Happy Birthday, Greg! May it be a day of relaxation, food, fun, and fellowship with family & friends!

Celticspirit said...

Sung in my sexiest Marilyn Monroe Voice....
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birtday Mr.(insert last name)
Happy birthday to you......

Hey Greg, I hope it's a good one. Relax, enjoy your family and have fun!!!!!

rpuckett002 said...

Hi Greg, this is my first visit to your blog but I will return. I had my 70th birthday just two weeks ago and like you, I am thankful that I made another year. Enjoy your day and the ribs. Happy Birthday

Kati said...

Wishing you a fantastic birthday, Greg!!! I hope y'all are having a beautiful day and that the coming year brings you many dreams realized and much happiness.

Sian said...

Well Greg, it is 10 pm here so you are probably well into a lovely warm afternoon with the BBQ still going strong :o)
I hope it has been a marvellous birthday for you and if I could have dropped by I would have. Man, I love Southern cooking. I would have sung you Happy Birthday but Celtic Spirit beat me to it :o)

Wanda said...

Sorry I missed the party....I was in Santa Barbara with friends.

Sure love your Birthday History.

Gnightgirl said...

Hey, is the party still going on? I'm running late, but I'm coming!

Happy Birthday, Greg! Great post, loved reading the birthday memories.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Greg, so sorry I am late on your birthday. I enjoyed reading about birthdays past and am glad you were able to sped your days as you planned. Here's to many more happy birthdays!

somebody said...