Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Reports

Remember the show Hogan’s Heroes? I used to love that show. I loved it when coronel Klink would come in and holler “Report” and Sergeant Schultz would say “All present and accounted for sir” His best line in the show was of course “I know noth----ing” If you never saw the show, Sergeant Schultz was a bumbling idiot and preferred to look the other way instead of causing trouble. I think we all do that from time to time. Isn’t it funny how it was ok to make fun of the Germans back then but now it is considered politically incorrect?

Weather report

Whew, that was a close one. That storm was just off the coast for several days and had the potential for turning into a bad storm. The only thing saving us was some dry air pushing down from the north. It prevented the rain from wrapping around the center of the storm which in turn prevented it from strengthening. All we got was some light wind, a little cooler weather and some much needed rain. The rain ended by Saturday though so we were able to go to the market which brings me to my next report. (Don’t you just love it when things flow along smoothly)

Market report

I guess the big news is our market was rated as the 5th best Farmers Market in the country. Are you impressed? I think part of that is because Charleston is considered one of the friendliest cities in America. We really are friendly or at least most of us are. We must have stepped on someone’s toes though because apparently someone down at the market doesn’t like us. This comes as a big surprise to us too since most of the people are very friendly drop in to visit with us. We even go out of our way not to take anyone else’s business. For instance, there is a guy that only sells banana trees. We have lots of them for sale but we don’t bring them to the market because we don’t want to compete with him. The same goes for herbs. We grew tons of herbs this year but the guy next to us sells herbs so we don’t bring ours. I plan on giving the ones we grew to a friend who owns a local restaurant At least they will be put to good use.

Health report

As some of you know, I have quit taking medications. The only thing I still take is an aspirin a day. That is supposed to thin the blood a little and lower the risk of a heart attack. I think once I lose some weight, I will even quit that. I started a new approach to better health. I now take things like fish oil and antioxidants every day to build up my immune system. I recently had a physical exam and here are the results. My blood pressure is down 10 points. My cholesterol is down another 20 points. My PSA is down and my eyesight is improving. I read somewhere that for some, fish oil may improve sight but I never expected it to happen. I now no longer need reading glasses and my distance vision is improving. If this keeps up, I will soon have x-ray vision.

Food report

With all this good news, there had to be some bad. The biggest improvement I have seen from the fish oil has been my allergies. For the most part, they don’t bother me at all. I do however get stuffed up when I am around fresh cut grass or if the cats get up in my face. Saturday, we decided to order Chinese take out. After eating it, I noticed that my mouth felt a little swollen like I was having an allergy attach. I got to thinking that the only things that recently bothered me were grass and cats and I don’t think they put grass in the General Tso’s Chicken. Hmmmm now I am wondering…….

Have a wonderful day,


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Glad to hear all the good news......maybe I'll start taking my fish oil again in hopes of gaining x-ray vision?!?! haha

Lori said...

Glad you got such a good report on your health. I'm glad too that you've given up all the medications. Sounds like it's really making a difference! (I thought of you when I read the weather report. Thankfully that storm missed your area.)

Beth said...

it;s not grass that put in was the cat! YUM!

good for you on your health stuff! my eyes are the worst, so maybe I should take some of that...if I could FIND it! ;)

happyone said...

Yes, I am impressed - 5th!! Good going!!

One of the best ways to stay all around healthy I think is walking. My Walk a day keeps me fit and healthy. :-)
Though it probably doesn't make you see any better, it sure opens up your eyes to the beauty around you.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Love the reports. That's very considerate of you at the Farmer's Market.

Oh and about Hogan's Heros? I really thought that show was funny growing up. My teenager has taken a fancy to it and we have a few of the shows on DVD. He would like the rest of the series, we'll see :)

I know N-O-THING, of course when it comes to growing things... (smile) I admire you and your family for your work in the garden!

P.S. Glad to hear about your health improving!

Wanda said...

Sounds like your are on a roll in all your reports.

I used to watch Hogans was a good show.

Lori said...

I have to start with the last one first. Cats.....That is soooo funny.

I have to agree with you about you folks being friendly. I really enjoy my visit to Cha. S.C. I can't wait to come back.

I'm going to start taking Fish oil, starting today. I have to see if that will improve my eye sight. Now that I'm 45 I can't see anything anymore without my glasses.

Praise God your health is improving. Keep up the great work.


Janice Thomson said...

I'll bet it's the MSG you are allergic to in the Chinese food - they use a lot of it and some people get quite toxic from it...
Loved all the reports :)

USAincognito said...

How could anyone think all y'all are not anything but friendly down there! I love Charleston for that reason - it is the true South and full of true Southern hospitality.
Sounds like your new anti-drug kick is doing some good for your body! Glad to hear your doctor reports are showing some good results!
Ah, yes, who could forget Hogan's Heroes! I loved watching that show as a kid!!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed reading and catching up on the reports. I wonder what it could be you might be allergic too.hmmmm...

That's great news about the storm not being too bad.

and any time one can give up medications, its' all good!!

ChrisJ said...

You sound like my husband. He takes all the same stuff you do. I just had to give up chocolate and I lost 25 pounds in a year!!! That's a lot of chocolate!
I took up blogging to keep up with my writing skills -- not that I do any fancy writing, but it is one way to keep a writer writing every day.

Celticspirit said...

If your General Tso's chicken starts meowwwing don't eat it!
Way to go on the great health report. The fish oil really sounds promising and it's good for a lot of things.

Jamie Dawn said...

Good to read that you are taking charge of your health. Great news from the doctor!!
Improved eyesight?? Superb!
Since you're gonna be losing weight, would you mind losing about 20 pounds for me?


Angie said...

I love good reports. I think fish oil has helped my allergies too. Bet it was the MSG in the Chinese food. It does that to me.

Anonymous said...